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  1. soldano16

    Folks - forget the peanuts when shipping amps

    They move and settle and land up offering no protection on most sides. Just got an amp delivered and the amp was jiggling around easily inside the box.
  2. soldano16

    So, I came across a beautiful sounding Superlead from '73 today... Ned advice.....

    For retail the price seems like a reasonable asking. I play a Super Lead. Nothing touches the 100watters.
  3. soldano16

    I've got a 2061x on the way... First time Marshall owner here..

    Never played one but the scoop is that they sound great. Congrats. ps: Even thought it's only 20 watts you might want to consider an attenuator so you can really crank the amp. That's how early NMV Marshalls sound best.
  4. soldano16

    Tips & Tricks for Buying NOS/Used Tubes on eBay

    In terms of NOS stock - I think this guy is the king There are machines for testing tubes. I'm not 100% sure everyone agrees what results really mean in real life applications. But certainly those machines test for a certain level of functionality.
  5. soldano16

    Michael Landau on Dumble

    Anytime a player gets to be there when the tech or builder is doing stuff, there's a huge benefit. I had a Super Reverb that when I put in new power tubes, I was there at my tech's and we tried different settings. We got it really bang on and that amp always sounded great. A great tech or...
  6. soldano16

    How come the ultimate attenuator

    With my Ultimate Attenuator I run my Super Lead with the channels jumpered, volumes on 7=8. I think I've got some power tube distortion happening.
  7. soldano16

    How come the ultimate attenuator

    I loved my master volume Soldanos when I was playing them. But I love my NMV vintage Marshall with the Ultimate more. Just personal taste
  8. soldano16

    How come the ultimate attenuator

    You need to hear it to understand how well it works. It's all in what the ears say.
  9. soldano16

    Is the music we play on the guitar traveling through that glow that the tubes make?

    The glow keeps yout tone electrons warm and happy.
  10. soldano16

    Speakers for a 2x12 with Plexi clone ?

    I would call Jim (scumback) directly and let him help you select the best speakers. His stuff is SO good sounding. Maybe a bit more bucks but I think worth it in the end.
  11. soldano16

    Why is my Deluxe Reverb harsh sounding, and will Weber Alnicos Help?

    Do you do your own biasing or use a tech? I've often found Fender harshness = cold bias.
  12. soldano16

    Why is my Deluxe Reverb harsh sounding, and will Weber Alnicos Help?

    Time for new power tubes maybe?
  13. soldano16

    Right when you thought you had your tone, What amp last took you to: THE NEXT LEvEL

    I thought my '68 50 watt Marshall plexi was the ultimate amp but I kept reading about the big cleans that only the 100 watters have. Bought a '72 Super Lead last year and everyone was right. The 100 watter is THE vintage Marshall to play. ps: All made possible by Mr. Ho, creator and builder of...
  14. soldano16

    Does anyone have an amp that's just perfect in every way?

    My '72 Super Lead with my 2 volume Ultimate Attenuator is perfect. The UA manages the volume issue. The SL has stunning big Marshall cleans and great grind.
  15. soldano16

    Plexi - Ceriatone or Metro vs.Germino, Soultone, etc

    Metro and Germino seem to own the rep for closest to originals.
  16. soldano16

    Can you say 1965 TONE and RARE........desert island amps

    +1 My '62 non-Top Boost. If I wasn't such a Les Paul/Marshall guy, this would have been my #1. But I sold it so at least someone would use it. No regrets.
  17. soldano16

    Old School 70's dudes: Why, why why?

  18. soldano16

    Marshall 100w and attenuator?

    You'll be getting advice to 1) Skip the Marshall reissues - get a Germino or Metro clone. 2) There has been a bit of a revolution in attenuators recently with the Ultimate Attenuator (there are even better units out there but they are VERY hard to get). So while your THD may help, I doubt you...
  19. soldano16

    Is a Plexi good for anything besides Hard Rock or Metal?

    You kick most serious ass. WOW! Here's my '72.
  20. soldano16

    Is a Plexi good for anything besides Hard Rock or Metal?

    My buddy was hugelpressed with how versatile my '72 Super Lead is. As he said, "hey - you can even play country with this amp". He was Super impressed at the range of the amp. I use an Ultimate Attenuator to control volume and run the amp way up. She cooks.
  21. soldano16

    Please help me date my vintage FENDER SUPER REVERB (pics)

    Just noticed the red voltage selector. Never saw one of those in my life but it does look original to the amp. Export makes sense.
  22. soldano16

    Please help me date my vintage FENDER SUPER REVERB (pics)

    65, maybe early 66 but probably not. The tranny dates are key.
  23. soldano16

    Super reverb, but in head form?

    That SR was the biggest amp disappointment of my life. I retubed and redid the preamp tubes also but the amp just never sounded like a great SR should. My first SR was incredible. I sold it cause I couldn't deal with the 4X10 combo format. And then I got the head/cab idea and bought the chassis...
  24. soldano16

    Let's hear your guitar & amp....

    GREAT tone and control. Really nice.
  25. soldano16

    How to accomplish this!!!!!!!

    You need special gear to go multi head into one cab. Check out the Radial gear.