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  1. Amp_Addicted

    Do you like Gibson Firebirds ?

    Though they look cool, I don't like to play them so much. I have tried them over the years because I really think they look cool. Now the Firebird pickup is another matter altogether. I love the lower wind Firebird pickup because they sound like a pissed off Stratocaster pickup with no hum. I...
  2. Amp_Addicted

    Boss FZ-1W, is this real?

    As a fuzz fanatic, I wish Boss would pay homage to their lineage with a Roland Bee Baa AF-100 Waza Craft edition. I like the FZ-2 Hyper Fuzz, but the Bee Baa is so much better(as is a real Shin-Ei made Super Fuzz that the Hyper Fuzz is allegedly based on). The FZ-1w does look to be right up my...
  3. Amp_Addicted

    buying new vs. used.... how do you decide?

    I haven't bought a new guitar since 1983. The last new amp I purchased was some Mark Sampson thing that I traded back in for a 61 Tremolux and some cash. That was the late 90's before he started designing amps for Bad Cat. I just don't like brand new equipment. I prefer that a guitar has some...
  4. Amp_Addicted

    I Still Think U2 Are Pretty Cool

    I saw them on the Boy tour in 81 or something and just never liked them(Just checked it was May 11, 1981). It was their awful cover of Southern Man that made my blood boil. I saw them in a converted movie theater(Rainbow Music Hall) which was on the border or Denver & Englewood, CO. The theater...
  5. Amp_Addicted

    Remember when albums were released in rapid fire succession?

    Compact discs and then streaming music changed a lot of how the music industry markets itself. In the early 70's there was no streaming and the Sony exec was still dreaming of format to present Beethoven's 9th Symphony without having to flip a couple of LPs...how else was a band or a record...
  6. Amp_Addicted

    Random, meaningless Gibson poll

    I mostly play Fender guitars, so this isn't much of an issue, On my 82 Howard Roberts Fusion, I like that the cover has that notated, yet my 85 335 has a typical black cover. Except for a mongrel S-90, all of my Guild electric guitars all have their model name on the truss rod cover. I don't...
  7. Amp_Addicted

    Anyone ever..consider giving up playing?

    I quit playing professionally about decade ago. I got bored with the drama of the music business and dropped out. I still play guitar a couple of hours everyday. It's mostly noodling with pedals or playing with a recording, but I will never stop playing music at some level. I find that figuring...
  8. Amp_Addicted

    What pedal ignited your tone quest?

    To a 14 year old growing up in the suburbs, an Electro Harmonix pedal was quite exotic. You had to order them by mail because most stores in Denver didn't carry EH pedals. Sorry that I lived a sheltered life.
  9. Amp_Addicted

    Calling all Ram's Head People

    I'd go with a mid 70's V3 Red & Black Big Muff that had a EH-3003 board with BC-239c transistors. You can sometimes find those for cheap, and they're basically the same as a Ram's Head. For the clones, the Stomp Under Foot pedals are really well done. I have owned one of his Jordan Creator...
  10. Amp_Addicted

    What is the perfect Tele style guitar for you

    It would be my two mid 70's Telecaster Custom guitars(73 & 77). I changed the bridge pickups to hotter wound pickups to keep up with the Wide Range Humbucker(the stock bridge pickup from that era really doesn't keep up with the WRHB). I own a 72 Telecaster(4 way switch added), 75 Tele Deluxe, 76...
  11. Amp_Addicted

    Everyone should have a Deluxe Reverb IMHO

    Though I own a 1968 Pro Reverb & 1967 Deluxe Reverb, the Vibrolux Reverb is my favorite among the Fender Reverb amps. The 6L6 is the tube that the Fender AB763 type amps were built around. The Vibrolux Reverb can get a bit more hair than a Deluxe Reverb plus it can get a bit more volume to keep...
  12. Amp_Addicted

    Stones or Beatles?

    For me it will always be The Rolling Stones though The Beatles are the more important group for cultural history....I actually prefer The Velvet Underground & The Stooges to both.
  13. Amp_Addicted

    Amp etiquette question: Is it appropriate to post gut shots of boutique amps?

