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  1. RockinRob

    Do you have a " it's decent but nothing special" pedal you keep coming back to ?

    yep, all of them. pedals are pedals, I don't care what ya got or how much you paid for it.
  2. RockinRob

    That Scofield chorus sound?

    Sometimes in life you just miss the boat, and boy did I on Scofield. In fact, I am still waiting to get on.. I can admire playing I don't care for for technical reasons, but someday I hope I can feel even the slightest glimmer of what people see in this tone or genre.
  3. RockinRob

    Boss DD-500 Questions, Tips, Tricks, and Solutions

    I says I don't like what I am hearing. It sounds muddy to me on all settings. Hope that's ok.
  4. RockinRob

    ok. Who's done it? Gone digital...

    If the digital stuff sounds just a little less good than tubes and pedals, I ain't interested (and this has always been my experience to date). Plus the bottom is going to fall out of the pricing on this digital stuff soon enough. In a year or two your iPhone will do what an ax does now.
  5. RockinRob

    Boss DD-500 Questions, Tips, Tricks, and Solutions

    I just don't think it sounds very good.
  6. RockinRob

    Strymon at line levels?

    i am thinking about adding a new reverb processor to my rack, but I am tempted to simply add a blue sky in a pull out draw. It's a pity strymon doesn't make a good rack unit. Any experience how they handle line levels? Will the Blue Sky hold up to the reverbs in a lexicon or TC rack unit?
  7. RockinRob

    Xotic Sp Compressor

    I have had one for about 6 months, and I am undecided. I bought it to replace an old block dynacomp, but I find that the xotic adds a ton of noise for the same level of squish. I understand completely that any compressor by nature can increase noise, but mine still doesn't seem right. If it...
  8. RockinRob

    Best new rack processor for Edge-delay

    Great info here, thanks all. Interesting that the older stuff still seems to be getting the best reviews.
  9. RockinRob

    What's your go-to modulation pedal?

    Mine comes from my intellifex. Pitch shift 1 cent. Left side 10 ms right side 30 ms. Beautiful. Don't like "sweeping" chorus.
  10. RockinRob

    Best new rack processor for Edge-delay

    Looks like the eclipse has preset lag....can't have that. Didn't care for the G-major.
  11. RockinRob

    Best new rack processor for Edge-delay

    Can you explain that? It doesn't do a multi tap kind of thing?
  12. RockinRob

    Best new rack processor for Edge-delay

    Not really looking to spend over 1k. Is the Edge using the axe for base tone and effects? I have nothing against modelers but his ac30 is pretty unique. That korg looks interesting. What about the TC D-two or lexicon stuff?
  13. RockinRob

    Best new rack processor for Edge-delay

    i need a new rack unit to run my wet side. Interested primarily in the edge multi-tap type delays, reverb a plus. What processor is handling that the best these days? Not interested in vintage stuff.
  14. RockinRob

    Which processor do I want?

    I run a wet/dry/wet rig. The wet side is processed with an old Intellifex that I still really enjoy, but if I use delay and pitch shifting I am lacking reverb. So basically I want a second unit to handle delay and reverb (preferably simultaneously). I'd prefer to keep it rack, but not opposed...
  15. RockinRob

    How much money do you piss away flipping pedals?

    I am definitely in your buddy's camp.
  16. RockinRob

    Need help setting up a Gecko Midi Controller w Intellifex

    I don't know anything about the controller, but I own an Intellifex. Put them both on omni and see what happens. Also don't discount a broken cable. Your connections are correct.
  17. RockinRob

    Does a better octaver than the Micro Pog has ever existed ?

    Not much of an octave guy, but when I do it's ALL about the warble. That's where all the funk is brutha. If I wanted perfect tracking I'd get a harmonizer.
  18. RockinRob

    Boss Dd500 - New Delay - Timeline-ish || Now With First Sound Clips / Impressions ||

    Thanks for this. I have two PP2 on my board, and if they can't power the boss it takes it right out of contention for me.
  19. RockinRob

    Boss RV-6 first impressions

    Anyone got a clip of this awesome rv6 shimmer I keep hearing about?
  20. RockinRob

    Reverb pedals too noisy at gigs, help

    are you splitting into stereo? Reverb pedal shouldn't be noisier than any other typical pedal unless you are creating a ground loop by splitting.
  21. RockinRob

    Noise gate that won't suck tone

    By Rule of TGP Law, the above two posters must now fight to the death.
  22. RockinRob

    Eventide H9 or Neunaber Slate w/ EXP?

    I feel the same way. I want the simple stuff on the floor.
  23. RockinRob

    Vintage ibanez ts9 vs modded ts9

    Ain't nobody modding my ts-9
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