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  1. Jdawgy

    Just ordered a Analogman CV7005 Sunface... (NOW WITH CLIPS)

    ...and I' m sooooo stoked!!! I literally placed the order under an hour ago. The CV7005 are supposed to be identical to the NKT275 white dot normal gain... We shall see!!! Now comes the waiting part... Anyone else rocking a cv7005 Sunface?
  2. Jdawgy

    Anyone stacking a DLSMKiii and a AM Silver....

    ... into a twin reverb or handwired 30+ watts high headroom tube amp? I know that the DLS pairs with a FF no problem, but I wonder how it would stack with my AM silver mod in SB mode? I play a CS strat with Lindy Fralin pups. Thanks!!
  3. Jdawgy

    Which Analogman Silicon Sunface Cleans up best ?

    Due to the abscence of the NKT option for AM Sunfaces, I'm wondering what silicon model to go with.... I know that germs clean up WAY better than Si, so which current AM Si trannies clean up the best? The BC183 sounds nice but not many in-depth demos that focus on "clean up" with a strat...
  4. Jdawgy

    DOH!, GAS again!!!... Should I get a KOT??

    I have decided to stop swapping pedals off of my various boards and want to have my freelance work board (for guitar), PHISH tribute board (for guitar), and my bass guitar board all separate so I can grab and go w/o rearranging everything everytime I need something. With that said, I have...
  5. Jdawgy

    Xotic wah? (Am I late to the party?)

    The demos sound great but am I late to the party? How would it compare to the Teese RMC 3 (as the Xotic has similar parameters)? Thanks!!! :)
  6. Jdawgy

    Anybody use a BOSS PS-5 for Trey's "whale call"??

    If so, what would be the recommended settings to emulate a whammy octave down? Thanks!!!
  7. Jdawgy

    Dunlop Mini Silicon FF and buffer...

    I was wanting to get a FF and was looking at the Mini Silicon FF. We all have had to sell off items when times got $$ tough $$... and I havent had a FF in a LONG time. Im concerned with how the buffer in my AF1 would react with the mini silicon FF? This circuit is inherently raspy with...
  8. Jdawgy

    Help me find the best power conditioner for my DR

    I play ALOT of different venues and am getting tired/fed-up with taking a chance on burning my amp up from a power surge or just plain ****** power.... I play a hand wired DR and would like to have something to keep the "power variables" under control to protect my amp and pedalboard from gig...
  9. Jdawgy

    How would the AF1 and the "klones by tone" differ in tone?

    They both have boards that look the same (which is dead on a real KLON). https://www.facebook.com/PedalsByTone So why no love for "Pedals by Tone"? They are trustful, deliver, and keep good communication... *Im NOT affiliated with PBT in anyway... I just have my eye/wallet on a AF1...
  10. Jdawgy

    Powering a Soul Food with a PP2?

    I just got a SF outta nowhere. I'm assuming that it's ok, but is it safe to power it with my PP2? Thanks! :D
  11. Jdawgy

    "Pedals by Tone" Klone... Anyone heard this?...

    ... Or any of there other pedals? That Klone looks spot on!.. The "demo" wasn't really useful but the build looks sweet! http://www.ebay.com/itm/KLON-KLONE-PROFESSIONAL-OVERDRIVE-/251356957054?pt=Guitar_Accessories&hash=item3a860ac97e Anyone?
  12. Jdawgy

    Black Cat Vibe...where did it go? What's the deal? Who uses one of the current models

    I couldn't wait to see the BCV hit the market and then.... It just went away? I haven't heard anything about it and i haven't seen it brought up in any "Recommend me a Vibe" reviews...? Was it a dud? Who uses one?
  13. Jdawgy

    Zombie Klone Question... (User input needed)

    I have grown tired of my PT2 and am switching to a PTjr for space and weight reasons. With that said, I need a Klone of the smallest size and closest sound (I ONLY use the klon sound for boosting (gain~7) my SUF CWM CLASSIC KT3102) and the Zombie Klone seems like it would fit the bill in...
  14. Jdawgy

    eBay Klone.... What's the deal? (Check the link)

    These builds look really good.... Anybody play/own one of these? The same seller offers a populated board too... http://www.ebay.com/itm/Klon-Klone-Centaur-120-pedal-/281159026286?pt=Guitar_Accessories&hash=item417662466e
  15. Jdawgy

    NPD: Fulltone Mini Deja Vibe 3

    For the record, and IMO, I have never like any of the Deja Vibe versions. :hide They never sounded lush enough for me when using my OD's & Fuzzes (cleans were always AWESOME tho).. I also know that others have had great success with their déjà vibes... But when I heard the MDV3 proto demo...
  16. Jdawgy

    Fulltone MDV3 (user input)

    My local shop just got a bunch in and I won't get to play any of them until next week. How does it compare to the other DejaVibes? In past, I always felt like the intensity knob could go up another few numbers for better throb (even after messing with the intensity pots)... I love the way...
  17. Jdawgy

    Lex v2 or Ventilator??

    Both sound phenomenal, but I can't try either before purchasing... Which sounds closer to the real thing (as much as a simulator can)? Thanks!!! :D
  18. Jdawgy

    Deluxe Reverb-> how do I get reverb/vibrato on both channels?

    I know that some peeps have there vib/verb on both channels of there BFDR. How is it done? I would love to have this option... AGAIN... Mine came stock with the effects in both channels, but when I sent it back to the builder for some component problems, the "amp-daddy" unhooked my...
  19. Jdawgy

    Cmatmods Deeelay.... Can it be ran above 9v?

    I love this delay.... Just wondering if you can run it at higher voltages for more headroom... Any takers? Thanks! :D
  20. Jdawgy

    Lehle little dual... Sould I get the passive or active version?

    I'm looking to get one for mainly channel switching between my "normal" and "vibrato" channels on my '63 DR. On bigger stages I will prolly use two '63 DR and just run into the "vibrato" channel on both. I would prefer no buffer because of my NKT275 Sunface, but I'm not sure if the buffer...
  21. Jdawgy

    Fulltone MDV3 demos???

    Now that the MDV3 is out I thought that there would be a bunch of demos :huh Demos anyone? Thanks :D
  22. Jdawgy

    Anyone use or have experience boosting a muff (specifically SUF) with the AM Bad Bob?

    Like the long title says... :) I was gonna get the AM BadBob Boost mod added to my Maxon OD9 because I'm looking for a good boost for my SUF Classics (2N5088 VRH, KT3102 CWM, '72 NOS Tri). I hope there is great feedback on this as I think it would be the best addition for my PT-NANO (as...
  23. Jdawgy

    Pedalboard modifiers: Has anyone fit a Voodoo Labs ISO-5 under their PT-NANO?

    Like the title says. I have a Fuel Tank Jr. underneath my NANO at the moment and feel (after A/B'ing the same board with a VL-PP2) that my tone (with the same pedals, cables, guitar, and amp) with the VL-PP2+, is WAY better that that of the FT-Jr. So I thought about trying to mod my NANO...
  24. Jdawgy

    UltraVibe2 or Drybell Vibe?

    I have a UV2 and just got the Drybell email that mine will be ready in a few days... Anybody a/b'd between the two? The Drybell doesn't sound very deep in the clips online and I don't wanna go by that. And nobody messes with the symmetry knob to show the range of the "sweep tones" possible...
  25. Jdawgy

    Someone should offer Pedaltrain modding services... Why not?

    Just like the title says.... I have seen MANY modded PT pedalboards in this forum.... I do not want to screw my new NANO up... Much less my hands. Someone could make a killing off of offing this service, so why not? Thoughts?
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