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    Kemper - Cleans

    Here are some Kemper clean sounds. Hopes it helps your decision.
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    66 Vibrolux reverb Speakers TESTS

    I use Tone Tubbys ALNICO's Tames the high end spike and sounds great Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    You ever find the amp?

    Jim Kelley amp Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Jim Kelley amp inbound,

    The Kelley will be waiting on me after work Thursday.😄😃😃😃
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    Redplate Ramblings 2014-2015

    I just installed a Tone Tubby ALNICO in my CDS2 and it sounds great. I always thought that the top end on Hemp cone ALNICO speakers was easier on the ears...but thats just me.
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    Jim Kelley amp inbound,

    Somebody tell me lies...:drink
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    Jim Kelley amp inbound,

    I have a Kelley 112 combo inbound. Black tolex with attenuator and foot switch. For those of you who know what I am about to experience....Please chime in and spoil the surprise!!!
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    Vibrolux speakers - poll!

    I have a 66 BF VLUX that i installed tone tubby's ALNICO speakers in. They sound great and helped with the high end spike.
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    S-Gear and a good strat
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    Kemper and a strat
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    Lite Jazz to a great backing

    I like it....hope you do too. :JAM
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    I need the 'money is no object' digital solution for best guitar tone wit headphones

    See if these examples help with your choice. i like both platforms very much. Kemper recording: S-Gear recording: best with headphones...:)
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    macbook pro for recording and internet ok?

    My wife and I actually bought two macbook pros and two Imacs. Talk about going broke.......:o gsozz
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    macbook pro for recording and internet ok?

    thks for the replies. I have a macbook pro i7 processor with 8 gigs of ram. I have protools9 and logic 9 installed and will use outboard glyph drives for the audio and library. I have never worked with Apple products before and did not know what to expect when using this as my main internet...
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    macbook pro for recording and internet ok?

    Hi all, I am wondering if using my macbook pro for recording and internet will cause any problems? thanks, Gsozz
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    Macbook pro w/5400rpm hard drive enough?

    Hi all, I am wondering if a new macbook pro with a 5400 rpm hard drive will be fast enough to use for audio recording multitrack pro tools. I will be using glyph hard drives (7200 rpm) for writing the audio and using the macbook for running protools. I will have 8 gigs of ram installed. My...
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    IMac with a Apogee Ensemble question

    Hi, I am getting an IMac (firewire 800) with an Apogee Ensemble (Firewire 400). I am wondering if the Firewire 400/800 difference will be of any signaficance? Any help would be appreciated. thanks, Gsozz:JAM
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    digi 002 to apogee ensemble difference?

    hello all, i am going from a Digi oo2 on a Sweetwater Creation station pc (pro tools) to a IMac with a Apogee Ensemble (Logic). I was wondering if I should notice a Difference in sound quality between the two systems. Thanks, Gsozz:bonk
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    Tone chasing...practical or just obsessive?

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    BOSS GT-10 - Anyone own or have experience with one???

    Just bought on and am returning it tommorrow. It sounded way to digital IMO..................but then, so does all digital effects going direct to board. I think that if I had used it with a speaker involved I would have enjoyed it.
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    AxeFx....what am I missing?

    The global settings have been set correctly all along. I will make a clip tonight and post. Thanks for all the comments :)
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    AxeFx....what am I missing?

    The HF Resonance was set at 5.0, so, I reset it to 2.52 and will try it when I get home tonight. So many parameters-so little time.:D I monitor through JBL 8" powered studio monitors #4328P. My interface is a digi 002 using Pro Tools 7.4 on a Sweetwater Creation Station. i also run the signal...
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    AxeFx....what am I missing?'s made up because I don't anything better to describe what I hear. Describing sound so that others know what you are talking about is kind of tough. I would add that it sounds like a raspy overtone that is predominate when there is any amp drive and treble/presence turned up very much...
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    AxeFx....what am I missing?

    The direct recordings with overdrive/gain pedals or amp gain turned up have a thin/nasal/fizzie sound. I have tried the PEQ insertion after the cab, and also, the redwirz IR's (not all of them yet....I got the big bundle). Strainge thing is that I have recorded my overdriven amp with a mic and...
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    AxeFx....what am I missing?

    So far I have only been able to use my ultra for direct recording (which I don't really like all that much) I own a pair of k12's but have never been able to play through them due to appartment living and have never heard the "sound" of the AxeFx. Am I missing much, or does the direct recorded...