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  1. bluzkat

    Good external hard drive for recording?

    Good quality 7200 rpm drives are fine for recording audio. Use solid state drives for samples. :cool:
  2. bluzkat

    Today is my Kemper 10 year anniversary!

    @Mats Gee, you must have grabbed your Kemper when they first arrived. I’ve had my toaster about 9 1/2 years (April 2012) and I’m still in love. o_O Previous to getting the KPA it was tubes since ‘63 (mostly Fender).
  3. bluzkat

    Running Pedals into the Kemper

    Have you checked out the latest OS update for the Kemper (8.02)? It has the new Kemper Drive and an OCD, check it out.
  4. bluzkat

    Green stuff

    Mystic Seafoam...
  5. bluzkat

    Kemper durability

    I’ve had my Kemper unpowered toaster going on eight years and its better than the day I bought it.
  6. bluzkat

    Kemper Kabinet is here!

    At this time the cab is not powered. Who knows what the future will bring.
  7. bluzkat

    What kind of laptops are you using?

    Hi Jim And may I say... what a fine laptop it is. I absolutely love the laptop Jim built me. :cool:
  8. bluzkat

    Kemper Rig Manager 3.0 Beta. The editor is out!!!

    There is documentation for Rig Manager 3.0 on the Kemper download page.
  9. bluzkat

    Was Hendrix Huge When He Was Alive?

    I still remember exactly where I was the first time I heard Purple Haze coming out of my six transistor hand held AM radio. Life changing.
  10. bluzkat

    What is your be-all, end-all FRFR?

    Matrix Q12a with my KPA... bliss!
  11. bluzkat

    How to sell my THR 10 together with Cubase software?

    If you have never activated Cubase just be sure to include the activation number.
  12. bluzkat

    Can you lovely people recommend me some Kemper profiles?

    As far as a new interface I would recommend this... https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/KompAudio6--native-instruments-komplete-audio-6 I've had one of these for several years. Its s/pdif works well with my KPA.
  13. bluzkat

    Kemper users - would you buy a Kemper in 2018?

    I've had my toaster almost 7 years, I would definitely buy another if something happened to mine.
  14. bluzkat

    New Plugins - Any packages you guys can't live without?

    Another recommendation for FabFilter.
  15. bluzkat

    2011 technology is still top of the modeling game. Who will top Kemper?

    C'mon now, the Kemper is not a modeler. :rolleyes: :D
  16. bluzkat

    Life expectancy of digital modeling gear

    Love my Kemper. I've had it going on six years and never wanted anything different. It killed any amp GAS for me.
  17. bluzkat

    What FRFR are you using?

    I use a Matrix Q12a with my KPA, love it.
  18. bluzkat

    K-Line vs Suhr vs Fender Elite

    My Elite has a rosewood fretboard, the Elites with ebony boards have only become available recently.
  19. bluzkat

    The Double Bound Tele Thread

    Here's my AVRI '62 Telecaster...
  20. bluzkat

    Help identifying this guitar

    Probably a partscaster, wrong bridge, wrong case and way too expensive. :eek:
  21. bluzkat

    I need help with my Kemper please!

    Be sure to download the manuals and read them so you can get the most out of your Kemper. Congratulations... Enjoy.
  22. bluzkat

    Ovation seems to have lost it's way...

    I bought this Ovation "Elite" in early '84 and I still love this guitar. No cracks in the top and sounds great plugged or unplugged'. I doubt that I will ever get rid of it.
  23. bluzkat

    Helix Native: what DAW(s) will you be using?

    Copy & Paste? Might save you some typing. Just sayin'... :cool:
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