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    Will my amp blow up a Cannabis Rex?

    It's about time I replace the speaker in my Sunn T50c. Tonally, and for my purposes, a cannabis rex sounds like the perfect fit, but I don't know if I might potentially blow it up. The Sunn is 50w RMS, stock with a celestion GT-75. 98% of the time I'll be using it with an attenuator, with...
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    50's vs 60's strat pickups?

    Can anyone highlight some of the tonal differences between these two types of pickups, clean and dirty?
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    Good, affordable tech in San Francisco

    Can anyone recommend a solid tech that I can afford on a budget? My G&L could use a little bit of love. I know of orbiter guitars in San Leandro, but it's a bit far from the sunset district in SF, not to mention an extra $40 after two trips out there.
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    Monocase double

    Any of you guys with the double case ever use it with just one guitar? Is it too big or is it just fine schlepping a single guitar around? I like the idea of extra space for when I need it, but a good portion of the time only feel like bringing one guitar out. thanks!
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    How to auction a pedal for charity?

    Has anyone put up a pedal for charity on ebay? Is there a specific method of doing this (particularly, one that would allow paypal to waive their fees)?
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    Best looper pedal for live use with a band?

    Agreed. If what you need is simple, easy to use, basic live looping, the Headrush 2 is perfect. The delays are nice as well, and it's under $200.
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    Cool Well Built Guitar Solos

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    Taipan Tone Christmas Sale

    This looks like some good stuff - maybe my Asat could use a bit of an upgrade. Anybody tried out the tone bar? Did it actually make that noticeable of a difference?
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    I just got an email from Jason Schroeder that has killed my GAS... at least for now.

    Top row, 2nd from right - keep the flowers and coloring, but with the leaf design of the one on it's left. that's gonna be an awesome guitar!
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    Eminence adjustable speaker???

    Any updates on this speaker?
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    Mesa F-50 or Nomad?

    I always thought the blue angel looked pretty solid
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    Bill Withers

    and of course qv5pagal-ls
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    Custom wiring harness........

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    Bill Withers

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    Bill Withers

    Just came across this video today...man this is devastating Lc919S7ZTW0 Glad to see he's still doing well
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    Fingernail alternatives? Alaska Pik?

    you are far too kind Clyde. I have a box full of winter clothes that are going to be sent my way in a week, so I just made an order with elderly and had them shipped to my home to be added in. Miserable and wet eh? Getting a bit colder out here in Granada, but come on over this way if you need...
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    Fingernail alternatives? Alaska Pik?

    devnulljp, I'd be all over that, but I'm in spain for the year and I doubt I'd be able to find it out here. Clyde, thanks so much. I think I'm just going to go for the grand assortment here, including the alaska pik (might as well try it out). Thanks so much for your help and time.
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    Fingernail alternatives? Alaska Pik?

    Thanks for all the responses everyone! Clyde Billt, I'd say I have relatively small hands, so I imagine mediums are probably best. Do you feel it would be best to buy a mixed set of sizes (ex: small/medium for the pinky, large for the thumb), or can I get away with a one size fits all situation?
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    Fingernail alternatives? Alaska Pik?

    How heavy is that freedom pick? I don't like a whole lot of flex. It looks much more comfortable than the alaska pik - do you have any problems with it sliding off your finger? Looks like dunlop has something similar, but much cheaper: http://elderly.com/also/accessories/items/PK370-L.htm any...
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    Fingernail alternatives? Alaska Pik?

    I love the sound and feel of my fingernails on guitar, but realistically mine aren't strong enough for anything other than nylon strings, and they're quite limiting when playing other instruments. Anyone know of a good alternative? So far this seems to be the only option I can find, anyone...
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    Creepy songs

    this one comes to mind PTFwQP86BRs
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