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    Will my amp blow up a Cannabis Rex?

    It's about time I replace the speaker in my Sunn T50c. Tonally, and for my purposes, a cannabis rex sounds like the perfect fit, but I don't know if I might potentially blow it up. The Sunn is 50w RMS, stock with a celestion GT-75. 98% of the time I'll be using it with an attenuator, with...
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    50's vs 60's strat pickups?

    Can anyone highlight some of the tonal differences between these two types of pickups, clean and dirty?
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    Good, affordable tech in San Francisco

    Can anyone recommend a solid tech that I can afford on a budget? My G&L could use a little bit of love. I know of orbiter guitars in San Leandro, but it's a bit far from the sunset district in SF, not to mention an extra $40 after two trips out there.
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    Monocase double

    Any of you guys with the double case ever use it with just one guitar? Is it too big or is it just fine schlepping a single guitar around? I like the idea of extra space for when I need it, but a good portion of the time only feel like bringing one guitar out. thanks!
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    How to auction a pedal for charity?

    Has anyone put up a pedal for charity on ebay? Is there a specific method of doing this (particularly, one that would allow paypal to waive their fees)?
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    Bill Withers

    Just came across this video today...man this is devastating Lc919S7ZTW0 Glad to see he's still doing well
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    Fingernail alternatives? Alaska Pik?

    I love the sound and feel of my fingernails on guitar, but realistically mine aren't strong enough for anything other than nylon strings, and they're quite limiting when playing other instruments. Anyone know of a good alternative? So far this seems to be the only option I can find, anyone...
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    Donny Hathaway

    I was listening to "Live" this morning...what an incredible album. Donny had so much talent and soul http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=65WexbsVs40 and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QVyJkxyiKKk&NR=1 Great band too! Anyone get a chance to see him live?
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    Lettuce (with Derek Trucks)

    Just found this video today. Talk about a tight band. Derek just kills it here too. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cz-wkGEadlM and here's one with just derek's solo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ade1LyPS1so
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    Help me hook up my attenuator to my AC30!

    Hi, I'm a bit technically challenged, so this may be a simpler issue than I realize. I recently bought an attenuator for my AC30cc. Currently, the amp is wired so that the cables for the speaker in the combo come out of a hole in the chassis and are soldered directly to the...
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    Best Attenuator for an AC30?

    I'd like to get an attenuator for my AC30cc - I'll be moving to a new place soon and most likely will not be able to crank it. Anyone have any experience with what attenuators work best? I'm looking for a unit that will let me bring down with volume without sacrificing too much of the amp's...
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    Another youtube gem - greg allman

    Come and Go Blues enjoy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T75YklbUXj8
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    Fretted notes above the 12th fret buzz out

    When fret above the 12th fret(particularly between the 12th and 14th, E on the D string being especially bad), the note is very thin sounding, and will buzz out and die immediately if I add any vibrato. What could be causing this? The action is excellent, and the frets don't seem to have much...
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    Anyone make mini humbuckers, in a humbucker sized route?

    I love my hamer artist, but I want more clarity and punch in the neck pickup. Anybody making mini humbuckers that will directly drop into a humbucker route?
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    Mingus: The Black Saint and the Sinner Lady

    Listened to this for the first time in a while. I forgot how overwhelmingly incredible this album is. The alto solo around 5 minutes on "Solo Dancer" gets me every time Love me some Mingus
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    Good Affordable Gig Bag?

    What are my options here for a nice, relatively cheap gig bag? I'd like something with lots of padding (don't want my tele breaking if it falls), and a pocket of some sort would be nice. Backpack straps are pretty key as well. I'm also completely open to used options as well
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    New tuners for a Seagull

    The tuners on my Seagull S-6 are falling apart. Can anyone recommend me some good replacements?
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    Packing a guitar for shipping

    What's the best and safest way to pack a guitar for shipping? I've sent a couple off in the past, but I'm shipping one out to Italy and I want to make sure it gets there safely. Here are my plans so far: I got a large bass shipping box, so there will be a little more room for packing materials...
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    Catalinbread Hyperpak

    Anybody play one of these? It looks really promising for my AC30
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    Psionic Audio 3.14

    Anyone have one of these? It looks like a pretty awesome pedal. How are you using it and what type of tones are you getting?
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    Good tech in San Francisco?

    My G&L comanche is in need of a setup. Can anyone recommend me a tech who can do a good job? I'm willing to pay for quality, but alas, I am a student, so something fairly affordable would be preferable. thanks!
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    Where do I get a tool to adjust my Hamer?

    I seem to have lost the tool to adjust the truss rod on my Hamer Artist? The tool is 5/16", but the 5/16" crescent wrench I have will not fit into the small space where the truss rod is rescessed into. Anyone know where I can get one of these?
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    Guitar Polish

    I could use a new bottle of polish. I have heard that virtuoso polish is the best, but is it really that much better than others to warrant a $10 price tag for a little bottle? what do you all use
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    G&L Asat semi-hollow's

    Anyone else find that the semi-hollow asat's are consistently great instruments. I bought a semi-hollow classic custom from GKoelling and it's incredible. Not to mention just plain sexy
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    My McInturff keeps breaking high E's

    I got a Mcinturff Polaris from Esoteric Pete a couple weeks ago, and it's just an incredible instrument. The only problem is, the high e's keep breaking. I rarely ever break strings on guitars, but I've gone through 4 high e's in the past week. Anyone have any idea what might be going on here?
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