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  1. J

    Totally subjective:Who is the best Pedal Builder out there today?

    Porsche pedals are well spaced (for heel/toe) and weighted (current models being slightly over assisted for my liking). But if I had to choose, I think the extruded aluminium pedals of a mk1 Lotus Elise are far, far cooler: As for Ferrari and Maserati, they only fit two of them these days...
  2. J

    Phasers - modern Maestro clones?

    Nope, fraid not. They go about things in a quite different ways. Not to mention the PS1A is made for keyboard so can be a bit funky with guitar (it expects to be fed with a buffered signal and it's bypass isn't the most transparent thing in the world). These things can be overcome, not sure if...
  3. J

    Best cheap budget pedal board for Floyd/Gilmour sound ?

    To get something that does the Gilmour thing takes a few pedals. He's a master of stacking. But don't get caught up in trying to get the exact thing he uses as it's simply not necessary, many things can get you there. Personally I've built a DG rig that goes like this: LoveSqueeze compressor...
  4. J

    Multi fuzz pedals?

    My two fuzz pedals ;) This has got 5 in it: This has 3 muffs in it:
  5. J

    Definitive Klon Clone Thread

    Actually the question is can A Klon Centaur be cloned. 'A' because they're not all the same and I've removed precisely because one Centaur next to another might sound different due to parts tolerances that everyone has to live with. Can you make a near approximation of a particular Klon...
  6. J

    Pedal Repair??????

    Which is what's weird. Battery power doesn't take a different route to your PSU power. So if it works on batteries, the diodes, and indeed the circuit, should be fine. Have you tried them individually? Fault finding is just a process of elimination. Plug in each pedal on it's own, with a known...
  7. J

    Pedal Repair??????

    Going one what's been said on this thread: All three pedals don't work, and you also lent him the PSU... At least two work on batteries. i suspect your PSU is borked (if they work on batteries there's no reason why they wouldn't work on a 9V PSU). When the PSU died it may have taken out the one...
  8. J

    DIY Pedals, not from kits

    Meatball Clone.
  9. J

    Why aren't BYOC and other kits more prevalent here?

    Don't get into it if you're trying to get cheap pedals. It doesn't work out that way believe me. Get into it because it's interesting, challenging and rewarding. As for those not wanting a grey box, that's why it's called DIY, paint it, decal it, etch it. Whatever. Let your creativity run wild...
  10. J

    How many MN3005 chips in a EH DMM XO?

    Yep the MN3008/5 are the best sounding of the lot. The Cool Audio chips (V3205) are an in production MN3205 a-like. But the run 9v only (MNs can run up to 15v for increased headroom) and are a little noisier. They're also harder to bias for some reason. Whenever I've used them I tend to put in...
  11. J

    How many MN3005 chips in a EH DMM XO?

    Loads of variables with analogue delays when it comes to setting them up too. In theory, if you swapped a MN3005 in a Aquaboy for a MN3008 for example, there should be very little difference sonically, other than it'd be a slap-back only delay with about 150ms of delay time. But after you've set...
  12. J

    How many MN3005 chips in a EH DMM XO?

    There are a lot of MN3008s that are labelled up as MN3005s on the market. Because you can get up to $70 for a MN3005 these days, so the Chinese have taken to re-printing them. They work but they're half the delay time. Hence you need 4x to get the same as 2x genuine MN3005. Most people are...
  13. J

    DIY Pedals, not from kits

    I loved the Gilmourizer I made for Phil so immediately started making plans for a Mk2 version for me. The first time around I made my life miserable by squeezing too much into too small a box, so this one goes in the big 'un (1550G). Now I've got more space it's allowed me to take some different...
  14. J

    Pedals with tubes in them

    Pah, mine are ;)
  15. J

    Who are the up and coming pedal builders?

    Spend some time on the DIY forums if you want to discover up and coming builders. In Defiance Audio being one. It's Rej of Grind Customs baby, which has a lot of collaborators involved. I've built a couple of their prototypes that are awesome. The Bass Driver being the stand out to me, as it's...
  16. J

    Fredamp JCM800 Preamp in a Pedal!

    Probably easier to recess them and do a cover like a Mesa tube pedal to get the height down, yet retain the easy change nature and still keep the majority of the heat out of the box.
  17. J

    Fredamp JCM800 Preamp in a Pedal!

    This is the latest on the boards (my protos haven't landed yet): https://www.facebook.com/GrindCustomsFX/posts/717493054992654 There are a couple of clips of his earlier PTP proto also on there somewhere. In the US you'd be better getting Rej at Grind to make you one rather than me. The...
  18. J

    Fredamp JCM800 Preamp in a Pedal!

    With a 12AU7 maybe (and still it would benefit from more), 12AX7s need a lot lot to play nice. Though if you actually want it to sound like a JCM800 pre, it helps if you're using 2x 12AX7s at high voltage. As always with such pedals, unless I see the guts, I suspect silicon interference...
  19. J

    Fredamp JCM800 Preamp in a Pedal!

    Not sure how many tubes are in there, but there should be two to do it right... As for running from a 15v PSU not being enough, I can get 290V from a 9V PSU ;) Which is more than enough to run a pair of 12AX7s... The heaters are the main current draw and they're 6.3v regulated from the 9v feed...
  20. J

    Big Muff experts I have a questions

    I really wouldn't bother with anything much less than 400hfe.
  21. J

    One Lesson of the Gear-gate Ripoffs: Learn a bit about electricity.

    Since when did logic and sanity have a place on TGP?! Begone with this ridiculous talk! ;) To be fair, it's nice to see it being backed up by someone people have heard of (and believe). When you try and make these comments on a thread it's because the commenter has 'an agenda', rather than...
  22. J

    Identify this Klone

    Definitely an old Klone V1 PCB done by gtrplaya101 on BYOC, not a Chimera. As to who strapped it all together, no idea, but they used good quality parts and made a decent job of it by the looks of things.
  23. J

    What actually replaced your Klon/Klone/SoulFood/etc.?

    Kingslayer. Well Kingslayer with a compressor and boost...
  24. J

    Best DIY Pedal Build Sites

    http://juansolo.co.uk/stompage/links.html Saves me typing it all out ;)
  25. J

    Someone explain Shin's Music to me...

    The Cornish stuff appears supremely well made from both an electronic and a sheer robustness perspective. But again, a lot of the cost is the exclusivity and the simple fact that he can charge that. From a sellers perspective, if you can make a few pedals, make them well and sell them for...
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