    Unless you sign some sort of non-disclosure agreement with the builder, I can't see any reason why you can't post a gut shot of a "boutique" amplifier. As others have noted, most amps are based on other designs anyways.
  14. Amp_Addicted

    How freakin cool is this! Tape Echo acquired!

    As a Guild fan, this is a very cool score to see a WEM Copicat. I have never owned one, but they are a super cool sounding tape echo. I have far more knowledge about the Echoplex, but I will pipe in anyways One head will be an erase head, one will be a playback and the other two are record...
  15. Amp_Addicted

    Hidden Gem Clean Amp Heads - Have One?

    I love my WEM ER-30 for clean sounds. It's a mid 60's PA amp that features 3x12AX7 and a quad of EL-84 tubes. When it got cleaned up, and had its input optimized for guitar, the tech said it was what you really wanted an AC-30 to sound like. When it's pushed hard, it gets a really sharp...
  16. Amp_Addicted

    Ventures fuzz tones?

    If this recording was made after early 1966, it would most likely be a FuzzRite. From what I could hear, the posted track sounds an awful lot my 66 FuzzRite. Davie Allen & the Arrows are what many consider to be the FuzzRite band. That Ventures track sounds pretty similar to this classic...
  17. Amp_Addicted

    Cold calls from Musician's Friend?

    Did "Stone Cold" Steve Austin call you from MF?
  18. Amp_Addicted

    Amps you regret selling

    A whole bunch, but these are the three that stick out most: 1) 1954 tweed Super(killer amp that I never should have sold. It was so dope sounding with awesome sustain when pushed hard. I bought it for $200 in Louisville, CO. That was a stupid sale as i have only seen a couple of tweed Super...
  19. Amp_Addicted

    Strat players, Do you like a hotter pickup in the bridge?

    I prefer a set of flat pole Strat pickups with an overwound late 70's X-1 type in the bridge. My 76 Strat has such an arrangement. The hotter bridge pickup adds some low mids while attenuating the brightness. I also prefer a global tone control.
  20. Amp_Addicted

    What pedal ignited your tone quest?

    It all started with a late 70's Big Muff and Thomas Organ Crybaby slamming a late 70's Champ in parents living room when I was 15 in the early 80's trying to figure out Hendrix riffs or some stupid punk rock tune. I bought the Muff through a mail order ad in Guitar Player because pedals were far...
  21. Amp_Addicted

    Studio recording: use my eq pedal or leave eq to mixing?

    Keep it the way it is. After you do the first recording of whatever track you're working on, it will be apparent if that eq you use live will need to be adjusted for a recording studio environment. If your engineer is sensitive, they will let you do your trip and tell you nicely when it's not...
  22. Amp_Addicted

    Transformer based dirt?

    Definitely the Wessex. It's a very amp like overdrive/distortion. Doesn't do high gain, but gets into medium gain territory. The Wessex is a very useful pedal that stacks great other pedals. Besides the Burnley & Wessex, the Harlow Lyndhurst & Oxford pedals also have transformers. The first...
  23. Amp_Addicted

    Which pedals were instant keepers for you, no drama, no doubts?

    An Echoplex EP-2 3 head: I loved my first one so much that I have owned up to 6 of them simultaneously. I still own 3 of them even though I don't really play live or run a studio anymore. Foxx Tone Machine: My first encounter was with a clone(a hand painted Prescription Experience) I now have...
  24. Amp_Addicted

    Will the boss TB-2W be collectible ?

    The TB-2w is actually driving down the price on the originals. My guess is after the hype dies down, the prices will go down a bit. Eventually the Boss completists will start driving the prices back up again in 3-10 years.
  25. Amp_Addicted

    Best general purpose fuzz for my cover band

    The Carcosa is a well done fuzz though I would go with a Foxx Tone Machine Variant for added versatility. I haven't tried the one currently available from Warm Audio(Foxy Tone Box), but I just happened into a used Stomp Under Foot Silver Foxx, and it's the real deal. The basic fuzz of the Tone...
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