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    Quoted for truth. There are so many gig-worthy guitars out there for under two hundred bucks.
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    Current Gibson LP Studios (Update: NGD)

    I got mine for 800 in jan of 2018. i don't lust for a les paul at all anymore. i put black plastics on mine and she's a beauty.
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    Barber Electronics Appreciation Thread

    I love the DD v4 almost as much as my La Grange. I'm probably one of the few people who'd like a big box version so I can have a battery.
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    The Suhr Bella is, in my opinion, the best possible current production “pedal platform” amp (N.A.D.)

    I can undersatand folks who feel this way. However, having one on my Alessandro has made it an absolute must for any other amp. It is also interactive with the gain control, so the amp can go from mid-scooped blackface to mid-forward dirt tones.
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    Help me choose my Martin (D-18, M36, 000-18?)

    why not another OM? i hardly touch my d35 since i got my OM.
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    What amp is the Blues Jr. supposed to sound like?

    If you can't get good tone from a Blues Junior, it's user error.
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    Talk me out of selling my 2000s EHX DMM.

    That was so long ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Fender Blues Jr...anyone else love em?

    I'm hoping for a Hot Rod Deluxe Tone Master.
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    Fender Blues Jr...anyone else love em?

    I sold a DRRI when I got my Bjues Jr. I just like the way it sounds better.
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    Going to try out a TimeLine and a Volante tomorrow...

    My favorite delay is the memory man. Now I have it with preset s with the timeline. Stopped looking
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    "Goldtops": only R7?

    Why not a 50's Tribute? It's one of my favorite guitars. Also a stunner with black plastics . . .
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    Is a pedal tuner more accurate than a polytune clip on?

    try a tu-3. :-) SO FAST! Big difference between mine an my tu-2
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    Did you have success sending your La Grange to bogner to fix the switch?

    i replaced the switch = no solder required. it wasn't the switch. finally in transit for repair.
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    "No Browsing" policy in open music stores

    Of course you weren't. Move that goalpost. The two viruses also couldn't be more different regarding transmission. It's pretty easy to avoid HIV. I don't need to stay home to avoid it. It's also not nearly as deadly as covid 19 if you get it. But you keep on with your false equivalencies...
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    "No Browsing" policy in open music stores

    FALSE by a degree of more than TEN times. We'll lose more in NJ by August than the whole country will lose from HIV this year. In 2017, there were 16,350 deaths among adults and adolescents with diagnosed HIV in the United States and 6 dependent areas. These deaths may be due to any cause.Jan...
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    All Things MXR Carbon Copy

    DOD Rubberneck is worth comparing at the price point. CC is a great delay that stays out of the way.
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    Martin dread needing repair, what are my options?

    hey, just checked got my martin omjm in oct. 2013
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    Martin dread needing repair, what are my options?

    you know, it's totally possible I bought my OMJM around the same time as the OP it was certainly the waist, but my plastic fit back in. i remember david used a hot blow-dryer-looking thing, so he may have had to 'stretch' it. your theory certainly has merit. both do. i don't remember. he...
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    Martin dread needing repair, what are my options?

    i see your point. i believe my issue was more that it separated from the wood than shrank. i certainly was not careful enough about humidity back then.
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    Paul Trombetta pedals

    Rocket WTF totally nails what I love about the minibone my buddy has. It should, as Paul worked with them on that :cool:
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    Martin dread needing repair, what are my options?

    I've had that happen to me and it really was an easy fix. I have access to master luthier David Petillo, so I can't comment on sending it to the factory. In my case, it was a clear lesson to pay close attention to temperature and humidity. Hygrometers in every room now and regular use of...
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    Danocaster building again.

    i remember they were 2400, and i thought that was high.
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    Happy Birthday Splatt!

    happy birthday, david!!!!!!!!!!! long live your fuzz tones!!!!!!!!!! you and my buddy joe are the reason i have a whatthefuzz pedal (rockett/ptd)