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  1. riffy

    Mooer Preamp X2 Pedal

    This is using the GE Labs MNRS Captures as well as the GIR cab files or you can load 3rd party impulse responses as well.
  2. riffy

    Mooer Preamp X2 pedal

  3. riffy

    Do I really need another delay?

    I have a Line6 Echo Park. I love it. But, what am I missing out on by NOT having a more modern delay? Ideas and opinions welcomed!
  4. riffy

    I hate fooling with different parameters and cabs,

    Some days I just want to plug in and play. Some days my ears are just off and I don't like any of the presets I have made. I switch cabs and adjust the preset to suit that cab and it seems an hour of my playing time Is gone, just hitting chords and listening to them ring Out and playing the...
  5. riffy

    Small mixer with headphone out for direct playing with pedalboard.

    Small digital preamp pedal and cab sim pedal already ordered. Drives will be in front and delays and verb between preamp and cab sim or after cab sim. I need a small inexpensive mixer with headphone out also for silent practice. Any help is so appreciated! I want the mixer on the pedalboard also.
  6. riffy

    Have you all seen this IR loader for your pedalboards yet?

    Flamma Cab This looks and sounds really good to me. You can load your own IRs as well.
  7. riffy

    Carl Martin Ampster, anyone seen this yet?

    The Analogue Alternative. Carl gets it. He buys into the whole trend of travelling light...and he understands the need to do so. However, with Carl Martin products out there like the Quattro and the Octaswitch, we all know Carl is not a fan of programming or scroll through menus. Carl is...
  8. riffy

    Victory Preamp Pedals

    Anyone else really looking forward to these being released? The demos of them sound awesome so far! All tube is a big thing too.
  9. riffy

    How are you liking the Mustang 2.0 update so far?

    Me personally, I am loving it. May I suggest the BB15 high gain with the 4x12 greenback bright cab Sounds simply outstanding to me. I hit it with the Mythic drive. You can also stick the Sustain in front of it. Just great higher gain sounds for me.
  10. riffy

    Mustang GT Beta Firmware

    I have started testing beta firmware for the Mustang GT series. I got it all set up last night. I somehow lost two hours just playing with one amp that is in the new firmware. I got lost again earlier today for almost 2 hours again. I was playing at volume and all I can say is WOW! It is really...
  11. riffy

    Anyone else like stone picks?

    I ordered a custom one from Stone Age picks. Fender triangle pick with 3 SHARP points. Here is the making of it. I think it is quite cool. I got to pick the particular stone it was being made from also. , ,
  12. riffy

    NPD! Buffalo FX M-1 Fuzz

    Just got it a couple of hours ago. Still in the honeymoon phase obviously, but this, this... THING is a smokin' Rams Head with active eq. I am loving it so far. Has anyone else tried one at all? I am hitting, (well, to my ears anyway) the Pulse tour tones of Gilmour which I have absolutely...
  13. riffy

    Ever set up a completely STUPID pedal set with an amp and it turns out GLORIOUS?

    As it turns out, last night I did just that. I took my Soldano SLO and used the crunch channel, set up crunchy but not overly so. I stacked an MXR Custom Badass Overdrive set with level full up, gain off, treble and 100hz knobs at 12 o'clock into a J.Rockett The Dude with the gain set half way...
  14. riffy

    I had to do it. I ordered a J Rockett Dude today.

    I have listened and listened. It does sound "Dumbly" to me in its midrange and low end. It also has that chirp... It seems to do much more than just Dumble sounds, though. Ratio cranked up, it sounds like a really, really hot-rodded Fender to me... Which I like much. When he gets here, we will...
  15. riffy

    Not a demanding thread, just an asking one. Amplifire content.

    Will anyone that has already received their Amplifire post some clips of it the way the Axe FX and Kemper, HD500 and Digitech guys do? I have heard a lot of you play and can take a lot away from the clips... Thanks so much for when you all have the time to do it. Gary
  16. riffy

    Tone Try: Scenes From a Memory, Mark III and Tremoverb mix

    Using a borrowed Mark III and Mesa Road Ready Cab along with my Tremoverb and a Mesa Oversized Recto Cab... Please be gentle... I think the bass sounds horrible though... But the guitar tones, to my ear these last 15 minutes dialing this in, sound really close. Love your opinions, Gary...
  17. riffy

    Finally, got to play the Axe II!!!!!

    AMAZING! Honestly, AMAZING sounding... I was one of the earliest adopters of the Axe-FX, thanks to Cliff Chase himself. I thought that unit was great itself... I was an early evangelist of that unit. This one though, I believe it is running on 9.01 04 9.02 software? Anyway, I got to give...
  18. riffy

    Anyone willing to do a Heavy High Gain clip of a Zoom G3 or G5 and post it here?

    I would love to hear one of these little beasties recorded direct doing heavy tones... If anyone has the inclination or time, I thank you in advance!
  19. riffy

    Ok, just signed on. What happened to the new Axe-FX II thread started yesterday

    It had the clips of it's match with Zappa's Fender Bassman in it? I was hoping more were posted in the thread, and now, I can't find it to save my soul. I hope I am not just overlooking it! Gary
  20. riffy

    Fender MustangIII copy tone of my SLO...

    There is a Kemper profiler tone up of this track as well... I just re-amped the original playing tracks through the MustangIII and this is what came out... I think they are pretty much identical... This is just my opinion though! Your ears may differ... It to me though, proves that you can get...
  21. riffy

    Kemper Profile of my Soldano SLO 100

    http://soundcloud.com/riffy1/new-soldano-slo-kemper-profileNothing you hear, didn't come out of the Kemper other than the wah... That is a Morley Bad Horsie wah. Everything else is as it was when it came through my monitors... No added EQ, no added delay, no anything with the exception of...
  22. riffy

    I have discovered that I LOVE old 50's Fender Tweed circiuts

    The Tweed circuits have become my FAVORITE type of sounds... From clean to mean... I have ALWAYS been a high gain guy and still am, but I simply LOVE the Tweed amps... I love the midrange bark. I love the looser low end and the sag at high volumes... I love the smooth high end when you get them...
  23. riffy

    Kemper Profile of my Mesa Electradyne

    Hope this sounds decent... I just did it very quickly, about 10 minutes from start to finish... That was the recording, not the profiling too. I didn't get enough high end slice in the lead part to suit me totally, but, I can easily do that, I just didn't bother re-recording it...
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