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    Seeking sax song suggestions to add to our set list

    Baker Street voted the best sax solo in rock music.
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    Sold Parker Fly 4 string bass

    SOLD...This is one of the original carbon neck with a spruce and maple body. Transparent red in near mint condition. One of the lightest bass guitars around. Jazz style pickups with piezos so you can have both full electronic and acoustics sounds in one instrument. I have some new strings for it...
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    original Parker Fly bass
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    Sold Selling two Trainwreck clones....Mark Kane made clones...

    No sold the MKII C+ a while ago. I had my stab at collecting it was fun and I had a pretty neat collection at one time. Couldn't imagine if I could afford it just keeping all that for my dependents to have to sell, they'd end up giving it away. :eek:
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    Sold Selling two Trainwreck clones....Mark Kane made clones...

    Thanks for asking but no. I just have to down size. Too much stuff and things I need to sell. As is My arthritis is so bad I can't play I might need a thumb joint replacement.
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    Trippy, cool new Greta Van Fleet Video ...

    I enjoyed it but what do I know I am old.
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    Sold Jbl D120f ...16 Ohm

    JBL D120F ...16 ohm. This speaker was reconed many years ago with an original JBL cone in 16 ohms. It was originally an 8 ohm speaker. It has one small dent in the aluminum dust cap. I'll take $100 for it shipped in the states P1000408 by 908SSP posted Aug 10, 2018 at 1:16 PM
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    Sold Selling two Trainwreck clones....Mark Kane made clones...

    Both SOLD. Both built by Mark Kane both excellent amps. I have to thin the heard just not getting the use and appreciation they deserve. First off is my Trainwreak Rocket clone. This is the sweetest AC30 you ever heard. Marks brother built a beautiful full flamed maple cabinet with a X-wing...
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    Sold Fs: Lehle 1 At 3 Or Also Called 1@3

    sold; Lehle 1@3 is a single in three out selector transformer isolated gold contacts noiseless multi amp selector I don't think they get any better and I have two so one goes. $100 takes it shipped.
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    Sold Sold..........fs: Farndurk Pedals

    I bought a slew of pedals over the years and they just sat so I am selling them cheap. I have 6 Farndurk pedals I will sell all 6 for a package deal for $600 this is less than a third of what I paid.
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    Speaker of choice for a plexi

    Speakers are like ice cream there are loads of flavors and somebody likes all of them. If you want a vintage sound you have to look for a vintage sounding speaker. Either original or Scumback.
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    Alex's Attenuator

    I always said my life time is the warranty for failure not caused by misuse it still is.
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    Alex's Attenuator

    It is possible but it would be three half rack spaces high that is 5". and it would be a lot more expensive. It could be done in two space rack but that would be even more work. An empty rack case is over $100 and then it needs to be all punched and drilled by hand. Nobody wanted to pay for...
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    About an old Marshall 4-holer- how do you set tone, if only one channel used?

    If run the volume at 9 or better the treble cap on the bright channel is none functional this makes the over all tone much fatter. I run all my old Marshalls at least 9.5, treble and mids full up and bass on 1 or 2. Plug into the bright jack only but turn the normal channel volume up to 5 just...
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    Why aren't re-ampers built in?

    Guytron is owned by our own Graydon Stuckey. Terrific amps check them out.
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    Alex's Attenuator

    I want to announce I am out of business I will no longer be making any attenuators. I am proud of the fact that I got everyone's attenuator shipped out in a week or less and that I owe no one anything.
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    NAD: 1972 Marshall 50 watt head (1986)

    I have a 72 lead version my go to amp. I'd lose the MV and get yourself a good attenuator.
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    Which EVM 12Ls are these?

    The 300 watt ones were 200 watt ones with a big aluminum heat sink.
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    Marshall Plexi 1968 - no need for jumpered channels!?

    I found the jumping or Y cable can increase back ground noice so I don't do it. I also find and I can't explain it that running the volume on the not used channel up around half way sounds a tiny bit better. You will notice a lot more effect on a lead amp than on a bass or PA spec amp. If...
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    question on vintage Marshall 4x12 cabs

    this. And this is actually the same cloth. There was an all cane colored cloth used on purple cabs.
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    Another attenuator question... regarding wattage reduction...

    The volume the speaker puts out is related to the wattage the amp is putting out. The relationship is fairly linear in the usable range of the speaker but becomes less so at the ends.