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  1. Cool Hand Luke

    New Boss GT-1000 firmware update

    From https://www.boss.info/us/support/by_product/gt-1000/updates_drivers/83699e5b-0909-4874-96b8-d95ad45d39e6/ [ Ver.3.20 ] JAN 2022 Please refer to the "GT-1000 Parameter Guide" for detailed information in the [ Owner's Manuals ]. Additional Functions "MASTERING FX," which demonstrates...
  2. Cool Hand Luke

    Boss GT-1000 vs Boss SY-1000

    Hi there. I am currently playing using both my ancient Roland VG-8 and my Boss GT-1000 at the same time. But I am contemplating replacing both with a Boss SY-1000. I am just not sure which guitar-related features I will be missing from the GT-1000 if I do that. Does anybody here know, on top...
  3. Cool Hand Luke

    Which Fender Strat best matches these specs?

    Hi all, I am looking for ideas as to which stratocaster to get. I would like this: Black strat (preferably with a black guard but I can change that myself) Maple board Large 70s style headstock 9.5" fretboard radius Does this guitar exist outside the Squier Vintage Modified range? I am also...
  4. Cool Hand Luke

    I guess the Boss GT-1000 got a new update!

    Version 2.0 firmware is now available for download: https://www.boss.info/global/support/by_product/gt-1000/updates_drivers/b65a859e-6c74-4933-8f6d-7b0f3b4a6744/ From the readme: Additional Functions TYPE settings have been added to effects as described below. AIRD PREAMP MATCH COMBO BG...
  5. Cool Hand Luke

    Basic Audio Futureman/Gnarly

    Hi I am contemplating getting one of these. Before doing so, I would like to know if any of you have first hands experience running either of these after a buffer? In those situations, do they work similar to when plugging a guitar straight in to the pedal? Or do they fall apart like a fuzz...
  6. Cool Hand Luke

    Digitech Trio cab sim?

    Hi all. Do any of you know what cab sim is built into the Digitech Trio (the original - not the Trio+)? I have one and for some reason I really like it a lot when I run the amp sounds from my GT8 into the Trio and it applies its built in cab sim on the headphones out. Great for late night...
  7. Cool Hand Luke

    Variax 700 vs Variax Standard

    Hi. I currently have a line on a Variax 700 in excellent condition. It is about two thirds the price of a B-stock Variax. Do you think that the 700 is still a worthy choice? And how do you guys think those two models compare in general?
  8. Cool Hand Luke

    Just discovered S-Gear

    Yesterday I decided to finally download and try out S-Gear. Why did I not do that sooner? Sounds are fantastic and more importantly very easy to get. Off course, I am now contemplating if I should switch to using a laptop :O Anyone using a standalone VST host for playing live with S-Gear AND...
  9. Cool Hand Luke

    PCM 81 in the house... Eh, suitcase

    I just picked up a PCM 81 that looks to be in really good condition. The price was very fair as well. Sadly, I'm on a business trip and won't get a chance to fool around with it until Sunday or Monday.
  10. Cool Hand Luke

    PCM 80 power supply

    Hi. Can anyone tell me if the PCM 80 uses a switching mode power supply that can accept a range of voltages? Specifically, I am wondering if I will be able to power a unit bought in the US where it runs on 110V AC her in Denmark where we are running 220V AC.
  11. Cool Hand Luke

    Boss FV500 H or L?

    I am planning to buy a volume pedal to put in the loop of my Fender Super Sonic 22 and I am looking at Boss since, well I just like Boss and the prices are fair. I am a bit in doubt as to which one to get. I know, the L should be the way to go as the loop signal will be low impedance. However...
  12. Cool Hand Luke

    Small midi capable multi effect?

    Where should I look for a multi effects unit that is as small as possible AND being midi capable? I don't need amp sims nor drives/distortions. I am open to old stuff as well. Rack units are fine - half width rack units even better. Foot controlled units? Yes, as long as they are small. Just as...
  13. Cool Hand Luke

    Which Boss pedal for creamy, thick lead tones?

