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    Sold Trussart SteelResogator Electric (Resonator)

    The Trussart SteelResogator Electric (Resonator) - $old shipped in CONUS only with no paypal fees. Serious offers only. I am selling because the guitar isn't getting played much. I don't need to sell it and am prepared to keep it. Original owner. NO Trades. Fishman and Arcane P90 that can be...
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    FS: Gustavsson Fullerblaster - exceptional guitar

    Gustavsson Fullerblaster - $old No trades. Specs: Weight: 6.6 lbs. This is an amazing guitar with impeccable workmanship. Absolutely the best I have ever seen (I've owned many high end guitars). Mild relic with faint checking on the maple top. Neck is smooth and has a lot of character...
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    Robben Ford's pedalboard May 11, 2014

    I saw Robben at the Infinity in CT tonight. His tech was nice enough to put his pedalboard where we could see it after the show: Those pedals sounded very good through this: At least I can afford the pedals. Don't you just love the water bottle on top of the Dumble?
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    LuciBox enclosures

    I have 4 LuciBox enclosures that are unused and not drilled. 3 are 125B size (4.7x2.5x1.5) $old each paypal and shipping included 1 is about 1290ns size (4.4x2.3x1.2) $old paypal and shipping included Specify which you want. I will mark them as sold if they are no longer available.
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    S-Gear recommendations?

    I am thinking about S-Gear for use with my Mac and Transcribe! What is your recommendation for an audio interface? I did a search but would appreciate some feedback given how quickly this technology changes. I also need to update my headphones so recommendations for closed-back ones are...
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    Delays with dedicated tone controls - The List

    My never-ending search led me to research delays with dedicated tone controls. Below is my list. Please post any units that I've missed. I did not include units with Hi-Cut, switches, sub-menus, etc.; although, anyone is welcome to add them. Units with labeled tone control: Blackbox...
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    Many Delays sound too processed to me. Am I the only one?

    I have been through a lot of delays and am still on the hunt. I listen to clips and some sound fantastic, but turn me off almost instantly when I plug them in. I like my tone and want something that accurately replicates it only darkening enough to allow the direct signal to ride on top. Too...
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    Lentz S build completed and delivered!

    I received my Lentz S yesterday. It is stunning and the tone is even better. This was my first custom build and it has exceeded my expectations. Scott Sr and Scott Jr are meticulous craftsmen and it shows. In addition, they set the bar for professionalism and friendliness. I was taken by how...
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    Evil Robot Head and Cab

    It appears they are now making the Evil Robot in a head with matching 2x12 cab: http://yfrog.com/hsylbkrj I'm still happy that I ordered the combo, but I can see the appeal of the cab. Might be cool for some of you Magnatone owners.
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    How many people do not step on the footswitch?

    More than a few times, I have read sale ads for used pedals where the owners state the pedal was never stepped on. They turn their pedals on by hand and sometimes never put them on the floor at all. The latest one I saw said that shoes were never used (err, I think I prefer shoes to sweaty socks...
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    K-Line! Suits me to a T

    I recently purchased this K-Line T from a TGP member: Under 7lbs., lightweight ash body, fat C-shaped maple neck with 9.5 radius, 6105 frets, Lollar Special in the bridge and Lollar Vintage at the neck. Workmanship is very good. The nut could be a bit smoother at the edge, but functionally is...
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    Poll: Do you choose an amp for clean or overdrive?

    Please vote which is most important to you. Any comments about the type of music or other things that influence your decision (for example, reverb, loop, channel switching, etc.) are most welcome. I've read people's opinions here often, but I thought this may help put them in better...
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    Warmest tele pups?

    I would like to replace the pickups in my MIJ tele with some that are warm and have chime. I'm a LP man and this is my first tele (and only Fender that has felt "right"). Twang is not a requirement. I've been considering Dimarzio Area T's, Budz, Lollar (maybe Special T's?) and Don Mare. OTOH, I...
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    Why did you sell or trade your last amp?

    I was reading Dave Hunter's "The Guitar Amp Handbook" last night and came across a statement that user reviews need to be taken with a grain of salt. This is true for a variety of reasons and why a lot of people here avoid "honeymoon" reviews. Still, it hit me that there is likely a lot to learn...
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    What do you put between a high-end guitar and a high-end amp?

    Tonight I used my first high-end cable. I just got a Tara Labs Spectrum cable from Lava Cable. I immediately heard the difference in tone compared to my old Canare. I can detect rather subtle tone differences, but this is obvious. As I A/B'd with the Canare, I detected a number of differences...
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    What pedals have you bought that sound like the clips?

    I've gotten four pedals recently that I have managed to easily dial in the clips: 1) Skreddy Screw Driver 2) COT 50 3) Eternity 4) Twin 60 - The Gainster's clips for this one. How about you?
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    Just ordered a Keeley 4 knob comp!

    Keeley just announced the 4 knob compressors will be shipping Nov. 1. Now available for pre-order in custom colors as well. I pre-ordered green with blue graphics. I was very taken with that color when I saw the pics from Arlington at HC. Other news from RK's site, the tone station and...
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    What amp are your effects plugged into?

    We all know some amps are more pedal friendly than others. Post your favorite pedal(s)/amp combination.
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    Fret Polish (necessary?)

    I just got a setup on my guitar and the tech did a rather amazing job on leveling to board and ultra-low, buzz-free action. However, he left faint scratches on the frets. He mentioned that he does not like to use the dremel on the leveled frets and it would smooth out after a few bends. Is this...
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    Play "Where's the Zendrive?"

    I paused on the picture of Brad Paisley's gear in the Sept. Guitar One (page 93) and believe there is a Zendrive sitting in his rack. There is a breakdown of his gear, but no Zendrive listed.:confused: Still, it looks like mine. Anybody know if he uses one?
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    My NOS Baker B1

    A great number of things converged and I became the proud owner of a NOS Baker B1. It was sold to me by none other than Gene’s brother-in-law, Jim Lovinggood, from Wild West Guitars. Jim was exceptional and it was an excellent buying experience. If it looks familiar, then you probably saw it...
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