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  1. peterdjp


  2. peterdjp

    Trying my new amp for the first time live Welagen Content

    Sounds great. Jelle makes a hell of an amp! Enjoy.
  3. peterdjp


    Finger lickin good!
  4. peterdjp

    Room i35lc

    Nice job!
  5. peterdjp

    Losing You - new tune/track

    Great song! Loved the background vocal. Time to put out a CD/get it on itunes. These recent tunes are all winners.
  6. peterdjp

    Tell Me

    Sounds great Les. The guitar has more depth / space.
  7. peterdjp

    Where Did You Sleep Last Night.... 66 Champ, Bass, Drums and Vocals

    Great tune Dave! Enjoyed it. Champ sounds killer.
  8. peterdjp

    Stra-out of this World Fusion Blues

    Sounding good Steve. Mini bone trumpet lines are killin!
  9. peterdjp

    In the Middle...

    That's a good vibe!
  10. peterdjp

    Slow Going

    Great playing Les. The Soundtoys Echoboy is my fav delay plug. I really like all the Soundtoys stuff. Checkout Fabfilter also. Good stuff. http://www.fabfilter.com/
  11. peterdjp

    Vibe-O-Licious (Drybell Vibe Machine content)

    The progression sounded a bit like the RF tune the champ.
  12. peterdjp

    Vibe-O-Licious (Drybell Vibe Machine content)

    Sounds great! Do I hear a bit of the champ vibe on this one?
  13. peterdjp

    Video and Audio devices being used here

    For good quality you need. 1. Some type of interface, the thing you plug a mic or guitar into, that connects to the computer. Like these...
  14. peterdjp

    Brent Mason solos

    Nice job! Sounds great.
  15. peterdjp

    Jazz Fusion Solo on Eb7

    Nice playing!
  16. peterdjp

    Chuck (best tone on earth) D'Aloia

    He certainley has his own thing going on and his trick bag is deep ;)
  17. peterdjp

    El Che - Dumble Tone Time....with a strat!

    Sounds great! Are you using the Silky comp?
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