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    Helix Hot Rodded Marshall Tone Clip (Lynch, Sykes, etc.)

    Always pretty shy about posting this type of stuff...think it's been ten years since I posted a crappy clip here when I was in middle/high school and used to be on here all the time :oops:...(and excuse me if this type of post belongs elsewhere), but I have not had my Helix long at all and have...
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    Zoom/Skype lesson with Helix as interface

    Hey guys, I have a lesson next week over Skype/Zoom and would like to find a way to use my Helix such that I can send the Helix signal over Skype/Zoom, but also still be able to have my voice be heard via microphone. How would you rout this setup? I have a Shure USB condenser mic that can plug...
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    Helix Master Volume Knob at 100%/Disabled = Crackling?

    Hi guys, Since I've been using my Helix for the past several months, I've normally set the large/master volume knob to 12 o'clock. However, after learning more about optimizing gain staging, signals, etc., I learned that the large volume knob should be set at 100% (or simply disabled), since...
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    Why does this progression work?

    OK, maybe this is a really dumb question, possibly because it's been a long week. But when I play Amin - Fmaj - Gmaj - Dmaj, why does this sound "good"? What is the correct way of thinking about this, in terms of numerical progression, mode, etc.? I know it's obviously centered around an Amin...
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    Heel Truss Rod Mod (Charvel Custom Shop)

    Hey, guys, I recently purchased one of the Music Zoo Charvel Custom Shop Naturals...love the neck on this thing. However, its truss rod nut is located at the heel, which is a pain. I've been seeing where some people mod the neck so that a spoke style wheel adjustment nut can be fitted. What...
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    Helix - Big, Defined, Spacey Cleans?

    Hey guys, was wondering if you could help me out on something. I'm trying to dial in some big, spacey sounding cleans on my Helix (think almost something like Holdsworth would volume swell into). Specifically, I'm trying to go for something in which the notes of the chord still somewhat stand...
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    Guitar Magazine Archives

    So I was thinking the other day after purchasing some old issues of Guitar World from the ‘80s and early ‘90s...and wow, there has to be a ton of info out there that hasn’t been properly archived. Maybe it’s simply the historian in me, but it just seems like there are so many interviews...
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    How do you allocate your practice time?

    I keep seeing schedules that say things like, "15 minutes for scales, 15 minutes for new compositions, etc." That obviously seems logical to me. But how do you know what to practice/prioritize within those groups, without forgetting already learned material? For instance, I think we all agree...
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    What's going on with Creamtone?

    Ordered some replacement knobs back in mid-January for my Les Paul. I understand we are still in relatively odd times, especially with logistics and supply chains, but I'm now going on two months without having received my shipment and, even worse, any communication. I had actually sent an email...
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    Charvel Natural Mahogany San Dimas - Replace Custom 5 with JB?

    Hey guys, Recently purchased one of my longtime dream guitars - a Charvel "Natural Series" San Dimas (part of the Music Zoo runs in the mid-'00s). So far, love the playability. Plays like a dream. However, when I switch from my main, an '02 Les Paul Standard with the stock BB Pros, I can't help...
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    Best "Bang for Your Buck" Nylon-String Guitar?

    Hey guys, Long-time electric player here, occasional steel string acoustic. Recently been listening to a lot of classical and nylon-string guitar playing though (especially Samba / Bossa Nova), thanks in part to an awesome player here in Houston named Gabriel Santiago. I'd love to learn more...
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    Music Video Attire Question (Late ‘80s / Early ‘90s)

    OK, this probably seems like a silly question, but I’m calling on all you late ‘80s / early ‘90s hard rock veterans to help me figure this out...Anyways, I’ve formed a new group with some buddies, primarily playing just fun, balls-to-the-wall rock (VH, Crue, etc.). However, I’m not a fan of...
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    Boston-area hard rock venues

    Hey guys, currently a student in the Boston-area. One of the things that I was looking forward to the most was the number of shows that came to the area that my hometown (Memphis) never got. Bands like UFO, Schenker, Mountain, Extreme, etc...Now it seems as if no one in that vein of music visits...
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    Controlling volume of powered speakers externally?

    Hey guys, My organization just purchased two JBL PRX615M powered monitors and a JBL PRX618S-XLF powered subwoofer to be used for music playback at functions (parties, etc.). These have replaced an old set of passive JBLs (suspended from the ceiling) that are powered by a Crown XTi 1000...
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    New project with Eric Gales, Dug Pinnick, and Thomas Pridgen

    Found out via Eric Gales' Facebook page. This should be killer. My hopes are high. Always had hoped to see my hometown hero play with the frontman of my favorite band ever. From the picture's caption: Magna Carta records has put together a truly special project this year. Arranging three of top...
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    What happened to Queensryche?

    Am I in a parallel universe or something? What is up with the new Queensryche? I know that bands evolve musically over their careers, but really? This? It's not an excuse to put out subpar music with subpar lyrics and songwriting. This video, by far, takes the cake: akTwO-HB398 Apparently...
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    Joe Bonamassa tweeted about the Gear Page

    @JBONAMASSA The people on the Gear Page need to chill in opinion. They do a lot of talking and not a lot of doing . Put a group together join the party. https://twitter.com/#!/JBONAMASSA I kind of agree with him. :hide2
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    Recommend some electric slide players for me...

    I know we get a lot of these threads, but I'm in search of some new artists. Right now, I'm really into slide players (or, in the case of Michael Lee Firkins, players who sound like they are playing a slide :D). Already onto Warren Haynes, Eric Sardinas, to name a few. What'cha got?
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    Eric Gales arrested...again.

    Man, right when everything was turning around for the better...Cops came up and got him as he was unloading his gear last night at BB's here in town...you can read more about it on this friend of Eric's wall on Facebook. Something sounds a little odd...
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    Best Dallas guitar stores?

    I'm gonna be in Dallas this weekend and want to hit up some shops. What are your recommendations?
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    Essential honky tonk albums?

    What are yalls essential honky tonk albums?
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    My school's Battle of the Bands last night

    Last night, my school had it's first alumni/student "Battle of the Bands." Only four bands ended up playing, and the other three were all alumni bands. One was a jazz trio (really talented musicians), another a 60s garage band (also cool; they all graduated in '65-'67, so they were old), and...
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    A young Eric Gales

    Love this song. Eric is about 18 here: 1YtN8BEz_a4&feature=related a few years later: hOI86s2kTYM He's not getting out until a few more moths, but I'll be seeing him as much as possible when he does.
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    What's up with people who don't play guitar NOT consulting your advice?

    OK, this is a minor thing that bugs me, but it bugs me nonetheless. I don't claim to be an all-knowing encyclopedia about guitar gear, but I do know enough that I can advise people on what to buy when starting out, or simply for their budget, given their tastes, goals, etc... (just as I'm sure...
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    Band splits up, you're in the middle, who do you follow?

    Say you are in a band, let's say a three piece. The two other members have a falling out, but you are still good friends with both. They both want to continue on, just in separate ways. Whom do you stay with?
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