    I am currently considering going all Boss on my board. I recently put the Boss SD-1 that I bought used in '88 back on my board and it is absolutely excellent when playing with the band. I liked it much more than my Fulldrive 3, even though my brain wants to believe the Fulltone is better. I...
  14. Cool Hand Luke

    Which chorus?

    So, some freaky, perverted part of my personality is now having me look at chorus pedals. I'm just not sure where to start. I'd prefer an analog chorus with simple power requirements and fairly high headroom as it's going after some drive/fuzz pedals that give quite a kick. I was looking at a...
  15. Cool Hand Luke

    Question regarding the Boss GT-100 and the global amps settings

    Hi. I am currently thinking about buying a Boss GT-100 for the global amp setting feature. I have a Boss GT-001 already and I must admit I prefer the amp modelling on my updated Pod HD500. However, I am willing to sacrifice a bit on tone to get the global amp settings feature. One thing I have...
  16. Cool Hand Luke

    GT-100 + Lodigy Epsi? Any experience?

    Hi First a bit of a details. I have: Pod HD500 Boss GT-001 Digitech RP360 I am currently using the RP360 with my band direct to the PA. It is working ok, but I miss some flexibility. I stopped using the Pod HD500 as I found I had a hard time getting a tone I liked through the PA and...
  17. Cool Hand Luke

    Digitech RP360 - best expression pedal?

    I recently acquired a Digitech RP 360 cheaply. Otherwise I would have gone for the RP 360XP to get the built-in expression pedal. However, I decided I would just plug in my Boss EV-5 and be done with it. Unfortunately I find the changes when moving the pedal are rather abrupt and limited to...
  18. Cool Hand Luke

    Where did the Kemper/Dum#le thread go?

    Well, topic says all.
  19. Cool Hand Luke

    Digitech RP360 looper improv

    Hi guys I know this forum is almost dead, but since somebody decided to kill off the Digital & Modelling Gear Section by unlowing (I know it's not a real word) clips there, I guess I have to post it here. I just did a bit of noodling on my Squier Jaguar into my RP360. The patch was very...
  20. Cool Hand Luke

    HD500 + Lodigy Epsi vs Digitech GSP1101?

    What would you prefer? Anybody with experience with both? I have the HD already but have a line on a GSP1101 at a good price. I like the HD alright but the GSP1101 would fit my rack perfectly. 1U power amp plus 1U processor plus midi controller. Nice and compact. That tempts me a lot...
  21. Cool Hand Luke

    Boss wishlist

    Well wishlist is maybe overstating it a bit, as I have only one entry: Boss, pretty please, create a 1U rack version of the GT-100. I'm using a BOSS GX-700 into a Rocktron Velocity 300 and 1x12 cab. It sounds really good with some thinking out of the box when tweaking IMO, but I could use a...
  22. Cool Hand Luke

    Which power amp for my modeler? Rocktron Velocity 100 vs ART SLA 1

    Hi all. I'm looking for experiences with either or (preferably) both power amps. I will be using my modeler into the power amp and into a guitar cab. Currently I'm using a HD500 but I'm contemplating replacing it with a Digitech GSP1101. I have a line on both power amps locally, so that's...
  23. Cool Hand Luke

    Get a Boss RE-20 Space Delay or stick with my TC Flashback

    Hi. I'm gassing a bit for a Boss RE-20 and those tape sounding repeats. I do have a Flashback that I've been trying out the different tape based tone prints on and I think some of them sounds really good. I like the EP3 one by Andy (?) from PGS. I know it's not based on a Space Echo but it still...
  24. Cool Hand Luke

    Blast from the past: Line 6 DuoVerb vs. Line 6 Spider Valve 2x12

    Hi I was considering buying either a DuoVerb or a Spider Valve 2x12. I have a line on one of each at very fair prices and I'm kind of torn between them. I have no first hand experience with either. Any of you have experience with one or preferably both who would like to chip in? I'll be...
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