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    Options for multi-channel-non master volume amps

    Any besides 5150III 100 watt?
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    Anybody get the dirct coupling done on their Strat from Ed Roman guitars?

    Did it help? Seems like a logical thing to do.
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    Any body change out pups in Charvel US Pro Mod?

    What did you install?
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    Crackling noise coming from cable when moved around.

    I have a Peavey guitar cable and it crackles a little when moved around. I'm thinking it might be a loose/bad solder connection. My other cables don't do it. I want to take a look and probably just unsolder the connection, cut off a short bit of the wire then re-solder it. Is there a special...
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    Worth having one? Since most amps don't have one built in, would it be wise own one and use it as needed if your going to dime everything?
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    So there I was, sittin' and lookin' at my pedal board...

    ....and I asked myself, "Self, why don't the stomp box manufacturers offset the input and output jacks so you could get them closer together especially if you use .5 ft cables and not the solid straight/straight connectors?" We discussed it and figured it might have to do more with the internal...
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    Which large company builds the best 4X10 cab?

    I'm talking major mass producing companies like Marshall, EVH, Crate, Blackstar? I know I would like a Stone Age but that may be a while. Looking for tight fit, solid connections, high quality wood-stuff like that.
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    Value of all your gear

    Whats the realistic cash value of all of your gear? You could put down price paid or price if you sold it. Everything together-guitars, amps, effects, pedals cables, picks, cases..everything. I need to show to SWMBO that I'm not as bad as everyone else.;) Mine is about $4,000
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    Strat pricing

    Whats up with the huge spread in pricing on production American built Strats? Which component makes the difference? They pretty much all have Alder bodies unless you order an ash model, maple necks, 6 tuners, bridge, strings, pickups, pickguard, knobs. I bought an American Special about 3...
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    Fender clean tone

    What is the component in a Fender amp that gives it that special clean tone? Is itt he speakers, tubes, chassis layout or a combination? I was considering getting a 65 twin reverb reissue and noticed that they use 6L6's. Any other non-Fender amp come close?
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    Built in dirt or seperate pedal?

    Whats your preference? And what do you use?
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    Chorus vs Harmonizer

    Whats the difference? Aren't both meant to imitate more than one guitar? Can they be used together succesfully or do they cause problems when used simultaneously? How would you set the dials? I have the MXR analog chorus and I am going to order the BOSS PS-6 Harmonist shortly (don"t have the...
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    Mounting a MXR flanger to a pedaltrain board.

    I have an MXR EVH flanger I'm trying to mount to my Pedaltrain 2. Problem is this: The battery compartment covers are protruding out farther than the velcro is deep so its not very secure like the other flat bottomed MXR pedals I have. I have already removed the rubber feet which were even...
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    Are pedals supposed to make any noises when not playing?

    I have an MXR flanger that makes a background flanging noise when the pedal is on but the guitar volume is turned to 0. Is this normal? I may be overreacting.
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    Handwired one at a time or handwired on assembly line...

    ...does it really matter? How does handwiring make an amp sound better? If a handwired amp uses the same exact components as the company's cheaper production model than there shouldn't be any difference in sound. In a previous thread, someone mentioned Blackstar so I'll use that as a comparison...
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    Most desireable Fender amps new or old?

    I'm relatively new to the game, so whats the most common holy grail Fender amp that everyone would give their left (insert item) to have just so I know in case I run across it at an estate or garage sale? or divorce sale?
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    Pedal knob settings to get Boston sound

    So for I have an MXR phase 90, MXR flanger, MXR analog delay and an MXR analog chorus. Going to get a wah pedal and a 6 band EQ shortly. Does anybody here have settings written down that you could pass along? Also what else could I get or need, pedal wise, to help it along?
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    Pedal Train 2 layout help

    O.K. So far I have an MXR EVH phase 90, MXR EVH flanger, MXR analog delay, MXR analog chorus. Planning on a Wah pedal, distortion, 6 band EQ, looper and an inline tuner with something else at at later time. What would be a good basic starting layout from left to right with left going to effects...
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    A question for all you amp building gurus and professers

    What parts of 100 watt tube amps contribute the most to their high cost? Could you build a Soldano SLO 100 or an EVH 5150 III better and for less if you bought all the same or better parts ? Or is it the name? I mean the amp is a chassis mounted in a box with power supplies, tubes, sockets...
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    Pro's and Con's of tube amps with multiple size drivers

    What would be the prohibitive part of making a cab with stereo speaker type configurations like say a 12" woofer 5" mid and some type of horn or small dome tweeter? Seems you could really tweak your sound by changing separate components. Is it the crossover not being able to handle the power...
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    Power tubes related to power output to power supply...

    Lets say you have an x brand 100 watt tube head. Does that head need an specific amount of power tubes to produce the rated 100 watts or is it a combination of tubes and power supply? Does a 100 watt head need 4 power tubes, a 50 watt head need 2 power tubes and a 25 watt needs one and so on? I...
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    Guitar jack prong not tight causing crackling noise?

    When I play, occasionally I'll get a crackling noise if I move the a certain way. It happens with different cords so I'm thinking it's the prong that fits in the divot of the cord pin. Would it be wise to take it out and bend it to the inside or replace the entire jack?
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    Andy Summers flanger sound

    I have a Dunlop EVH flanger and would like to know, if possible, the settings needed to attain the sound from "When the world is running down" I know he used an Electro Harmonix Electric Mistress but the settings are probably the same or fairly close for the Dunlop. Anybody?
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    Do you have "BUYER PREJUDICE"?

    Experiment: If I took 10 well known 100 watt amp heads and reinstalled them in a generic chassis only changing the layout of the knobs, switches and lights to make the brand unknown and 10 4x12 cabs which are identical on the outside but each loaded differently, and you got to play each of them...
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    An EVH amp cab question specifically but any configuration will work for explaination

    In Eddies amp, He has 100 watts which can produce up to three times the rated output. How can his cab with four 20 watt rated speakers handle that? I asked a question about doing something similar with a 2x12 60 watt combo months back and was told basically to not do it. It would over power the...
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