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  1. Tubes and Strings

    anyone built the TUT (Kevin O'connor books) standard preamp or amp?

    I'm curious what you thought of it if so. How well does it do a fendery clean or a JTM/Plexi overdrive? Etc. I'm thinking about building it or a close variation.
  2. Tubes and Strings

    Need help identifying this and its purpose

    A while back I bought a VHT Special 44 off of craigslist for the purpose of amp build/mod study. While tracing the circuit I ran across the pictured component. Any idea what it is and what purpose it serves? Vht Special 44 by Tubes and Strings posted Nov 30, 2018 at 6:05 PM
  3. Tubes and Strings

    Where do you find good boxes for amp shipping?

    So, due to a mix of gear churn I've done recently (amp building and kemper purchase) I'm about to list my Carr Mercury. But, I'm gonna need a sturdy box to ship it in. Where do you folks find such? -Gerald
  4. Tubes and Strings

    VHT amps - do they respond to email?

    I picked up a VHT Special 44 last week. They advertised it when it came out as a perfect platform for modding (my intent), but neither the manual nor the schematics came with it. I wrote them via info@vhtamp.com asking how to get both. I'm told that they are quite responsive typically, but no...
  5. Tubes and Strings

    Good base amp to mod?

    I ran across a chance to pickup a VHT Special 44 for about 1/2 retail today ($300ish). I don't know much about them and there's not much coming up via Google either. Anyone familiar? I'm specifically interested to know what sort of circuit they are based on, quality of the transformers, what...
  6. Tubes and Strings

    First build in a while - a few questions

    I built a couple of amps about 10 years ago and am about to do another because I enjoyed it. My primary objective with this build is to experiment a bit with various well-known circuits - tone stack location (Fender vs. Marshall), fixed vs. cathode biased, push-pull vs. not. I'd like to...
  7. Tubes and Strings

    Kemper vs reactive load with IRs?

    I suspect a number of you have experience both playing live and recording with BOTH 1) the Kemper and 2) an amp head / reactive load (suhr, torpedo) / IRs loaded on hardware (Torpedo CAB / Live, other) I'm preparing to invest in one or the other of these 2 options to play/record quietly at...
  8. Tubes and Strings

    Cliche to Heaven ;)

    OK, so I know some might think Stairway is probably the most cliche and overplayed song in rock, but it's a classic, beautifully crafted solo so I decided to learn it anyway. Here's my take on the lead over a backing track I found online. Special thanks to Sean Boothe over on the "tube of you"...
  9. Tubes and Strings

    Killer ZZTop tones but discontinued?

    Pretty killer Billy Gibbons tones for an amp that retailed at $499 then was discontinued. I wonder why Ampeg killed it? Can't imagine it didn't sell sounding like that.
  10. Tubes and Strings

    Does this exist (metronome that auto-sets bpm for click)?

    Does anyone make a metronome that can monitor music playing thru speakers, find the bpm and then start clicking at that bpm? Basically a click track that autom adjusts to what is playing? I often wish for this while practicing at home. Doesn't matter if it's hardware or software. Either would...
  11. Tubes and Strings

    Any recordings of Carr Mercury with 6L6?

    I'm thinking about using a gift card to pickup a 6L6 to try out in my EL-34 equipped Carr Mercury amp. I did some looking around today for example recordings of a Mercury running a 6L6 and came up completely dry. I dig the EL-34 in it, but since I have a gift card to burn I thought I might try...
  12. Tubes and Strings

    Kemper question

    Question for you Kemper folks: Have the folks at Kemper ever given any indication of plans to do a stand-alone, floorboard version of the Kemper? It's easily my choice in overall sound quality, but I'm not a fan of the "rack/lunchbox that requires a separate floorboard" form factor. A...
  13. Tubes and Strings

    Don Felder vs Line6

    From an interview with Don Felder of the Eagles: How did you get that incredible guitar sound on “One of These Nights”? That’s the ’59 Les Paul into the narrow-panel Tweed Deluxe again. That amp has a very unique sound. I have about six of them, but that particular one has a real sweet spot...
  14. Tubes and Strings

    SLA-1 fan replacement?

    I need to replace the fan on one of my SLA-1 units. While I'm at it it would be nice to put something that is quieter than the original fan was back when it was new and functioning. Anyone know where to find the part I need? I looked around a bit and have not had much luck so far. Thanks.
  15. Tubes and Strings

    nice Kemper sounds

    I'm not a Kemper owner, but I had not seen this before and enjoyed it. Sharing it so you can too. Cm0o2cQoVlQ#t=92
  16. Tubes and Strings

    what's the diff between Lehle Sunday Driver and Xotic BB preamp?

    I'm thinking of getting one of the two. Anyone have experience with both or enough knowledge to comment on how they differ. Pros/Cons of one over the other?
  17. Tubes and Strings

    preamps into software modelers

    There was a clip recently with member Kobold playing both a (Tokai) Les Paul and SG into S-Gear that sounded quite impressive. He was also using a preamp pedal prior to S-Gear that I was unfamiliar with called Lehle Sunday Driver. I've read a bit about it and am wondering if it is basically...
  18. Tubes and Strings

    Simple, cleanish S-Gear clip

    I was experimenting with S-Gear running in Adobe Audition and recorded a short, little mellow thing.... You can check it out here: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/23273017/S-Gear%20Session%20Noodling.mp3 I intentionally moved the lead back in the mix and let the rhythm stand out a bit more as...
  19. Tubes and Strings

    Happy Halloween to all you digital modeling fans!

    I would have put this in the "Pub", but this is where I hang out 95% of the time, so I thought I would tell it to this gang... (and I'm sure the mods will move it if they care..) The trick-or-treaters are mostly gone at this point (pacific time) and I just sat down and listened to zentman's...
  20. Tubes and Strings

    S-Gear for Mac has been released

    I thought it deserved more than just discussion in the other threads... Loving this software. I'm not sure what Scuffham is doing to differentiate, but it just sounds better than most to me. http://www.scuffhamamps.com/
  21. Tubes and Strings

    For you dumble guys

    There used to be someone on here who was viewed as the "dumble tone" expert (seems like), but I can't remember who it was. A couple of S-Gear clips here using a tone very unlike anything I would dial in typically, but very cool sounding. Is this dumble-like? Or, something else altogether...
  22. Tubes and Strings

    Interesting comparison: AxeFxII and Kemper (and others if you want to add them)

    First the AxeFXII: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=zhA63nHTqDw#t=153s (I positioned the clip to the Soldano demo). Now the Kemper: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=ErZfk5sz82A#t=103s (I positioned the clip to skip all the profiling...
  23. Tubes and Strings

    You Mac guys liking your Duet2s?

    I was ready to purchase one, but then ran across a mondo thread over at GearSlutz that was not at all encouraging on build quality, etc. Impressions? I could always buy the RME Babyface instead. It does a bit more and runs on Windows and Mac vs. just Mac. Plus, their drivers and latency...
  24. Tubes and Strings

    lowest-latency audio interfaces for Mac?

    I'm about to purchase an audio interface for my MacBook. Is there anything that has equivalent or lower (round-trip!) latency than the Apogee Duet / Duet2 / One products in that same price range or less? I don't need more than 2 channels for input and might live with mono as I'm mostly using...
  25. Tubes and Strings

    Like Wolfetone pickups? Check out his new pedal!

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gkVbzIv6hHU Last Friday my son and I got out for a little guitar-shop hopping. We decided to drop in on Guitarville (Seattle area) since I hadn't been there in close to 10 years. As luck would have it, as my son was trying out a tele into a Vox amp, this guy...
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