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  1. peterdjp

    Anyone using the new Mu-Tron Octavider?

    Yep, it's awesome! Love it.
  2. peterdjp

    REVV G3 OD Pedal

    Just picked up a REVV Generator 7-14 amp… fantastic tones all-around, haven't tried the pedal but their amp OD is amazing. Great company out of Canada.
  3. peterdjp

    What are your top 5 Dumble style OD pedals?

    Van Weelden Royal Overdrive.
  4. peterdjp

    Vertex Landau Chorus

    Wow! Respect to Mike.
  5. peterdjp

    New Plectrum Day! (Gravity and V-Pick)

    I like to buff my Blue chip picks with super fine sand paper/nail sponge. Gives them just a tad more brightness.
  6. peterdjp

    Suggest a Chorus...

    Arion SCH-1 is the one to get.
  7. peterdjp

    Vibe or Phase for Leslie/Rotating Speaker effect?

    Arion SCH-1 is what you want.
  8. peterdjp

    Dummy Loads / Speaker Simulators?

    http://www.koch-amps.com/lb120-loadbox.html Check out the Redwirez ir's as well. http://redwirez.com Here it is being used in a studio situation with a Fender amp. Might even be a Bandmaster. http://www.hugeracksinc.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=90900&p=880107 With an AC15...
  9. peterdjp

    Best digital delay that sounds like a 2290 under 600

    Nothing else really sounds like a 2290.
  10. peterdjp

    Please recommend a good reverb and phaser pedal, thanks

    EBS Dynaverb Whirlwind orange box
  11. peterdjp

    Original Lava ELC cables circa 2006

    I have some. Good stuff for sure.
  12. peterdjp

    Best Vibe Pedal?

    I had one of the very early Mega's with the slightly different paint job. The entire board was NOS parts. Should have kept that one.
  13. peterdjp

    Bob Weir - chorus of flanger...or both?

    Maybe an Ibanez EU 400, AD 230 or other Ibanez rack delay. Don't think he used a 2290 then. http://dozin.com/bobs/rig.html...
  14. peterdjp

    Evidence Audio Cable users

    I went from lyric HG to Lava Forte to Lava Ultramaphic.
  15. peterdjp

    Dumbloid Pedal

    Merry Christmas!
  16. peterdjp

    Homemade Pedalboard Pics

    The blue rubber band goes on the fuzzface.
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