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    New Caig DeOxit dispenser design S U C K S !

    I did not find a similar thread like this on here - so here goes Companies are shipping DeOxit with a "new improved" straw and trigger. It sucks! The straw leaks, it is over twice the diameter of the old straw, it isn't flexible enough, the can has no ( low - med - high ) setting for volume...
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    Bogner Uberschall Clean channel lacks punch

    Would be a big help to hear from anyone that has used this amp, worked on one, owned one, etc. This is a customer unit & customer complains of low volume on clean channel. I've confirmed his complaint. Giant disparity of clean and dirty channel. Clean channel requires it's gain control to be...
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    JJ 6L6GC -

    It's been a couple years now (at least) that I stopped installing JJ 6L6s into amplifiers. The majority of the JJ 6L6 tubes I would install into customer amps would last about a week or two before becoming noisy. Some of the tubes rattled like crazy right out of the carton. I can't take a...
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    Ampeg SVT Classic goes HUMMMMMMM

    Saint Louis Music SVT classic on the bench. Looks to be from 1995 - 1996 I replaced a couple resistors and many fractured solder junctions. This thing has a distinct 120Hz hum at idle. It isn't a loud hum (you can talk over it) and the customer may not care about it, but I think it sounds...
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    posting images

    Do images for a post need to be hosted off site. I don't see a pic upload feature. Any help ?
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    In case you have some time to kill

    Here is a good overview of the Shuguang Vacuum Tube Manufacturing Facility. Lots of cool photos http://www.enjoythemusic.com/magazine/manufacture/0609/
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    Hughes & Kettner - Anyone home?

    Been emailing H&K for over 3 weeks trying to get service documents, or ANY info on how to proceed with repairing a customer's H&K Statesman. Have sent requests to general support, tech support, and sales support. Nothing. I'm not even sure their website is working correctly. Anyone know of...
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    Ampeg SVT Classic (SLM) Bias light and fault problem

    This is a customer's amp. Ampeg SVT Classic built by SLM. I fortunately have all of the old SLM schematics, because I used to do warranty work for them in the late 90s, early 2000s. The amp will go into fault mode if pushed hard. Red LED for bias pot 1 will glow red continuously EVEN IF...
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    Pulling hair out over SVT Classic (SLM build)

    Post moved - thanks
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