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    Why the large price difference between the 1958 and 1959 VOS LP?

    So what are the factors that make the VOS 1958 and VOS 1959 so different in price?
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    Hypothetical - When, if ever, is a small builder too small?

    No intent on any derog - I was just curious as to the member's opinions. I don't have any experience with very small luthier made guitars. My only custom guitars are Suhrs, whom I consider a medium/small builder and Suhr's are magnificent guitars. I've bought two Suhrs back to back and had no...
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    Suhr Classic T arrived!

    My Suhr ClassicT arrived today and man-o-man it is the best guitsr I have ever played or owned. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I said that about the Classic when I got that but there is such a thing of being bested and for my style and preferences, this is the bomb. Now I know what that Tele mojo is all...
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    I'm dying here :)

    My Suhr Classic T is due this month and now that it's due anytime, I'm finding myself weak and out of control. It was slated for Indoor Storm's July slot. Here are the specs: Classic T One piece swamp ash body Hand cut only, no body contours 1/8" body edge radius Even fat C neck carve, .880 -...
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    Does the Plek job make the VOS series of LP's

    Ok, you've ll heard me rant and rave over my High Order equipped Agile AL-3000 Prestige Gold Top and although I have always respected a plain old LP Standard (59 neck for me), I have yet to lay down the cash for one even though I could. That may have changed recently with the introduction of...
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    Kudos to Todd Shock, Wakarusa Amplification

    I have this cool eBay gem of an amp I got for dirt cheap a couple years ago. It's an Airline (Valco) Model 9131A. It's a huge sized dual 6L6GC head, probably about 35-40 watts. Two channel, reverb (6V6 driven of all things) and trem. It's in VERY nice condition. It did however need some...
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    Celestion Blues

    Are Celestion Blues doped or undoped? Just curious.
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    Installed new Highorder pickups in my Agile LP

    I got my Highorder pickups from Jeff last Wednesday and I had the opportunity to install them into my Agile AL-3000 Prestige Gold Top yesterday morning. The specs are: Both A3 magnets Potted Neck = 7.8 Bridge = 8.5 Both with a very shiny, high quality nickel cover These things rock. To my...
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    12AU6 versus 6AU6

    I have three 1960's Custom Kraft tube amps. I love all of them but one of my favorites, a Model 400T came with a 6AU6 in the preamp and one in the trem socket. I've been in touch with Terry Dobbs (Mr. Valco) who doesn't recall preamps being 6AU6 from Valco ever but he stated that there were so...
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    Any love for early silverface bassman heads?

    Any opinions on the early silverface bassman heads?
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    Authentic Amperex 6L6GC's?

    Do these tubes look authentic cosmetically? Are these really Russian by any chance?
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    Tube guys?

    I just took a blind plunge with a new seller from eBay for these: With this description is all: "Pair of Philips 6L6GC tubes. These tubes are new with original boxes. Markings on tubes are Canada 6L6GC. " It doesn't say they're matched but I have a couple single 6L6GC amps I...
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    Tube tasting in my Hi-Mu head - Thought I'd share

    I decided to dink around with tubes in my Hi-Mu head that has the air-gap OT (7 watts output through a 2x12 with two Weber ceramic Cali 12's) I started with one of my favorites, a Hytron 6V6GTY and a Telefunken 12AT7 and a Telefunken ribbed 12AX7. It's been that way for quite awhile and...
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    Circuit question regarding a higher gain preamp tube

    My Sanos call for a 12AX7 and a 12AU7 in the preamp section. Is there any circuit danger if I put a 5751 or 12AX7 in that 12AU7 socket? I know putting lower gain tubes than designed for may not hurt components but what about if I upped the gain when the schematic calls for a 12AU7? Thanks!
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    High Order recommendations for my Agile AL-3000 Prestige

    I'm getting ready to order some high order pickups for my Agile AL-3000 Prestige Goldtop and am asking for opinions and recommendations. I'm also going to get some for my Carvin CT6M For Agile I'm thinking: (I want vintage tone) 7.8k AlNiCo 3 neck unpotted 8.5k AlNiCo 3 bridge...
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    Ok, tube historians

    I have 4 NIB (they came in paper wrapped cardboard tubes actually) 5751 blackplates from Hewlitt Packard. Are they really made by Hewlitt Packard or are they rebranded too? Thanks for any input!
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    Need advice on how to troubleshoot a hum

    A short while ago, I stated that I commited the ultimate sin in tupe amp world and ran one of my cherished Sano 160R's for over a minute without the speaker connected before my stupid brain realized that all the cords were plugged in except the speaker leads. I finally got the amp out to...
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    My first Suhr Classic on it's way now!

    Well, I pulled the trigger on one that Indoor Storm in North Carolina had in stock. "Maybe" not the color I would have chosen but everything else is right on or close. I hemmed and hawed about the neck profile. I may have wanted an even C with a slightly larger size than the Standard C .810 -...
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    Need help deciding on a handcrafted modern retro axe

    Researching upper echelon modern retro guitars and will buy one just as soon as I decide which one. Suhr? Why, why not? Tom Anderson? Why, why not? Melancon? Why, why not? Tyler? Why, why not? (Don't care for the headstock design tho) Grosh? Why, why not? Looking at S or T style but...
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