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    Let's talk "sweeteners"!!!

    Saturn V Sex Drive
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    Anybody using a Dry+Wet setup?

    I prefer stereo wet / mono dry. To me this is the ultimate set up but just to much trouble for most gigs.
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    WANT! Compact Cali76 compressor coming.

    No output transformer in the standard Cali76. The transformer is an option (TX). I don't know anything about this smaller version but my guess is, TX will not be an option for it. Very interested in this one though.
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    decoration ideas?

    Probably has been but I haven't seen it done on a guitar. Sounds like a cool idea though.
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    People in arid climates: what are you using for case humidification?

    What is the humidity level in the room where you keep your guitars? I like to use a combination of room humidifier and supplement with the case humidifier when the room is on the dry side. The room is more comfortable and I can leave the guitar out more this way.
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    Smaller Enclosures With 2 Footswitches?

    I have a Tchula, I believe it's 125B size. I haven't had any problems switching.
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    If you had a great EL84, 30watt, amp head, and could have a 112 or 212 cab to match it...

    Love EL84s. I have owned a few and the Blues always seem to work.
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    combo amp chassis rattle question

    I don't think leaving the chassis or the speaker loose is a good idea.
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    Anyone send a neck to MJT for finish work ?

    Mark has done finish work on a neck and body that I supplied. It was some years ago when he was a one man show. Great work and good communication done in a reasonable time.
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    Storing individual guitar strings

    Zip bag with silica gel will work but the air tight container idea will help prevent bent strings.
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    Delays with effects loop

    I have a Skreddy Echo. I tried a phase in the loop but really haven't experimented much. I'm interested to see what others have tried as well.
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    Alvarez-Yairi Guitars?

    Yairi is the only Alvarez you want.
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    New DigiTech Trio- Band in a Box

    The Trio looks like a great idea. I'm curious about the BIAB reference. Anyone here familiar with PG BIAB software? Did PG contribute to the development of Trio? If so, I know the BIAB app can do other things but does it have the AI functionality of Trio?
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    El Cap Settings...a lot of good ones.

    Interesting, thanks for the post.
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    What Fuzz am I? Love my MKl Mini.
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    Transaction going/gone bad

    If the deal was made here on The Gear Page you have the option to leave feedback. Sounds like you are angry, that's understandable. In Reality your anger is only effecting you. Be happy to get your money back and move on. Could be worse.
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    Issues with - delayed shipment and communication

    Recent no. Learned many years ago. Really don't know how they are still getting away with this stuff.
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    Help me clean my Pedalboard up

    That's one of the cool things about a Trailer Trash. The top is easy to replace. TheoDog has the right idea. Forget the full cover loop top and go with dual lock just where you need it. Also agree with cbm on the hole size.
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    Help me clean my Pedalboard up

    Sounds like you have the right idea. That looks like a Trailer Trash board. If so you should have room underneath to run the cables and power supply.
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    Help me clean my Pedalboard up

    What did it look like before the easy button?
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    reverb - strymon flint verb side or wampler faux reverb - thoughts?

    Haven't tried the wampler. The Flint has good useable verb and great trem. If reverb is your primary concern you should try the Flint to be sure it's going to satisfy. In my opinion the trem is the strong side of the Flint though.
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    The Vertex Axis = BBE Ben Wah - Bermuda Triangle Axis Wah Continued

    I haven't tried the EWS or Vertex chorus but I have an old Arion SH-1 and it sounds just like the same effect I've heard Landau use for years.
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    Vertex Volume Pedal

    Again, I must be missing something here. I thought Slope mentioned that he owns a Vertex Volume pedal. Its possible this issue could be settled if he would post a few pics of his gutted/reworked Vertex pedal. Maybe the pics that have been posted of the un-modified Vertex are a fake?