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    Do I need the Providence Anadime Chorus?

    I think the samples sound great, and I don't know how to describe what I like about it but I'll give it a shot: it sounds warm, it doesn't have an annoying wobbling sound, the amount of detune is perfect, has a more vintage (lofi?) sound to it. And the limited amount of knobs is a plus too. But...
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    To M5 or not to M5??!! :D

    Hi all, Just sold a pedal for 250 euro! And the money must go! There are a lot of effects I want, but either they sound 'meh' to me (= not very versatile) or are too expensive for risking my money on them. And now I'm thinking, should I just buy a Line 6 M5 until I can make up my mind...
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    NVPD! New V-Picks Day!!

    Arrived in the mail today! My first impressions of these: I REALLY like the Insanity!! There is not a lot effort to spend to keep the pick in place or under control, it really feels like its pushing away the strings for you. It's somewhat advertised as a practice tool, but for me it's very...
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    NGD: Fender American Standard Telecaster

    My first tele! Tried some road worns, then hooked this one up, and first chord was just ... THIS IS IT!! :omg It's a 2005 Fender American Standard Telecaster ... anyone knows the exact specs? Looks like Fender only has the specs of recent models on their website...
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    Malekko LoFi Ekko 616 vs MXR Carbon Copy?

    Anyone who has both a Carbon Copy and LoFi Ekko 616? How do they compare to each other? Without the modulation engaged. I like how the delayed signal of my Carbon Copy degrades, just wish it degraded a lot more without getting too dark. I love to see/hear clips that shows the difference...
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    King of Tone VS Boiling Point?

    King of Tone (high gain) VS Boiling Point Anyone who has both? How do they compare tone wise? If you had to choose, which one would you sell? And why? :D
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    nitrocellulose - which is safe?

    I've looked hundreds of times, looked hours, DAYS for it, but still no clear answers to be found :( Which material is safe, and which certainly isn't? I want to prepare a guitar stand and hanger for such a guitar (I don't want to buy a new one!), and although 'cotton' is a safe material, it...
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    Who can recommend me a guitar strap?

    Who can recommend me a guitar strap? :) I'm looking for a nice looking, sturdy, but flexible strap, preferably leather and preferably available in the EU :)
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    I think I hate my strat; what's next?

    I have a strat with Fender '69 Custop Shop pickups for more than a year, but I'm really starting to get tired of it already. In the beginning I thought it had very nice cleans, but in the meantime I just can find any tone I like, and when I find it, it already lost its magic the next day :huh...
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    Boiling Point vs Rockett Pedals?

    These rocket pedals are really sticking my eye out. I don't know to choose between the animal and 10 ton hammer. Anyone that could compare them? I'm looking for: less noise, more balls, less dry, same amount or more gain... Something I could use to boost my already overly saturated distorted...
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    Worst pick you ever played?

    So, what is the worst pick you ever played? :D I was wondering this while playing a 3.00mm Dunlop Triangle Stubby .. who uses and likes these anyway? :dunno
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    Retro Sonic Phaser with distortion?

    Anyone who can comment how the retro sonic phaser sounds with distortion? Seems that all demo's and sound samples I can find are clean :( Basically I'm looking for a phaser that can do EVH stuff but is true bypass (and the same size as a phase 90). Any thoughts are welcome!
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    Crunchbox sold, what's next?

    I can't put my finger on it exactly, but I didn't really like the pedal (V2). When the gain was low it was too lifeless and sustainless, with the gain high it amplified unwanted noises too much, and the fact that it was not very tight. Anyone who can recommend me a distortion pedal of the...
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    The Heritage Les Paul H-150 -- string spacing

    Hi, I saw several The Heritage Les Paul's and was wondering whether the string spacing at the nut is normal, or a defect. Since it were slightly different models (eg: one chambered, two not), and all had the same, I might think it is normal, but better ask than be sorry... I noticed that at...
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    Crunchbox vs Severe .. best of both?

    Hi all, What I like about the Crunchbox: - Amount of gain - Amount of treble What I don't like: - Too much mids - Flubby in the low end What I like about the Severe: - Great boost (voicing) - No hiss - Great harmoncis - Great bass response What I don't like: - Way too dark for...
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    Mind Bender or other wobbly alternative?

    Hi! Me again ZZzzz ;-) Most of my pedals, (all except one) are distortion based, and I wanted something wobbly, but it must be able to use it in a subtle way as well as extreme settings! I like using extreme sounds! That said, I don't want it to be fluctuating between 'too silent; and...
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    Sweet Honey Overdrive // Mudhoney

    Hi all, Stupid topic #578343128348687543740218574635849042934, I know :) For some reason the SHOD is sticking my eyes out, although no demo I can find really convinces me :facepalm (and no stores nearby hame 'em). Maybe it's the name? I want it to sound like honey, but demo's make it...
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    Rockbox Boiling Point in Europe?

    Hi! Anyone knows where I can find a Rockbox Boiling Point in Europe and is willing to ship to Belgium? Anyone selling one?? There is a dealer in de UK who has them in stock, but finds it too difficult to let me choose from the available finishes :-( If I have to spend that amount of...
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    Blue LEDs are killing my eyes!!

    Hi all! Seriously, I recently got a few pedals that have blue LEDs and even my new amp, the Egnater Rebel has a blue LED. Looking straight at the pedals or amp is almost impossible and make me see all kinds of dead spots for several seconds/minutes. I even lost my feeling for balance once...
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