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  1. Dave L

    JCM800 2203KK took almost a minute to turn on

    OK, but yeah, it feels like someting mechanical to me, like something is not making a solid connection at the power input. Maybe something as easy as a oxidized power switch, or something like that.
  2. Dave L

    JCM800 2203KK took almost a minute to turn on

    Loose power cable?
  3. Dave L

    Help with Charvel 2-Point Tremolo Gotoh 510

    It´s the Gotoh 510 on these, right? You sure the arm isn´t actually threaded inside the arm and you sometimes catch a bit of the thread by mistake? "The 510 tremolo arm is a combination of push-in / screw-in technology. The arm is primarily supported by the push-in bushing, which has a set...
  4. Dave L

    Reduce low end on my stratocaster

    A pedal with a bass knob. The sound of the guitar itself is a pretty inexact science.
  5. Dave L

    How much playing before you can't intonate your strings?

    I´ve only noticed this in guitars that have gone years without a string change, on my own guitars I have never seen it. I think tone and feel go south way before intonation issues arise, at which point I guess they are functionally dead.
  6. Dave L

    EBMM Luke 2 pickup help

    Here are some measurements from a Luke II I found on the EBMM forum, how do they stack up to yours? Pretty standard fare for passive pickups, but EMGs can go higher. Neck: 3/32” (low), 7/64” (high) Middle: 4/32” (low), 9/64” (high) Bridge: 3/32” (low), 4/32” (high
  7. Dave L

    What pickups for HSS guitar ?? 80s 90s Glam / Hard rock / Blues sound ***

    80s, 90s hard rock and fusion sounds a bit like the EMG 85 to me. Too fat for the tight metal stuff, but a huge lead voice with good crunch.
  8. Dave L

    Need input: Jackson PC3 MIJ Phil Collen signature

    I´m not sure I agree that the Super 3 was a strange choice, it is after all designed to be a heavy rock bridge pickup and it was a brand new hot offering when Phil was designing the PC1. It has that darker, thicker 90s thing going on. But yeah, he´s mostly just been using the original Super...
  9. Dave L

    Jackson Dinky DKSFS with on/off switch and a gain control knob which boosts gain 25b

    I do believe the Firestorm boost is a different circuit. Maybe a Duncan thing? Can´t really remember, but it had a toggle switch that the Afterburner doesn´t.
  10. Dave L

    Jackson Dinky DKSFS with on/off switch and a gain control knob which boosts gain 25b

    Very standard for that particular model, it´s the DK2FS (Firestorm) from maybe 20 years ago. It´s a straight volume boost, and like everything that boosts volume in front of the amp it depends on how saturated your preamp section is whether it actually boosts volume level or jacks up the distortion.
  11. Dave L

    NGD! Old School Valley Arts

    I have three Valley Arts (one Custom Pro and two of the original California Pros from 1988-89) and I love them, they have a niche where they are super strats but still pretty old school. For their entire run they are sort of frozen in time in that late 70s to mid 80s era where people were...
  12. Dave L

    What’s your most collectible amp?

    Probably my Soldano X99, Soldano has way more fans than ever since he retired and they only made 300 of them. I do have a 3 Monkeys Zé that they only made 10 of, so that one is very rare by any standard but it´s not at all collectible in the same way.
  13. Dave L

    80’s Charvel questions ?

    Yup, no one in the west knows what this or drooled over it in catalogs, so there´s not the same connection to it. The Model series were the first good Jackson/Charvels people could afford back in the heyday of the mid 80s and have therefore always had a high profile and a good rep. They´re sort...
  14. Dave L

    It's the annual... "What came and went thread"...

    It´s been a very quiet year for me, I only bought a Greco RR95K (more or less a japanese 70s LP Custom with a Kahler) and sold nothing.
  15. Dave L

    80’s Charvel questions ?

    Tough call, but I´d say less. The Model stuff is well-known as they were a big hit back in the day, this is basically just any baseline japanese Dinky in that regard. It´s from the second tier of models since it has a Takeuchi Floyd in a phase when they also used Schallers. Probably about the...
  16. Dave L

    80’s Charvel questions ?

    That definitely looks like something from the japanese-only market, it was not sold in the US or Europe and isn´t part of that original Model series. They kept the guitar-shaped logo in Japan for a while when they went to the toothpaste script logo for the exports in the late 80s. My best bet...
  17. Dave L

    80’s Charvel questions ?

    No, the Model 3 always had the behind-the-nut Kahler-style string lock. Both the early ones with a Kahler flatmount and the later ones with the JT6 Floyd used the same lock. It isn´t terribly complicated to add a Floyd nut, though, as you can see in this pic it´s not super obvious.
  18. Dave L

    Diode clipping vs. cascading gain?

    I think there are two different pictures of what a José clipper is, the ones José did and the ones many modders and builders have been doing and calling a José in modern times. I'm not at all into the electronics stuff, but I have a 3 Monkeys Zé with one of his original variations and it's more...
  19. Dave L

    San Dimas-built Jacksons are large$$

    Grover was at Charvel since the late 70s, and bought the whole thing in 1978-79 or so. It´s always been the same company and Wayne Charvel mostly sold parts in his day.
  20. Dave L

    San Dimas-built Jacksons are large$$

    I agree that these are well worth it and have been on the rise for a while, but I feel it´s really no use checking any pricing at all right now since everything is insane at this point. From that perspective you can argue they haven´t gone up any more than anything else you can think of. All in...
  21. Dave L

    Charvel Guthrie Govan model - Bridge question

    Yeah, check the tiny blocks since they can get a bit worn or get damaged from over-tightening, and also that they are situated the right way. If it´s like the blocks on the regular fine-tuning Floyd there is a small hole in the back to catch the lock screw. But otherwise make sure the string...
  22. Dave L

    Do some guitars just have more string tension?

    I think previous posters nailed it, and with all else equal extremely minute changes in set-up at the level of measuring thousandths of an inch at the nut and relief can make a noticable difference. I tend to think that people are mostly not looking close enough when they say that the set-up is...
  23. Dave L

    Gibson 80s Kahler Tremolo users please share your experience...

    Yeah, the actual cam Kahlers are still in production and all parts are available if a bit expensive. I renovated one just a few months ago. The Pro had that fixed bridge option, but I seem to recall that's all in the cam part and basically they're much the same. The 2200 is the Gibson-style made...
  24. Dave L

    Gibson 80s Kahler Tremolo users please share your experience...

    That's the lower budget and much maligned 2520 Fulcrum, though, not the typical high quality cam units we were talking about here.
  25. Dave L

    Gibson 80s Kahler Tremolo users please share your experience...

    Yeah, there's a bit of a sweet spot in the saddle height where you have enough pressure but not enough to start dragging on the rollers.
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