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    What size are TS9 screws?

    This repair shop was trying to massively overcharge me to get some solder fixed and screws replaced. If I have all the screws I'm thinking it would have to be less for the actual repair. Its the 2 on the back and both inside. Losing the LED screw was pretty dumb...
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    Inexpensive delay pedals

    Delay pedals under $80: Whats good, whats bad, whats terrible? I've been considering the Joyo or Biyang units recently. Behringer seems to be the cheapest but probably will fail in a month or two. Boss units occasionally get into this price range used. Carbon Copy is close but I want something...
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    small tube amps for an apartment

    moving to nyc soon and im looking for a new amp. So far the Blues Jr, Blackstar 5 and AC4 are on my list. I had an AC15 but its not moving with me, it was a great amp but im not stuck in the vox realm. I have a couple overdrive pedals so channels aren't really important. Price ceiling is like...
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    Tubescreamer mod problem

    I just did my first modding project giving my TS the 808 mods and a blue led. I accidently blew out the first LED so I threw in a second one. Now I get sound only when the board is held in certain places. Whoever owned this before me put this nasty glue all over the sides that can be seen in the...
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    Share your Wilson Wah settings

    I'm looking for some inspiration for my Wilson Rippah Boost 12 pos, so why not ask all the awesome folks on TGP. It doesn't matter which version you have just make sure you list it. This thread might be a good reference for potential buyers and I dont really like any of the suggested settings in...
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    "Little difference between brands of strings"

    This was my stance until today. The only brand I had ever noticed anything different were Elixers cause of the coating. When putting on a pack of Dean Markley Blue Steels I noticed 2 of them were a little rusty. Then the first hour of playing was terrible. Strings went out of tune in seconds...
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    Fix noise on original Boomerang?

    I love the Boomerang but there is a lot of noise unless my tuner is behind it. Now I have some new pedals so the tuner needs to go up front. Anyone fix the white noise on their 'rang?
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    Kimock's Pedals?

    I just saw him last night, it was a great show! I know he used a Mutron and reverb unit as part of his 3 pedals but I dont know what the third one was. He used it during some leads and all parts with slide or lap steel guitar. It made his guitar sound more like a trombone. I've read he uses a...
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    Anyone get the new Klon

    -dike Choco Taco. These things are awesome and available everywhere. Serious discussions only.
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    $150 at Sam Ash

    I just got a gift card to sam ash today (random store right?). Anyways, what are some good pedals to get from their collection? Right now im looking at the OD9/808 but I already have a TS. And no fuzzes I have an LMD on the way sometime soon.
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    Footswitch problem (Danelectro)

    Hey I just got an as-is Chicken Salad Vibe that doesnt work. I did the mods and now realize the footswitch mutes the sound. When bypassed the pedal still transmits signal. If anyone can help out or PM me I would really appreciate it
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    Dano Chicken Salad help

    I just bought one today and tried to give it the mods. However, I made a stupid mistake I forgot to test it before doing the mods. Is it possible to break a pedal just by doing the little mods? Or was I sold a bad one? Oh and it bypasses signal, but when i hit the footswitch signal mutes. It...
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    Anyone get a Skreddy LMD recently? (waitlist)

    About how long did it take you to get yours in? It was 2 months last I checked not sure if that could be more or less time
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    What doesnt clean up nicely?

    I feel someone says every overdrive and a lot of fuzzes "clean up well" in threads :bong It really has no meaning any more to describe equipment. I've heard different guitar pots change clean up, 50's wiring and more. So what stays stays consistent with the volume down? Fuzz Factory? Buzzaround?
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    TU-2 Accuracy?

    I've been using a tu2 for a few months now, it was at least a few years old when I got it. The tuner works very well except it cannot accuratley track the B string. The correct tuning on the pedal is not right. Anyone else experience this? Is it just a bad unit?
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    TS pedal w/ independent boost

    Im pretty much looking for the fulldrive except with the boost channel separate from the drive side. Suggestions?
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    RMC Pic wah - convince me to keep it

    Yes I know the RMC4 is one of the best on the market. Now thats out of the way, I just changed the pickups in my LP to Wolfetone Dr V's last month and it definitley effected the sound of my wah. Its like the wah is overloading my AC15, even with the trimmer set way down. I love the sounds but...
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    Favorite Gear Tropes

    smooth as butter is always a funny one
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    Who makes a Lunar Module clone?

    I really want to try the Skreddy LM but am a little short on funds for a real one. Who makes a good clone of this pedal? doesnt matter how many knobs it has. Or should I just go for a less expensive fuzz face type pedal? Im using a Gibson LP with coil splitting options and a vox amp
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    Honey Bee OD w/ TS9

    I've got a trusty beat up TS9 right now and have my eye on a Honey Bee overdrive. Are these 2 pedals a good match for stacking? Most of the overdrive's I've owned have been tubescreamer based like an FD2. Except the OCD but that one didnt stay around long. Or if there are any other...
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    Pedal for around 90

    Ive got 90 coming to me for some pickups. On the table are fuzzs something like a Lunar Module (too expensive) or overdrives. What would complement or stack well with a TS9. I'm playing into an AC15 mostly classic rock and jam
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    Best pickups for Since I've Been Loving You

    Just as the title says. Mostly pickups under $300. They should also have 4 conductors. Sound clips are always a bonus :dude
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    NOS Parts really worth it?

    I've only been a few months and it took me a couple more to figure out what NOS meant :D Obviously theres a bunch of different types of nos parts and I'm guessing their sound quality depends on the what it is. Transistors, tubes, pots, caps, all that good stuff. There must be a point of...
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    Pickup value question (Goodwood)

    I'm looking at picking up a pair of 8 year old Goodwoods (pre Godwood). Wondering how much boutique pickups like this retain their value. If I dont want them anymore in a few months I'd like to get the same amount but am not sure about the resale market.
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    Fuzz for Vox AC15

    I've never had a fuzz pedal and am looking to get into this camp. Using a Les Paul right now. Not looking for something with too much gain. Should I just get a Lunar Module?
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