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    What Firebird is this?

    Looks like Warren Haynes models
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    Fender Mustang III vs Boss Katana 100

    . Glad to hear it, I have a mustang iii, love the Tweed tones and the a couple of the blackface tone tones, particularly the Princeton. The vox is so so and the Marshall s are not for me so I got a code 50. Effects are awful compared but tones are similar to my DSL 2000,
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    Duesenberg Starplayer Special vs G&L ASAT Deluxe

    Having both I would say an Asat Special would get you in the closer range tonally
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    Are Used Guitar Sales Soft Now?

    I had a hard time getting rid of a srv strat for 900 in mint condition, and a marshall dsl2000 for 450. Still cannot get rid of a Tokai Les Paul Jr for 550
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    Most Versatile Pickup Set for a Les Paul?

    what are you playing through?
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    White Strat + non-white pickguard

    love the love of gold and white, gives it a nod towards a 56 look
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    Returning a guitar - seller requests no insurance?

    I like to think things get broken all the time by shipping companies so $5 extra of coverage
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    PRS Custom 24 vs PRS SE Custom 24

    Quote: Originally Posted by custom53 Compare a KIA and a Corvette Awful analogy. base model ford fusion and a lincoln mks
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    Mustang questions

    he went back to see if the settings were saved after I left and it looks like they were set the same when he plugged it back up to the computer
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    Mustang questions

    Friend of mine picked up a used Mustang II v1 it has a fizz. Went to Fuse software program and set the noise gate to high or super on everything. It seem to solve everything. Most of the hum went away especially on the clean settings. Unplugged the usb cable and the fizz came back. Any ideas.
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    What ear plugs do you use?

    I had to get removed by a doctor since i use them to mow and play with in a band and any other loud noises
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    Help with 2002 G&L Bluesboy(?) Value

    ash body and tinted birdseye neck from what i can see makes it a nice one doesnt seem that high
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    Guitar Center Used

    I always had to pay shipping back, I bought two items one the guys who packed it broke half the headstock off an ovation and the other sold a tokai love rock and said it was a japan when it was a korean
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    NGD - G&L Content

    great looker
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    Lenny Kravitz hears a choir singing his song in a park and joins them

    wise word of a seagull once said, nice
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    Curt Hennig or Rick Rude?

    just got through with wwe top 50 finishes hard to say who was the best bad guy got to remember both of them on there it was pretty cool though
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    Best/worst guitar control layout

    best g&l legacy, worst to me is some superstrats that have all the mini toggles
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    Help me make a $1000 decision

    look for the marshall sound your after
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    Would you play a guitar if you didn't like the color?

    yes, I play guitars that I hate the color of, if they sound great dont look down
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    How come G&L never bought into the weight debate?

    everyone I have gotten that did not have a heavy extra tailpiece weighed in pretty light
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    How important is the shape of a guitar's neck to you?

    not important at all I have really long fingers except for my pinky so nothing truly fits
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    Ngd with pics!

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