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    Curing G.A.S.?

    A funny thing happened to me recently. My most recent purchase was an Epiphone Sheraton, and after the usual pickup/electronics upgrades I decided I needed another upgrade in the form of a TUSQ XL nut. After installing it I'm much happier with the guitar overall. The new nut does have a...
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    Recent NGD Ibanez AGS73t with inside pics now

    So ever since owning a Gibson LP and a few Epi LPs, I've grown accustomed to taking out the humbuckers and checking out what went into making the top. For your consideration I present the AGS73t. Maybe disclosing how many pieces make up the top should be a requirement? The last pic is me...
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    NGD. Ibanez AGS73t...thick plastic case included at no charge

    While NGD was technically yesterday afternoon, I thought I'd share my thoughts on this guitar: Just came in a few hours ago. I didn't buy it from Sweetwater so I wasn't expecting it to be set up out of the box. The neck was perfectly straight and didn't need an adjustment. A few of the tuners...
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