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  1. eric-d

    Fuzz face trouble

    if you still have it - PM me a guts pic.... Sorry I wasn't available last year to address this issue.
  2. eric-d

    Deviltone Jezebel Silicon Fuzz !!!

    I'm still alive..... just not building anymore....
  3. eric-d

    Favorite Ge Transistor in a fuzz face?

    Honestly - not really. IMHO NKT-275 are about the most over-rated component in guitar history. It was actually one of my less favorites.
  4. eric-d

    Whatever happened to Anson Funderburgh?

    One of the coolest night of my life was sharing the stage with Anson, Sam, and the Rockets. Back in early 2000. Dueling Strats and Super Reverbs.
  5. eric-d

    Need Info on 3PDT True Bypass Mod for Wah
  6. eric-d

    Favorite Ge Transistor in a fuzz face?

    I've had great results with: NKT211's, NKT 274's, NKT 275's, OC42's, OC44's, OC71's, OC75's, OC76's, OC84's, 2N404's, 2N527's, GET875's, CV7003's & other random Ge's I've come across.
  7. eric-d

    What Wah are you using?

    Landgraff Wah, Fulltone Clyde Std., VOX V846 Clone & a Mica Wau-Wau Machine.
  8. eric-d

    Funky blues Jam in Houston

    Thanks bro, I appreciate it.
  9. eric-d

    Show Us Your Pedalboard (#22)

    Nothing really too new here. Added a Volume Pedal but I'm expecting a few new items for Christmas and if they're keepers, I'm re-vamping my whole board to a new layout.
  10. eric-d

    Trying to decide on a trem pedal

    Hard to beat the Fulltone Supa-Trem for the money IMHO.
  11. eric-d

    Wally Farkas demoing the MojoHand Huckleberry

    Wally's such a cool guy and a hellacious player. He lives like 1/2 a mile from my parents house. I really enjoy when he gets time to hang out. He absolutely KILLED on Doug's last album "Strum Sum Up".
  12. eric-d

    Plexi Style Drives That Work On A Super Reverb

    The only thing is - the compression and tone that 10" speakers give are pretty different than 12's. But there are some good drives mentioned above.
  13. eric-d

    Do You Prefer Ge. or Si. Fuzz Face With Your BF Fender?

    Totally depends on which BF you play through
  14. eric-d

    How many Fuzz, distortion, overdrive type pedals do you have and which is your fav ?

    OVERDRIVES Klon Centaur Landgraff Dynamic Overive Fulltone OCD v.1 Skinpimp 3OD DISTORTIONS Landgraff Mo'D Rat clone FUZZES Refurbished Arbiter Fuzz Face (Ge) Fuzz Face clone (Ge) Fuzz Face clone (Si) Rangemaster clone w/ tone switch Tonebender MKII clone Violet Ram's...
  15. eric-d

    You guys with 10-20 pedals, what are they?

    On Board: Landgraff Wah Sweet Sound Mojo-Vibe Chicago Iron Octavian Deviltone Jezebel Custom Landgraff Dynamic Overdrive Landgraff MoD Klon Centaur Toneczar Pawerglide Analogman Mini Chorus Clone Peterson Strobostomp BYOC DD-80 "Digilog" Delay ABY Box On the shelf: Mica Wau-Wau Machine...
  16. eric-d

    Funky blues Jam in Houston

    This is my 50's RI Tele, fulltone clyde wah, a rat distortion clone i built, and a '64 Deluxe Reverb.
  17. eric-d

    Funky blues Jam in Houston

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  18. eric-d

    Your favorite raunchy fuzz?

    The 1-knob silicon's are about as raunchy as I've tried yet still musical.
  19. eric-d

    NPD: Four and a half years in the making.

    HAhahhaa - the deviltone was a tongue in cheek name..... I just wanted to keep the threads subject on the wah and not get into the typical religion thing that Landgraff threads get into...
  20. eric-d

    NPD: Four and a half years in the making.

    as with everything - to each his own..... I'm actually gonna a/b it with a buddies Budda and another bud's area 51....
  21. eric-d

    NPD: Four and a half years in the making.

    well - lets put it this way... after 11 years with my fulltone clyde - this wah is the only one that has been able to de-throne the fulltone. the search has included but not limited to - vox v847 (mod'd), colorsound, supa quack, and a picture rmc. i just kept going back to the fulltone...
  22. eric-d

    Langdraff Mo'd - care to share your settings?

    This has been my go to od/dist pedal for years now. I like it with my Tele's and P-90 equipt guitars. IMHO - it's a bit too glassy with a Strat. If I use the Mo'D by itself - I like the toggle in the down position. When combining with another OD (ie - LDO), I like it in the up position...
  23. eric-d

    Tips on a fuzz that plays nice with my setup?

    the dunlop/hendrix fuzz face (the teal one).... cleans up well, lots of gain and not too fizzy.
  24. eric-d

    NPD: Four and a half years in the making.

    I ordered this wah before i started making/noodling with circuits/pedals. I like it a lot. I told John to kinda mimic DBII's "Rosie." The multiple sockets are in all of John's pedals AFAIK.