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    Kemper Power Kabinet vs Friedman ASC-10 for home playing

    Does it sound better even when the speaks imprints feature is off?
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    Kemper Power Kabinet vs Friedman ASC-10 for home playing

    I have Genelecs 8040, they're great for everything else but the guitar tone with modelers it terrible, doesn't sound like an amp at all. I never tried to connect the soundcard to a real amp and cab, but for that I'll have to turn off the power+cab sims, right? I feel like it's kind of missing...
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    Kemper Power Kabinet vs Friedman ASC-10 for home playing

    Hi, Has anyone played both? I don't have a Kemper so won't use the special Kemper features of the Kabinet. I'll connect the amp to a computer with amp sims, and use it only for home volumes. They cost more or less the same in my county. Thanks!
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    Headrush FRFR 108 vs. Yamaha DXR 10

    2021.. Any new inpressions from the Headrush 108? Is it still a recommended buy in TGP? Deciding between this, the TS310, or the new DXR10. Especially for relatively low volume playing (My Genelec 8040's sound thin and doesn't give the proper amp feel) Thanks
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    tube amp suggestions using my modeler

    How is the Headrush 108 compared to the 112 ? Thanks
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    Best headphones for guitar software/modeling?

    with s-gear (using rme babyface as the interface) I tried ATH-AD900, MDR-V6 and HD600, and the HD600 were the best by far.
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    Fettos vs Kinglsey pedals -which would best suit my needs?

    Here it is: https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/969961&page=13 Thanks :)
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    Fettos vs Kinglsey pedals -which would best suit my needs?

    true, except that mode 1 is only low gain overdrive. if you want higher gain, the jester has a bass cut built in, and it's not the case with the fetto.
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    Fettos vs Kinglsey pedals -which would best suit my needs?

    In mode 1 there is no bass cut, and I boost it with my Tim (set as almost clean boost), and have plenty of gain and bass. but if i use it alone with mode 2 or 3 to have more gain (without boosting it with another pedal), it cuts some bass. it's described also in the Kingsley web site. not a big...
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    Fettos vs Kinglsey pedals -which would best suit my needs?

    well, to be a different voice - I have both (big box Jester, and Fetto std) and currently prefer the Fetto. The Jester is still new and I am still trying to bond with it, but the fetto is the first pedal I bought that i told myself I'm happy I listened to TGP recommendations... It's very dynamic...
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    another vote for VFE old school. great sounding pedal.
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    Himmelstrutz Elektro Art

    What other pedals did you find that you liked better? thanks
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    Best tremolo pedal under 100 bucks that..

    VFE old school jr. I ordered one but it hasn't arrived yet, so I can't recommend it from first source, but it gets great reviews. only 80$ (there is a current thread about it here).
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    I have an expensive tube amp X but I prefer the overdrive from pedal Y

    do any of you prefer the sound from a certain overdrive pedal with the clean channel of your amp, to the sound of the overdrive channel ?
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    Fetto Custom into a Blues Deluxe?

    66Park, do you have some new overdrives on your board, or you still hang on to the Fetto? thanks.
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    KPA: first 6-1/2 (dynamic, mostly) improvs

    sounds great! I enjoyed listening.
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    Which of the 3 analog delays

    digiTED, which of these is your favorite? the montavillian? thanks
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    Comfortable headphones for practice

    ATH-AD900 ATH-M50 Senns HD600 (more expensive but a step above the other two).
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    Anybody like pedals with Tubes in them?

    bk butler tube driver is a great pedal. I sold it and I miss it. the one with the bias mod in it, with a 12at7, is a really great pedal (and I have some TGP popular pedals to compare). but it's too expensive to buy new IMO.
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    Your best drive effects stack

    Tim into Fetto std
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    Strymon FLINT Tremolo & Reverb ... PART 2!

    Seems like it's doing ad\da on the dry signal. if so why should i prefer it over a Wet reverb and a good trem pedal (like VFE) for about the same price?
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