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    Ever own a superior instrument that you couldn't bond with?

    Had a super nice PRS Standard 22 but could never get comfortable on that hardtail bridge. I only buy them with trems now.
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    EQ Pedal Guys - Help Me Out Please!

    I use a WMD Utility Parametric EQ. It's super tweakable and extremely clean. The three bands each have frequency, bandwith and level. There is also an master output level.
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    Mesa Mini Rectifier Club

    I got my Mini Rectifier last weekend and have been playing through a 1x12 8 ohm cabinet and I love it. I can get Grant Green cleans and Morbid Angel distortion with the click of a switch. Fantastic stuff! The only thing it needs is more; Can I hook an 8 ohm 1x12 into the 4 ohm output at the...
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    The best pedal I own is _____ because ____.

    The best pedal I own is my Xotic EP Booster because I can't turn it off! Not that it's broken, it's just that if it's not on, everything is way dull.
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    Picks that don't wear

    I've been using a Dunlop Max-Grip Jazz III. They claim to be made of carbon fiber. All I know is that I took one out of the package in October '12 and am still using the same one. To be honest it does show some extremely slight wear, but at the rate it's going, I'd estimate it should be good...
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    Top Three Humbuckers you have ever played

    I like: Seymour Duncan Alternative8 - crushing power, highly articulate Tom Anderson HN3 - Hi-Fi High Gain Benedetto B-6 - Bebop in a black box.
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    What Picks Are You All Using At The Moment?

    I bought 12 Dunlop Max-Grip Jazz III's in October. I've lost a couple when I've played out, but the first one out of the package, which I use at home, is still going strong, it doesn't have a mark on it. I'm sure it'll last forever. And it's sooo grippy!
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    Ernie Ball Cobalt strings

    The Cobalts are super-nice sounding and last a good amount of time. I won't use them again, though, they're just too rough and stiff feeling. Back to the Helix HD's, which sound almost as good but are smooth and compliant under my fingers.
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    Parametric EQ's : Q value / width?

    Q value is the amount of bandwidth that you are choosing to boost. Q control allows you to choose a narrow band of frequencies or a wider bunch to boost/cut along with the selected center frequency
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    Anyone order from

    I ordered a set of flame maple pickup rings from the site and it took along time to get them, and I received no response to my emails. They did eventually arrive, I can't recall how long it actually took. Once I got them, though, I was very happy! Excellent craftmanship.
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    Jazz Guitarists - recommendations for listening?

    If Tal Farlow is the Satriani, Pat Martino is the Vai.
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    Good small EQ pedal that can boost up to 10DB or so.

    I use the WMD Utility Parametric EQ. It's a 3 band fully parametric eq with final output that gives a boost if required. I use it in the loop of my amp. It's pretty transparent and super powerful. I use it to dial out the low-mid mud of my Lonestar Special. I was considering selling...
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    Show your pedalboard #34

    My first pedalboard. I was inspired by some of the super-nice setups in this and previous threads. I've since finished the buffer to tuner cable, bolted the MXR powersystem to the back/top of the board and wired all the power in. Thanks for the ideas and inspiration, everyone!
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    Cannibal Corpse

    I love Death Metal! I wear metal shirts to work every day. You don't have to understand the lyrics to get the idea of what the vocal is trying to convey, just like you don't need a literal translation when you hear an animal growl or hiss. I've been a fan for 25 years now. It led me to...
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    Is it Possible?

    JS Moore Hybrid.
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    Best bridge humbucker for METAL? \m/

    I did like the EMG81 I had in my PRS Standard, but I haven't tried any of the others. Right now I'm really enjoying the Rio Grande Crunchbox, Dimarzio Evolution and Anderson HN3. I've also got a Deathbucker but it remains uninstalled.
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    Is there a "lo-fi / vinyl" simulator pedal?

    I haven't personally tried it but I wonder if the WMD Geiger Counter would do some of that.
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    Prog, Metal, and other High Gain players: Get in here!

    Death Metal player. I use a Mesa Lonestar Special with a PisdiYAUwot pedal to get my signature sound. Even without the pedal the amp is super high gain, just not in a Death Metal type way. In any case with the amp's 2 channels and the pedal I've got 3 very usable tones. I've also got...
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    Pickup suggestions for PRS Santana SE please.

    I did the exact same thing! Not the Sustainiac but the the first part. It's my favorite guitar. My other SE has a Rio Grande Crunchbox and a Duncan P-Rails with Tripleshot rings. That guitar gets alot of sounds.
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    Desert Island Guitar and Amp - No Pedals

    PRS Standard 22 and SLO100.
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    24 fret neck pickup

    dspellman, that's all some good stuff to take into consideration, I thought I'd thought it through, but maybe I'll think again. I've been keeping up with the SD Forum pickup. It's ugly but if it it works well, who cares. I'll look into that Suhr and the Gravity Storm. All good ideas...
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    24 fret neck pickup

    Does anyone have suggestions for a neck humbucker that works well with a 24 fret neck? I have a few 22 fret guitars and have had alot of luck choosing pickups for the neck position (Dimarzio Evolution, SD Jazz, PRS Vintage Bass), but have not yet found a pickup that I really like in this...
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    HB sized P90 for a 335 style guitar

    Bareknuckle Manhattan. I love mine. It's in a different type of guitar but it sounds superb. I'm not sure how it'll sound with your bridge pickup as I usually play it just on its own.