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  1. J

    Not-so-subtle dig at Jimmy Page - yay or nay?

    That was the coolest thing I've seen from either of those guys in awhile. Beck was intoned to the vocal perfectly, and sounded like a blues harp. Amazing.
  2. J

    “Home by the Sea”- Do you know what it’s about?

    I would say inspired by Peter Gabriel, The Intruder.
  3. J

    Did Rory, or Keith, or Eric, or Stevie, or Jimi fuss over the weight of their Strats?

    Weight is one thing, but how did they bend strings on a 7.25 radius? 8)
  4. J

    TGP Cliche's

    Doing some "tube rolling".
  5. J

    R.I.P. Fender American Vintage series (1982-2017)

    What would be a dead giveaway, regarding serial numbers, etc?
  6. J

    R.I.P. Fender American Vintage series (1982-2017)

    I found an AV '65 Strat, but he said it was built in 2019. Is that possible?
  7. J

    Which Celestion is the Weber Silver Bell...

    It took me ages to break in my Weber AlNiCo Silver Bell. But now, its starting to rattle and buzz. Looks like a recone is in order.
  8. J

    John Syke's modded JCM800, I have never heard such a unique amp.

    Who was it from Whitesnake that was using Peavey VTMs?
  9. J

    Dough Aldrich

    I just realized...if Judge Jeanine Pirro sang, she'd be RJD. OMG
  10. J

    Aerosmith: Night In The Ruts- Stud, Dud, Or Meh?

    I bought this when it came out, and played it for awhile. Haven't heard it since. I remember it rocked ok.
  11. J

    Weber Silver Bell Speaker Question

    Jeez, It's only been 9 years? The Silver Bell has finally given up. Lots of high end fizz; sounds like a recone. Amp still sounds great.
  12. J

    Am I the only one who thinks that "Layla" by D.A.T.D. has an ugly guitar sound?

    Thank you. I'm surprised none of the experts and apologists had mentioned this! I remember buying a remastered cd for a friend as a gift. We played it, and it still sounded horrible. There is a clip of Layla as a demo on youtube, at correct speed. And it sounds much better! Many songs coming...
  13. J

    Fender CS Tele with "loaded" pups. Uggh. And vintage vs CS Teles.

    And one piece body?? Thing of beauty.
  14. J

    I need a low efficient speaker for 66 pro reverb

    How does the Emi Red, White & Blues speaker compare to those mentioned?
  15. J

    Paul C and Stokes mod

    OMG, has it been 12 years...? With all the fear of blowing transformers, I stopped using my modded Princeton...about 12 years ago. About 13 years ago I installed the Stokes mod, and the LTP. My tastes changed, I don't run my amps quite so loud, and began using pedals again. What to use for a...
  16. J

    wow Beck, Stewart old school studio film

    Too bad there wasn't more of the guitar takes in there. Great tone, haha.
  17. J

    Post Malone profanity on NYE show

    Happened to see him not knowing who he was. My GF just laughed out loud watching him. Karaoke battle at the bowling alley.
  18. J

    N(old)AD: Ampeg Reverberocket 2

    Plug into the Accordion jack! Its the hotter input. That's a beauty, and even has a cover. Looks amazing. I had one I found cheap, and ran a Weber Silver Bell in it. At the time there were no 7591 replacements, so a 9 pin adapter could be used, with the 6GM5 power tube. I'm not sure if the...
  19. J

    Post mortem psychiatric evaluation of Syd Barrett

    He was already getting strange with extensive trips of LSD and Mandrax. But in late July of 1967, STP was introduced as the next LSD. It is thought Syd was dosed with STP and completely lost it for 3 days. Lennon and Clapton and tried it and warned everyone to stay away from it. Like Peter...
  20. J

    First taste of Helix

    I was thinking we were talking about the early '80s metal band...
  21. J

    Opinions on Rivera amps? (Combos)

    Amazing. I haven't been on TGP in a few years. I come in, and see a post from 12 years ago. Crazy. The answer is; no, I never really found what I had in mind at that time. Having all that clean headroom from a red knobbed Twin was an eyeopener. But it took a complete revision and approach to...
  22. J

    Bon Jovi without Sambora

    I scroll all the way through this with a great idea, and the LAST POST says it for me? WTFFFFFFF Yes they were done for me when they fired the outlaw Alec John Such. Actually only respected him because he was fired. HAHA No, not a fan.
  23. J

    Fender Princeton reverb ii?

    Is it that hard to mod the PR II for better overdrive?
  24. J

    Traynor YBA/Bassmaster. Anyone did the master volume mod? how does it sound?

    You said this was a BassMaster. Just from the tone, I'd say it was a Custom Reverb. Looking at the amp in the video, besides the grill cloth, it looks like a Custom Reverb.
  25. J

    Saw Muse last night....

    In Detroit, a couple drones crashed and broke near the audience. I'm not really familiar with the newer stuff. I saw them years ago and they blew me away in a HOB in FL. But the stage show was a bit busy. The playing didn't really excite me too much this time.
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