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  1. RockinRob

    Soldano 16 Questions

    I'd like to hear this. Lifetime warranty bro.
  2. RockinRob

    How to add saturation to an already fully cranked tube amp?

    Thunk about what an amp does: it amplifies the signal you put into it. If you are cranked and don't have enough distortion, you probably bought the wrong amp. However, there are things you can try. The first thing would be to try to increase the signal going into your amp. This is usually...
  3. RockinRob

    Are Chinese Celestion Blues worth it?

    So if I order two raw celestion Blues from Sweetwater they will be made in UK?
  4. RockinRob

    Are Chinese Celestion Blues worth it?

    i am finally going to try some blues in my ac30cc2, but I have read all kinds of weird stuff as to where these are made. Can anyone chime in on the state of the Blue, and whether the Chinese ones still sound correct? Is it still the best choice for classic ac30 tone? I have listened to some...
  5. RockinRob

    The Definitive "Are JJ's Reliable" Thread

    Tubes, the great scam. Here's the truth, all tubes fail and can come wonky. My guess is that JJ is the most available, least expensive tube on the market so they sell the most, and hence you hear more about JJ failures. The other fact of the matter is that when it comes to tubes, the tone is...
  6. RockinRob

    Rocktron Patchmate repair help

    Bumping this. Hoping maybe a tech has seen this before. Wondering if the jacks are modular or soldered in there somehow.
  7. RockinRob

    Blackface Deluxe Reverb preamp tube question

    Here is the cold reality of tube comparisons...in blind tests you are going to find a lot of people like the nos and a lot of people like the CP. It's just that simple. Mesa are cheap enough to try and keep as backups.
  8. RockinRob

    Rocktron Patchmate repair help

    Darn was hoping that wasn't the case. I do remember a tech addressing this issue many,many years ago but I don't think he replaced any jacks. They were indeed tighter when I got it back.
  9. RockinRob

    Rocktron Patchmate repair help

    I have a rack mounted patchmate. Some of the input jacks on the back are extremely loose, and won't hold the cable in securely. When I first thing in the 91 or so, I remember a tech saying he tightened the jacks. Is there a screw or something that just needs to be tightened if I open it up?
  10. RockinRob

    Diagnosing DRRI crackle and hiss?

    mine was caused by failing input jack
  11. RockinRob

    Vox AC10C1 , What preamp & power tubes to install?

    I did some extensive tube testing on my ac30 last month. I preferred the EH el84 over the JJ. I also preferred the tung sol 12ax7 over the JJ. I am not a JJ hater at all and have them in most of my amps, but in the Vox they weren't doing it for me. I did my testing using a looper and...
  12. RockinRob

    Quality Amp Techs in Madison, WI?

    If you do jump over to Minneapolis area, Casey Gooby has done some nice work for me on very short notice. I live two hours away from him but had business in that area a few years ago. I dropped it off on Friday and picked it up from him on my way home Sunday. That alone is very hard to find.
  13. RockinRob

    Amp blowing fuses after being shipped

    It's a no win situation. From the buyer's perspective he is going to feel you dumped a problem amp. I would. From the sellers perspective, he is going to feel like a nub busted his amp and a deal is a deal. I would. Bottom line for me is there is no warranty on used gear, and buyer beware...
  14. RockinRob

    VOX AC30HH - Hum problem

    AC30's do have a louder than usual hum, but that frying noise indicates bad tubes or bad connection. Try some cleaner on the input jack and tube sockets. I did some tube rolling last week on my ac30 and posted some clips and results. I was surprised to find I preferred CP EH over CP JJ...
  15. RockinRob

    can anyone identify tis 12ax7?

    sweet thank you. it definitely sounds better in v1 of my ac30 than either a CP JJ or Tungsol.
  16. RockinRob

    I hear an AC Hum in my Amp - Do I need a Conditioner

    Put a two prong adapter on the amp and try that. It will lift the ground. If that works u may want to try the ebtech for a safer solution.
  17. RockinRob

    MusicMan HD-130 hissing

    did the standard troubleshooting involve trying new tubes in all positions?
  18. RockinRob

    Vibrato help on a Ampeg Gemini I

    I have a 60s Gemini VI with similar issues. It was a garage sale salvage project and turned out to be one of my favorite amps. I did have to replace the tremolo bug, but even when the trem is not engaged the intensity pot will suck some volume and tone.
  19. RockinRob

    '68/'69 Fender Pro Reverb: which component is bad?

    I am at 457 plate and 30.5 ma with JJs. I don't gig with mine, it's too precious, and I'll get loud but not wide open loud. I just couldn't hear a whole lot of difference biased a little hotter, so why not save on tube life? Sounds best to me there anyway.
  20. RockinRob

    '68/'69 Fender Pro Reverb: which component is bad?

    I played around quite a bit with the bias on my 66 pro. Using jj's, I found that there really wasn't much of a noticeable tone difference between a little hot and a little cold. I put it at 35 ma and called it good.
  21. RockinRob

    Warehouse speakers

    what if I was going for a Steely Dan type solo sound...what speaker ya think? I haven't had the opportunity to compare many speakers.
  22. RockinRob

    '68/'69 Fender Pro Reverb: which component is bad?

    You don't even need to take the head out of the cabinet to bias an old Pro, there is a hole for a screwdriver.
  23. RockinRob

    Warehouse speakers

    I have an old hot rod deluxe that needs a new speaker. Amp has been collecting dust but I think it's time to get it functional. What would be a good choice? Amp would be mostly used for clean to classic rock.
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