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  1. Amp_Addicted

    Santana Mesa Boogie Dumble Amp Porn

    I checked to see if someone else had posted a thread, but didn't notice one. Scrolling around YouTube today I noticed this Premier Guitar Rig Rundown. I don't really love Santana's music, but infinitely respect his ability & musicality. Anyhow, I couldn't avoid hitting up this link: who knew...
  2. Amp_Addicted

    Another Klon Sighting

    At least he's now taking credit for building them for his own profit. Bill should have made this his business plan years ago. Will this sucker clear $3k? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Klon-Centaur-RS-021-new-unit-with-full-warranty-for-sale-by-Klon-LLC/383688871082?hash=item5955a38caa:g:Za0AAOSwUblfQpKQ
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