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    Help with a Marshall 1987x

    If you're using the scope to tell you if you like the volume pot taper, yes. If you prefer the tone and taper with no cap by listening to it with a guitar as the signal source, leave the cap off. If you prefer it with a cap on, try several values until you find the one that sounds best...
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    Who does not mind the single coil hum?

    You have no idea what I heard or didn't, clearly. Go and listen to Tomo's clips again. Ignore the hum, and just listen to the tone of the guitar - if you can't hear that it's different when the noise cancellation is turned on, I wonder where the problem lies... This crap again. You have NO IDEA...
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    Classic 30 retubing problem

    Except that I have yet to find a set that doesn't work in a Classic 30. Non-adjustable fixed-bias is not a problem when done correctly (ie conservatively), and the logic for using it is not that the manufacturer is too 'lazy' to fit a trimmer - but that they know it is not necessary, and can...
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    Mesa Blue Angel vs. Vox AC30CC

    Keep the Blue Angel unless you absolutely must have an exact Vox tone (which the BA will not do). It's just a much better amp, both in build quality and in quality (as opposed to type) of tone, IMO. The lack of headroom is partly caused by the stock tube set BTW, as is the excessive background...
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    Who does not mind the single coil hum?

    Well something is changing it. There is a clear difference in tone in both the clips Tomo posted, and the one of Scott Henderson himself, and it's audible despite the sound quality on the video clip. I have no idea why you (or anyone else) can't hear it, especially if you're actually playing the...
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    Need help with buying the right pots for '83 jcm 800 (john phillips?)

    Try proper contact cleaner lubricant (Servisol or Electrolube) instead. Not all stuff sold for 'cleaning electronics' is the same... :) You probably should think about it. At 25 years old, it's getting to the point where they will need doing sooner or later, and if you're going to take it apart...
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    Wah users, Left or right foot

    Either/both. While guitar wahs generally sound best at the start of the chain and so tend to be on the right of the pedalboard, bass wahs sound better near the end, so end up being on the left of the pedalboard. I play both, so I've just got used to being able to do it either way. I am...
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    A short BYOC technical review for those not sure whether they can!

    Ha, I used different knobs (small chickenheads) because my friend hated the plain ones, and they cover the holes. But actually it wouldn't bother me if they did show. That's really not the best solution though, because it still means the pot can come loose unless you really crank down the nut...
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    A short BYOC technical review for those not sure whether they can!

    No... and actually the shaft holes were slightly too large too - not a problem, but a possible indicator the casing was originally intended for a different type of pot (presumably without locators). I did also notice that the standoffs don't sit fully on the pot casings - again not a problem...
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    John Phillips-JCM 800?

    I don't really have a good idea, except that it probably isn't the filter caps. It's more likely to be something like a resistor or joint with a crack in it that warms up and makes contact... or a ground screw connection.
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    A short BYOC technical review for those not sure whether they can!

    I just built a BYOC pedal kit for a friend of mine - a Vox Tonebender MkII with NOS OC75 transistors - but this is not really about the precise pedal, just about the kit itself. I'd never done one before so I was not sure exactly what to expect. I could actually build one from scratch if I...
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    Help with a Marshall 1987x

    The stock one is 4700pF (4n7) - basically it's not a bright cap, it's a treble-and-mid cap, and lets so much through it totally changes the taper of the pot to 'off to on'. With a smaller cap, you'll still get a nice sparkle at lower volumes, but the taper will be much more natural, and what...
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    G&L S-500 'icepick in the ear'

    If the guitar has a tonal resonance or frequency that you don't like, it's going to be very hard to get rid of it. I would probably get rid of the guitar. A few years ago I ordered a guitar new and unseen, the only time I've ever done that. It was a vintage reissue Rickenbacker 425, one of a...
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    is a callaham tremolo block really worth it!?!?!

    What if you don't use a pick? ;) I agree to an extent about the strings and trem block being quite similar in terms of tonal effect - although I still think the block is more important if the existing one is a cheap alloy one - but not the pickups. Replacing (for example) a low-output...
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    Classic 30 retubing problem

    If it takes a few minutes to start glowing, it's not drawing enough current to be a serious risk to the amp. It's if they glow bright red within seconds or arc inside that you need to be careful.
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    Help with a Marshall 1987x

    1 - much more even volume taper on the pot, but a bit less bright at lower settings. Actually the bright cap is a good idea, but the stock value is far too large, by about a factor of 10. Try a 500pF cap instead. 2 - yes, too hot. Aim for a maximum of 15W per tube and maybe a tiny bit cooler...
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    Classic 30 retubing problem

    If one tube glowed bright red (and affected the other one on the same side), that's not a mismatched set or the bias being wrong, that's a bad tube. (Or just possibly a bad contact between the socket and the grid pin.) A mismatched set would not produce results as extreme as that, and if the...
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    Need help with buying the right pots for '83 jcm 800 (john phillips?)

    First, stop. You do not need to do that. Unless all of them have been snapped off (it can happen!) the only thing you're likely to need to do is clean them. Even if one or two of them don't respond to cleaning (the gain and volume most often, because they get the most use) you just need to...
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    Boss SE-70

    Personally, yes - if it was in good condition with the right power supply and manuals - but I have no idea if that's a good price or not. I can't think of many other units you could get for $300 with the same power and sound quality.
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    Need help with changing a tube.

    V2 (second from the end nearest the input jacks) is the one that most affects the overdrive channel. Any NOS tube will sound better than the original one IMO, although they don't always have more gain, the stock Chinese tubes have plenty. Don't go by price either, some of the most...
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    Need advice for acoustic amp/PA upgrade...

    I just saw this and the one thing I would say - for this or any other application - is AVOID the Passport. It isn't a bad-sounding system actually, but it is incredibly badly designed from a service point of view and if it ever goes wrong out of warranty you're stuffed. I strongly suspect that...
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    THD Hotplate at 12-16 db reduction... how does it sound?

    Same here. I feel the same way about most attenuators... which I know is contrary to the way most people want them to work. Actually I thought the Hotplate sounded better at -16dB than -12dB, with the Deep and Bright switches on. At -12dB the switches aren't so effective and overall it was...
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    Noisy JCM800 help?

    LCRs have been out of production for some time now, and you should not buy 'NOS' electrolytic caps, they're not worth fitting if they're over about five years old. I've been using ARS (which are what Marshall fit in the reissues now) but I've heard the JJs are good too. Any type will be fine...
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    Noisy JCM800 help?

    If it's definitely the caps, replace all of them - the three large cans and the two small bias caps on the circuit board near the power switch end. If even one of them has failed it is simply not worth doing anything less. Marshalls aren't always noisy because of the caps though. The most...
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    Any Fuzz That Can Go Anywhere?

    Interesting! I didn't know that... thanks :). I've never actually played one with my own rig so I hadn't experimented with placement. Looks like it might be closer to a Fuzz Factory than I thought ;).