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    I can't get this damn Carly Rae Jepsen song out of my head!

    I just met you...Call me maybe? ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH!!!!! :bkw
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    The genius of "Weird" Al Yankovic

    Heck yes I said it. He is one supremely talented man. His lyrics to the song "Bob" may be the most amazing words ever penned in a song, and I'm not kidding. Every single lyric is a palindrome Madam I'm Adam Too Hot to Hoot UFO Tofu Go Hang a Salami I'm a lasagna hog
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    Any of you cats NOT dig the sound of fuzz

    I've tried to like the fuzz effect but I just don't like it. To me it sounds splatty, lo-fi and just anemic. :hide
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    I stacked the Blues Driver, Power Stack, DD6 Delay, CH1 Chorus and the Boss PH3

    ...and they fell to the floor because I stacked them too high :red
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    Can a reverb pedal sound good in front of the amp as opposed to FX loop?

    I can't get the reverb to sound good at all when the overdrive is on. Sounds awful. :(
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    How come Thin Lizzy never became super-duper stars

    Phil Lynott was charismatic as hell and a great songwriter and singer. Those Brian Robertson and Scott Gorham harmony guitar parts influenced the hell out of Maiden and Priest. And they made some kick ass rock and roll.
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    Metallica's Black Album

    Listening to it for the 1st time in quite a while. Great cuts on this album. Other than the ones that have been played to death on rock & roll radio you have cuts like Holier Than Thou, Through the Never and the absolutely awesome My Friend of Misery.
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    Oom Pah Pah musicians dissing rockers and blues guys

    Yeah I know you can play a mean tuba, but your tone's a little too brassy!
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    Why doesn't AC/DC's Powerage get more love?

    Everybody always talks about Highway to Hell or Back in Black but Powerage may very well be their best album. The genius of Down Payment Blues. Angus and Malcolm on their game with some awesome guitar tone. Great album up and down.
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    So I've never paid attention to a Klon Centaur up until a week ago or so.

    I notice they get a lot of ink around here. I decided to do a search on them. $1000 for one!!! :eek:
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    Songs that when you hear them on the radio, you never change the station

    I was flipping stations at lunch time and Won't Get Fooled Again came on. I NEVER change the station when that song comes on. It grabs me right from the sequencer intro. How about you cats? What song do you always listen to when it comes on.
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    What makes something "boutique?"

    So I've been mulling this over the last few days. I hear the term "boutique" bandied about a lot on TGP, particularly when it comes to effect pedals. What makes something boutique? Is it the price? Is it how readily available (or not) something is? Is it the type of components used in the thing...
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    Have had a Strat for 2 weeks now. My 2 bit opinions on it

    This is the first Strat I've had with a single-coil bridge pick-up. Where have I been?!!! I've never realized how sweet the bridge pickup sounds. And I LOVE how it cleans up so nicely. I've always had a really tough time cleaning up a Les Paul because of the humbuckers and the volume knob...
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    I've switch to Reverend Billy G's guitar strings. 7's

    I don't think I'll ever turn back! They are so damn easy to bend and play. Have them on both a Strat and a Les Paul. Might even put them on the hollowbody! I know some guys like a little fight in their guitar. Not me. I like it easy breezy :cool:
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    Ever heard Wilson Pickett's version of Hey Jude?

    Some tasty soul singin'. And Duane Allman rips a sweet lead on it! Very different style of playing during his Muscle Shoals period. Almost sounds like he was playing a Tele.
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    Boss Feedback/Booster?

    Anyone use this pedal. I like the idea of getting feedback at lower volume settings and getting a mid boost for solos.
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    Since we're talking later Stones records. How bout Voodoo Lounge?

    This is my favorite post-Tattoo You album. Great riffs. Great work by Mick. My favorite Keith song OTHER than You Got the Silver; Through and Through.
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    Time to tackle the TGP Sacred Cow: The concept of Brand Names

    Not trying to ruffle anyone's feathers, not accusing anyone of being a cork-sniffer and I'm not trying to start some kind of class war. I find that I am guilty of gravitating towards certain name brands for reasons that aren't even musical. I gravitate towards the Gibson sticker and...
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    Any KISS fans interested in the remasters?

    I found out today that Ezrin's re-mastering the classic albums. Anyone else stoked about it? Haters...you WISH you could play a sold out Cobo Hall! :mob
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    Would a neck pickup work in a bridge?

    How would it affect the sound of the guitar if I put a neck pickup in the bridge? I found a decent deal on a Strat pickup but it's for the neck and I would like it in the bridge for a hotter tone in the bridge.
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    Are GFS and Dragonfire pickups any good?

    I mean...$100 for a magnet with copper wire wrapped around it just because it says Fender on it? :peenut Is the adage "You get what you pay for" always true :confused:
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    are GFS and Dragonfire pickups good?

    I mean...$100 for a magnet with copper wire wrapped around it just because it says Fender on it? :peenut
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    I never thought I'd bond with a Strat, but I have.

    I've previously had 2 Strats that I thought were cool but I just couldn't bond with them. But this 3rd Strat that I brought home 3 days ago is just working so nice. Body is lightweight, stays in tune nicely, action is low and it's so comfortable to play. I love the access to the higher frets...
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    Steve Winwood love? The guy needs more appreciation!

    As a disclaimer, I first heard of Steve on 1986's Back in the Highlife. I was a junior at Sacred Heart High School in SF and wore out that cassette driving to and from school and cruising on Friday and Saturday night :) I didn't really listen to his Blind Faith or Traffic tunes til about 3...
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    NPD: Boss Power Stack

    I really like the lower gain settings on this pedal. Nice Plexi-ish and JCM-800 style sounds. Using it as primary distortion/overdrive sounds.
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