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    velvet underground (picture of amp question)

    Sterling told me VU tuned down because that allowed them to use heavier gauge strings and still be able to bend them. He used .012s, if I remember correctly. I know he counseled me to use the heaviest strings I could manage.
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    Who builds nice 1x15" cabs?

    There were no cone options, only impedance and dome type. I chose 8 ohm for obvious reasons and the aluminum dome for the appearance (I don't push guitar amps to the point that the dome is going to greatly influence the sound).
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    Amp crackle and noise

    Don't forget to substitute another instrument cord -- a bad one can crackle, too.
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    Mini humbuckers

    That explains why my Les Paul was difficult to adjust.
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    Mini humbuckers

    I guess mine had been tinkered with. The mounting screws had nuts soldered to them -- it took me a while to get them where I wanted them. The brass bars were long gone. That was a great sounding guitar, though.
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    Mini humbuckers

    Minis mount differently from full-size humbuckers and they can be a pain, because you can't adjust them after you mount them. Here's a pic:
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    Thomastik Infeld flatwounds in Europe?

    I'd think they would be available -- they are manufactured in Vienna.
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    Silvertone amps

    Here's a pic:
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    Mini humbuckers

    The bridge pickup died in my 1970 LP Deluxe. I replaced both with Seymour Duncan SM-1s and it got its old sound back.
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    Silvertone amps

    I bought a 1484 in '74 for $40 from the original owner and I still have it. It has a great sound (it took me years to find a pro-level amp that sounded as good). I keep it for sentimental value, but it's too fragile and heavy to gig with. Particle board cabinet, bent aluminum chassis worthless...
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    How do I date a Silverface Dual Showman Reverb?

    The Fenders I have looked at have had a date stamped on the chassis.
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    Gretsch Golden years and vice versa

    I owned a '63 Gretsch Chet Atkins Country Gent for a number of years. It was a beautiful guitar...but: 1) peculiar controls, consisting of the volume pots (front, back and master), 3-way switch, and a 3-way tone switch that only allowed preset tones; 2) a really odd neck heel, which made...
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    NGD ES-335 Content

    I have a blonde stop tail 335 that I love, but a cherry red one with a Bigsby....=drool=
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    Your thoughts on the Silvertone 1484

    I was going to graduate school in Austin when I found my 1484. Sterling Morrison of the Velvet Underground was there at the same time, and I had recently learned to play guitar. I found the Silvertone in the local ad paper: "Guitar amplifier or dish washer -- your choice. $40." The owner had...
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    Your thoughts on the Silvertone 1484

    I just found this old thread...which I previously contributed to. Here's a pic:
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    P Bass: The sound of classic rock?

    The Precision defined recorded bass in the '50s and '60s. I started out in the '80s playing a Jazz just because I was the lead player in a trio where the bass player wanted to play lead on certain songs, and since he had a J, that's what I played. It took 20+ years, when I got a bass gig in a...
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    NAD: 67 Fender Super Reverb

    A friend has a 11/67 SF Super that sings. He had the good sense to leave it in my recording studio for 10 years! Great find.
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    I like knobs/switches/options vs basic/fewer tone controls. (POLL ADDED)

    My first amplifier was a '63 Sears Silvertone 1484 that I bought for $40. It had two channels, reverb and tremolo. The controls were volume, treble, bass, reverb and tremolo speed. The reverb was boingy-boingy and useless; the tremolo was OK. The tone controls did nothing. But plug in a guitar...
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    Save up or buy less expensive?

    I started out, like a lot of players, with low end gear ($35 acoustic guitar, anyone?). But the older I got the pickier I got. About eight years ago I had the desire to get another thin hollow-body guitar. I made some trades at the local music store and ended up with a blonde Epiphone Sheraton...
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    Solid State amps are getting "better" ??

    I bought a new Fender Jazzmaster Ultralight around 2009 when I was looking for a lightweight, small foot print amp. I had been fooling around with a Floor Pod Plus but I found the amp sounds in it to be too cartoony sounding and carrying it along with an amplifier to be cumbersome. The JM is...
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    Fender '65 DRRI Upgrades

    I had a DRRI combo with a harsh top end. I had a Weber California Ceramic 15 cab so I sold the combo, bought the head and now I'm happy: fuller bottom, sweeter top and no harshness.
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    My Chronicles of the DRRI (and the mods along the way)

    I had a DRRI combo but didn't like the harsh top end. I had a Weber California Ceramic 15 cab so I sold the combo and bought the head. Everything's fine, with a fuller tone and a sweeter top, and no mods.
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    How Do You EQ Your Bass?

    When I was actively recording, I got rid of the tubby, indistinct bass with a little signal trickery. I had a converted two-car garage for a room, with a raised floor. I built a large bass trap in one corner, but I still didn't have an ideal room for bass (it was great for vocals, however). I...
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    DRRI re-housing

    No, that's not what I said. I preferred the sound of the 15" speaker over the 12", and rather than butcher the combo, I sold it and bought the head version. I can't tell any difference between the two amps, when both are plugged into the 15. I hope this clears things up.
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    DRRI re-housing

    I found a DRRI combo used for a good price and liked it. I did not like the top end so much; but I had a Weber California Ceramic 15 cabinet on hand, and one day I unplugged the 12" and plugged in the Weber. Wow! I no longer liked the Deluxe, which I sold. I then bought the head version and set...
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