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  1. J

    Boss Katana users from a year ago (or so) - where are you now?

    I bought a K100 in October 2017 and sold it in January. I tried it at a few gigs and couldn't get it to react dynamically like even a cheap valve amp. It was a fine practice amp, but I don't need a £400 100w practice amp. It died on the new owner about a month ago and got thrown in a dumpster.
  2. J

    Decision Time: Two Amps or One? (Is gigging two amps practical?)

    I run a pair of identical 20w combos for every gig. They're not running in stereo and only one is miked up. The reason I run two amps is that one alone doesn't give me enough clean headroom, and it also means I have built in backup. I could just use a single louder amp, but the bigger models...
  3. J

    Twin for a bedroom amp...am I crazy?

    Twins sound fantastic at low volume, their only downside is lack of portability, which you won't have to worry about.
  4. J

    2204 style amp options

    Having just rebuilt a 1980 2104 (the combo version) and played one for the first time in decades I'd say accept no substitute! I'd forgotten how fantastic they are. The high frequencies have a kind of feathered edge for want of a better term - loads of bite but soft around the edges and never...
  5. J

    Blackface Pro Reverb doesn't like Overdrive Pedals

    I always keep a Nobel's ODR-1 in my gig bag in case the backline is bright-ish Blackface Fender Reissues, it was the Nashville drive pedal of choice for a reason. You can set it up with pretty much the same tone as when it's switched off, then add the required amount of smooth gain. I never...
  6. J

    BOSS KATANA 刀 amplifiers

    Ok, here are my Katana Global EQ settings. This makes for a great-sounding amp at home, with a kind of Blackface overall tonality. It's a little too "soft" for gigging in a twin guitar band or with a keyboard player, but it's fine in a guitar/bass/drums setup. Before anyone dismisses that idea...
  7. J

    BOSS KATANA 刀 amplifiers

    I think that thread is generally pretty positive and realistic to be fair. Most people are implying that the Katana is a worthy amp for the money and a useful tool, but try and find a way to hang on to both.
  8. J

    BOSS KATANA 刀 amplifiers

    No apology necessary, and the info you supplied is good to have out there! Interesting that the Blues Cube is similar, I wonder if some future firmware update will make the presence control's parameters adjustable.
  9. J

    BOSS KATANA 刀 amplifiers

    Yes I realise all that, and have spent years fine-tuning NFB resistors in Fender amps with no presence control, and have added them to some amps too. I know what they are and what they do, and the Katana just doesn't. A global taming or boosting of those frequencies on the front panel (as...
  10. J

    BOSS KATANA 刀 amplifiers

    On the subject of the Presence knob, does anyone else find it incredibly subtle, to the point where it doesn't really seem to be doing anything? It's certainly nothing like the effect the Presence control has on a Marshall plexi for instance.
  11. J

    Katana Master EQ Settings

    I can't remember my exact settings, but I tamed the highs and the upper mids by a couple of decibels each. It's warmed the amp up beautifully, and means my default bass middle and treble settings on each patch are no longer at the extremes of their travel. It's transformed the amp of I'm honest.
  12. J

    Fender Joe Bonamassa High Powered Tweed Twin

    He may have a tiny audience in pop star terms, but what percentage of an average pop star's fans actually buy musical instruments? I'm willing to bet that the majority of Bonamassa fans play guitar in one form or another, so he's a marketing man's dream. Their ads may not hit billions of...
  13. J

    Double Princeton?

    I had the same problem, my solution is to drape a mic over it and bring my own Mackie wedge monitor. No ground loop issues, a great, natural Princeton tone and enough volume for any situation. Being able to point either of them wherever I like is a huge bonus too, for filling a room or stage...
  14. J

    Favorite small tube amp for recording?

    I don't think there's any such thing as a recording amp. In the last month in my studio I've used a Danelectro Honeytone through a 1930s PA speaker, a home-built Champ, a Princeton, a 100w Jet City and a couple of amp sims in my DAW. I use amp sims for guide tracking, if it works, it stays...
  15. J

    15-25 watt tube combos

    :D Tell me, how IS the PRRI reverb driven then Mr hard core golden-eared expert? ;) As I type this I'm halfway through soldering a turret board on yet another hand-wired Fender-based amp build, it's what I do for money and as a passion. I love them inside and out and it's what I play through...
  16. J

    15-25 watt tube combos

    I have "looked under the hood", which you obviously haven't as you don't think the reverb and vibrato are tube driven. The reissues are a pretty close, pcb-based approximation of the original circuit which, if used with NOS tubes and a vintage speaker sound very very close indeed to an...
  17. J

    15-25 watt tube combos

    If you think the reissue does NOT have tube driven reverb and vibrato then you're not really qualified to comment on the (frankly very minor) circuit differences between an orginal and a reissue. To the OP, why do you think a PRRI will be unreliable? They're used on stages night after night all...
  18. J

    Less flubbiness on PRRI/should I buy a DRRI or TRRI?

    No it isn't, you can replace V3 with a 12ay7, which also has the added benefit of tightening up the reverb. A Ragin' Cajun helps too if you need it all to hang together at high volume.
  19. J

    '65 Fender Princeton Reverb Reissue Vs. '68 Custom Princeton Reverb-which one to get?

    Neither of them will, unless you live miles from anywhere. The '68 technically has a little less headroom than the '65, but with it's slightly increased midrange it sounds at least as loud in a mix.
  20. J

    Rhythmic Ticking/crackle Coming From Amp

    My Teisco gold foils pick up my wristwatch.
  21. J

    Jtm-45 Ri

    They charge at the Pound/Dollar exchange rate. That's what amplifiers cost here in the UK, they just do the conversion and charge that. It would be great for us if it worked both ways but a Fender amp costing $1000 in the US costs us £1000 here, or roughly $1600. A JTM45 RI is over £1200 here...
  22. J

    The ultimate "old guy" amp

    My old guy rig;
  23. J

    An amp's wattage is pretty close to irrelevant

    Not if you can't hear them.
  24. J

    Full Fat Clean Strat Tones...from what amp?

    I think you've answered your own question I'm afraid. They just don't have much of that classic "bounce" to start with. Put it another way, you'll get much closer to the sound I think you're talking about with an AVRI Strat and an HRD than you will with a Twin Reverb and your current Strat, IMO.
  25. J

    Fender DRRI Alternatives? Help!

    No worries. I have the 68 Custom Princeton, and it works exactly as Fenders claims. In practice it isn't really any quieter than the standard reissue either, in fact having a touch more midrange can sometimes make it seem slightly louder in a band mix if anything. I doubt you'll have a headroom...
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