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    Kemper Power Kabinet vs Friedman ASC-10 for home playing

    Hi, Has anyone played both? I don't have a Kemper so won't use the special Kemper features of the Kabinet. I'll connect the amp to a computer with amp sims, and use it only for home volumes. They cost more or less the same in my county. Thanks!
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    I have an expensive tube amp X but I prefer the overdrive from pedal Y

    do any of you prefer the sound from a certain overdrive pedal with the clean channel of your amp, to the sound of the overdrive channel ?
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    Toneczar Dove vs Fetto

    Hi, A friend of mine had the Fetto and now has the Dove, and he says that the Dove is in a different league, and can do all that the Fetto can do, and much more. So I was hoping to hear some more opinions before I order one... Which one has better dynamics, and which one can do Scott Henderson...
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    Analogman Sunface - still the king of fuzz?

    Hi, I got a good deal for a red dot sunface. I know these were a few years ago the best fuzz pedals... so are they still in the top, or are they old news like the Eternity etc. and there are better alternatives ? Thanks
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    Maxon ad999 sale

    Hi everyone! I just wanted to share this sale... I just bought a b-stock Maxon ad999 for $125 + shipping! (to $35 to Israel) if you want one, go to: http://www.godlyke.com/b-stock-guitar-effects and on checkout, use this code for another 10% discount: XMAS2011 I've just spent an...
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    Most dynamic overdrive\distortion pedal

    Hi. I'm looking for a pedal that when I strum softly on the guitar it will sound clean, and when I strum hard it will sound with allot of gain, but that the output volume will be the same all the time. So far the best that I found was fetto std, but the volume when I pick soft and hard still...
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    Basic Audio Scarab vs Scarab Deluxe

    Hi, I found a very good deal for the Scarab. Is the deluxe worth paying twice the price (ie. buy it new and skip this deal) or I should go for the standard version? Thanks.
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    Surprise Sound Lab Rock Block as an overdrive pedal

    How does this pedal compare to other tube overdrives like the Kinsgley Jester others? Is it in the same league when used as a pedal (an not as a 1 watt amp). Thanks
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    Questions about the Fetto

    Hi. I have Some questions about the Fetto overdrive pedal: 1. Can it do a Scott Henderson type sound? 2. For those who have the Nord - do you prefer the sound with the boost on or without? (I'm trying to decide if the get the STD or Nord) 3. Can I get similar results by boosting the STD with...
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    GDS vs 65 Amps

    Has anyone had or heard both of these 18 watt amps and can tell me which he liked better? thanks
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