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    Driskill Updates

    Just popped my head in here for a second, and spotted this thread. I just found the Driskill site by accident the other day, and thought his stuff looked fab. I didn't open the link to check out the pics of his finger though..... So, reading some on the composite re-enforced neck and all, that...
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    Squire madness!

    Hahaha.. Good try, but he missed your point. That bug's me as well...
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    What is the best way to polish frets on a maple board?

    I've used this: Which sounds similar to the Stew-Mac product to me ( I didn't read the exacts). With the Planet Waves product, my template got pretty "beat" up after one guitar...
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    New Pauls, what's up with them

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    Recommend me a good 1x12 combo jazz amp

    Gee..I wish I brought up the Jazzamp. Since no one notices my postings anyways since I'm not in the clique on these boards, I'm pretty much done posting To Jim Soloway, I read where Bud H. has recommended the Jazzamp 12 amp model when using a 7 string guitar, as it articulates...
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    Good Hi Gain Combo

    Wish I had your problem, seeing how you have a very nice amp already. :) Speaking mostly from reading reviews, various models of H&K maybe worth checking out if there are any local for you to test. Some maybe not high-gain, but according to those in the know, with a good boost up front, even...
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    Recommend me a good 1x12 combo jazz amp

    SS, no reverb on the combo, just in the head version. Maybe worth checking into. Wow...the designer/owner really explains a lot of info in the two "about" sections. Jeez....GAS.....
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    Recommend me a good 1x12 combo jazz amp

    I wonder if Fargen/Soloway Classic 10 amp is still available or not. It's twice your budget, but "sounds" like it fits your needs. Check out the clips.
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    Noob here, trying to learn about valves

    Start here:
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    Question on OT Mod for Epi Valve Jr

    The Hammond 125 ESE/DSE seems to be two popular choices as talked about on the epiphone forums. But as described in one thread, the B+ voltage stock was too high, and after the transformer upgrade the voltage is even higher. So in this thread, and in many others I'm sure address replacing R10...
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    Taking fakes to the next level...

    Let see.... "They" poison our pets, anti-freeze in toothpaste and mouthwash. Fake/bogus/counterfeit prescription medicines. Close to 100% of the toy recalls recently have been made by "them" thus = attacks on our children. What the fu.. do you think their after offering bogus ripoff guitars on...
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    Apartment-level amp suggestions revisited

    Remember this? Folks love'd em. Then they went to BYO, and someone one on here offered to build them I think. But since it was "based" off of a Ruby design, there was some licensing/naming issue. At least that's some what close to what I can...
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    London Power Aurora amp

    I remember a number of years ago when Kevin came out with the "American" and "Albion" heads. Yes heads, not rack mount. They weren't offered very long pre-made, then were offered in kit form. I can only imagine the tonal possibilities:
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    Where are Washburns made?

    In the "Beginning Rock Rhythm Guitar" video by Troy Stetina, he's playing a Washburn. The truss rod cover either says M-700, or MG-700, I'd have to take another look. I've looked around the net for one, but haven't seen one like it.
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    Great Guitar Duos

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    Whats the best digital modeling amp for home use?

    I recall reading even John Fera recommends all the other cab choices over the 4x12 cab(1x12-2x12-4x10). And if you haven't tried it....if you have a B/M overdrive pedal, connect it up front, and play with it and the British Clean/British Vintage channels.
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    Whats the best digital modeling amp for home use?

    Somewhat higher wattage then you've listed, but if you run across a Peavey Transformer (112-50w) or (212-100w), sit down and give it a test drive. If the MANUAL is available, scan through it as well, since there are virtually unlimited tweaks to these things. Comes with a nice footswitch for...
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    Best Refret in Austin, TX?

    Chip Todd is in or around the Cedar Park/Austin area.
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    Best Speaker for Peavey Classic 30???

    Seems I've read quite a bit about folks replacing the stock speaker with (insert favorite here), and using the stock B-M in an extension cab, and liking it. Thus the load = 8 ohms. So I've kind of figured that the stock B-M speaker likes closed back cabs. Then I recently read where it maybe that...
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    Everything about Peavey Amps - Put it Here!

    The last I recall reading was: (from Roger@Peavey) JSX Mini Colossal = June (ish) Windsor Studio = Late August/Early September (ish)
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    Cort guitars ?

    I think before I was a member here, and thus reading all the "Ed Roman" threads, I came across his list of Ghost Built Guitars. I haven't been back to his site in a few years, and I now see by the disclaimer in the middle, the list was ALOT longer at that time...
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    Ever Give 'Em Away?

    Strange that I happened along this thread. I've been thinking of giving away a guitar that I have that's just been sitting in the stand for probably a year. And the 2-3 years I've had it, I've probably only picked it up a few times. I had thought of offering it to someone local on the Peavey...
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    Looking for a solid living room/study amp that's somewhat kid-proof but sounds kickin

    I wonder if GC still sells this for $99 bucks:
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    MY Classic 30 thread.

    Even the Sovtek EL84M? Many praise the "M" version.