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    Will UPS store accept a delivery from FedEx?

    I'm planning to ship a guitar via FedEx, but buyer wants me to ship to UPS store. Will this work?
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    Izzy from Ronin launches a new name

    Fiam… Ambitiously priced. https://reverb.com/item/45609357-fiam-guitars-nightingale-by-ex-ronin-luthier-izzy-lugo-2021-wine-red-black-new-auhthorized-dealer
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    Anybody ever deal with SS Vintage in Chicago?

    If so, how'd it go?
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    Sold 1997 Gibson L5CES

    This one's from the Jim Hutchins era. Showing signs of play wear on the back of the neck, plating, incidental finish nicks, etc, I assume it was someone's main squeeze - played in, but not abused. There are no cracks or repairs anywhere. Recently refretted with .110X.050 wire. Action is low and...
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    Sold Ceriatone Centura Professional Overdrive

    Silver, excellent functional and cosmetic condition. I'm original owner. Original box, adapter, manual. $225 shipped/pp’d conus. Not looking for trades.
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    1951 Gibson ES-350

    Posted this over on the Jazz Guitar Forum and thought some of you might be interested. Well, just a couple of weeks after posting a WTB in the For Sale section, this showed up. It ain’t easy to find one of these. There are a couple on Reverb which, for various reasons, did not appeal. That’s...
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    P90 Experts - I'd appreciate your eyes

    This is one of a pair of P90s from a '51 Gibson ES-350 I recently received. I'm far from a pickup expert, but it appears the base plate is clearly not very old. As well, the tabs have been snipped. Pole pieces are suspect. Bobbins look like they might be period correct though? They're not...
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    Sold Strymon Brigadier

    In excellent condition with original box and PS. $225 shipped/pp’d conus.
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    Sold TK Smith!

    I have been sitting on these too long. Time to move em on to someone who will put them to use. First up is a pair of TK’s fabulous CAR pickups. Bridge pickup has the taller base for use with a Bigsby equipped guitar. Next up is Smith’s super cool vibrato with adjustable arm. All of these parts...
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    Made a Bartel Inspired 112 Cab

    Made this for a Quilter 202 head I plan to gig with. I have a fairly nice stash of old spruce for guitar tops. This stick was milled up in 1957. The grain is too far from quarter to be useful for tops so I decided to make a 112 cab with it. To make things even more fun I decided to follow Mark...
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    Sold Nocturne Jr Barnyard

    In like new condition. Functions perfectly, no velcro. $145 shipped/pp’d conus. I’m located in WA state. SOLD
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    Sold Strymon Deco

    Deco in good cosmetic condition (velcro on back), functions perfectly. I don’t have the original box or PS. As such, I’m asking $200 shipped/pp’d conus. SOLD
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    Insanely priced guitars in the emporium that Never move...

    What's the deal? There's one that I've seen listed for at least a couple of years for $14,999. Price has never dropped, ever. Huh? There are others as well.
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    Sold 1984 Tokai Stratocaster

    Selling this one due to a recent acquisition, as well as the fact I’ve turned into more of a Tele player. Great guitar from Japan’s golden days. Here’s a link to the original description, which pretty much covers everything one might want to know...
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    Sold Lollar Dirty Blackface Set

    Ready to drop into a standard Strat pickguard. Excellent pickups. Parchment covers, hardware, and original box. $250 shipped/pp’d conus.
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    L-5 CES!

    I first laid my hands on one thirty-four years ago and haven't gotten that experience out of my mind since. I don't usually do the NGD thing, but I can't contain myself. After moving a bunch of gear I landed my big fish. Pretty excited about it. This one's from 1997. Behold... Gratuitous back...
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    Sold Quilter Micropro Mach2 8”

    Putting up my MP Mach2 8” in order to peruse a guitar. I have plenty of amps, yet this one is the one I’ve always taken to the gig (jazz combo) due to its power and light weight. However, the pull of an L5 CES happens to be stronger and I gotta raise some funds to cover the nut. Amp is in...
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    Sold M-Tone Thermal Tarpitlab Fuzz #19/25

    I’m moving some really cool pieces to acquire one of my dream guitars. This is pretty much the slickest pedal I own. To be honest, it’s more of an art piece that resides on a custom shelf I made for it. Besides that, it’s a great fuzz. I figure if you’re interested in this, you’ll have been...
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    Sold Boss VB-2w Waza Craft

    Excellent condition, original box/manual. $180 shipped/pp’d conus.
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    Sold Quilter Steelaire

    Thought I had it sold but the deal fell thru after I'd shipped it. In the interest of full transparency the story goes like this; The amp was listed as you see it below. When it came time to pack it up for shipment I realized I no longer had the 2 button footswitch (never ever used it, forgot I...
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    Sold Strymon Lex

    Excellent condition, very minor signs of use, no velcro. Comes with original box and power supply. $225 shipped/pp’d conus. Only trade I’d consider would be an El Cap.
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    Sold PTD, Paul Trombetta, Rotobone

    Rotobone, nothing quite like it. According to an email exchange with Paul, the switch normally occupying the “presence” location is “technically a limiter / clipper selection switch. Asymmetrical up, (louder, cleaner, more dynamic) and Symmetrical down (slightly more gain, smoothness) Good mod...
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    Sold Quilter Steelaire

    Been back and forth on this a couple times already. Excellent condition, no dings, rips, scratches. Original power cord, two button footswitch, and cover included. $950 shipped/pp’d conus. Price is firm.
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    Sold Lollar Blonde Strat Neck and Middle Pickups

    Got these direct from Lollar for a project that never came together. Full lead length on both, white covers, hardware and original packaging. Save $20 per pickup, as well as tax and shipping fees. $150 shipped/pp’d conus. Prefer to sell as a set. Might consider splitting em up, depending. SOLD
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    Sold Victoria Ivy League 12" 5F10 Harvard circuit

    I've listed this a couple of times over the last few months, but always got cold feet and pulled the ad. Gonna give it another go... Amp is in mint condition with no scuffs, scratches, dings, etc. This is the 12" Eminence loaded version. Excellent amp. $1100 shipped/pp'd conus. SOLD
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