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  1. stevel

    Simple Man: Songs That Weren't Popular Until Decades Later????

    When did you hear the live version? When I hear it on the radio now, is that what I'm hearing - a live version (there's no audience noise or anything to lead one to believe it's anything other than a studio cut)?
  2. stevel

    Simple Man: Songs That Weren't Popular Until Decades Later????

    I didn't say it didn't exist. I've played obscure songs in bands for 40 years too. That doesn't make them popular and regularly played on the radio. I'm asking if you heard it played regularly on the radio, to the level of all the other Skynyrd songs, or if it just started getting played more...
  3. stevel

    Simple Man: Songs That Weren't Popular Until Decades Later????

    Like since it came out? With the same regularity as their other hits?
  4. stevel

    Simple Man: Songs That Weren't Popular Until Decades Later????

    I didn't say it wasn't great. But was it popular? Did it get played on the radio. I'm not talking about on the album you bought. I'm talking about did it get the same amount of airplay as Sweet Home in 1978, or 1984, or not until 200 did that start to happen?
  5. stevel

    What exactly does a "pushed clean" sound mean to you?

    Yeah that's "overdriven" to me. That's beyond "edge of break up" and is on "edge of distortion". But these terms are fairly relative. I don't know a ton of his work but almost everything I've seen has been nuts out metal tone - highly saturated. So compared to that, yeah, this is "clean". But...
  6. stevel

    Simple Man: Songs That Weren't Popular Until Decades Later????

    I was thinking about this the other day, then I saw "She's a Rainbow" in the Stones thread. Simple Man. That's a song I NEVER heard in my life before. I grew up on rock radio which at the time played everything from Elvis to current releases. I started becoming "aware" around 79 ish - I...
  7. stevel

    Why don’t more people talk about Vivian Campbell?

    I always love these. I really really really hate to break this to you, but Dio just wasn't as popular as Ratt or Dokken. Sorry. I know it seems odd if you're a Dio fan, or Viv fan, but that's why you don't hear his name come up as much as these others.
  8. stevel

    Advice and opinions needed: Starting a duo w/backing tracks

    She should be engaging the audience. Connecting with the audience. OK, my 2 cents: I've seen people who do this. BORING. Let's say your wife is not engaging the audience. Extra Boring. Now your head, or both of your heads are buried in the stand(s) (iPad, etc.) Extra Extra Boring with Boring...
  9. stevel

    What are some of the most meaningful lyrics In a rock song?

    You got no money, you got no car? You got no woman, and there you are. Ok, not "rock" per se, but that about sums it up.
  10. stevel

    Is there a trick to using fuzz?

    I'm going to disagree with the person you responded to and most of the "old school" posts here. If you want the sound that people get from a fuzz into a cranked amp old school style, then yes, there's probably no substitute for doing it exactly like that. However, I don't necessarily always...
  11. stevel

    Which Wampler Pedals are Like...

    There's a Plexi something - I would assume Marshall inspired.
  12. stevel

    Which Wampler Pedals are Like...

    Yeah that's my problem a lot of times. Most of them cut a fair amount of bass - too much for my taste - and it would be nice to be able to regain a bit of that.
  13. stevel

    Which Wampler Pedals are Like...

    Rat (is it the obvious - the Ratsbane?) TS (Belle is green...but is that it?) I like the Pantheon which can get into BB/KoT territory. One thing I do like is the addition of Bass and Treble controls, so I'm thinking a Rat style and a TS style that also has B/T would be ideal. But he makes so...
  14. stevel

    How to memorize every maj/min triad notes?

    You don't really have to memorize them all, because quick calculation can get you there. For example, F#. It's F. With sharps. On all the notes. In other words, the STRUCTURE of a chord stays the same if you do the same thing to all the notes. If you know F Major is F-A-C then F# Major is...
  15. stevel

    Thoughts on the Presence album by Led Zeppelin

    I really like Presence. Partly because of underdog status, partly because it doesn't have any "hits" on it and thus I haven't heard the material umpteen billion times, and partly because it's really good :-) Achilles is proto Metallica :) The way the harmonica enters in Nobody's Fault -...
  16. stevel

    Another II, V, I question

    "strictly" speaking: iidim - V - i in minor keys ii - V - I in major keys. That's D^o - G - Cm, or Dm - G - C (with 7ths and other added tones of course). However "borrowing" is common in Major Keys, so the iidim can be used in Major: iidim - V - I And actually the V could be a V7b9 -...
  17. stevel

    New Band with Alex Lifeson, Envy of None

    And then there's the whole, would anyone here care about it if Lifeson wasn't in it? I doubt it would get the same attention.
  18. stevel

    New track from Alex Lifeson's Envy of None

    I don't think every project that every guitarist or musician does has to scream that person - I saw that video yesterday for the band that John Waite was in with Neal Schon and I was thinking how uncharacteristically Schon it was, and it could have been anybody. This could have been anybody...
  19. stevel

    Synthesizers without audio inputs

    Honestly, I would just forget about running audio through the synth. You're fixated on that. Get a small format mixer, run your audio into it, and run your synth into it, and monitor things from the mixer. You can then apply panning, EQ, effects etc. independently (or set them the same) and...
  20. stevel

    Pick angle/attack noise

    So really, Dunlop Nylon? I got it right? If you maybe wonder how I knew, or was in the ballpark, it was an educated assumption. Yeah, get some bags of picks from Amazon. Nothing wrong with Dunlop brand, but the Nylon are "scratchy" sounding. Any pick that's going to get chinks or...
  21. stevel

    Who still has their first acoustic guitar ?

    I have all of mine I've ever owned. My nephew and my sons learned to play on my electrics. I bought my neices 3/4 size acoustics, and they gave them back when they got older for my kids to learn on before they moved to my old electrics. The only thing I've ever sold was a Super Reverb. Sold it...
  22. stevel

    When/what was the last entire album you listened to in one sitting without skipping a song?

    Jean Michelle Jarre - Equinoxe. Before that - immediately before - was Oxygene.
  23. stevel

    What is the first solo that you have learnt?

    "Don't Stop Believin' " except the fast lead up (which I still don't know for sure).
  24. stevel

    Overwhelmed by Online Guitar Instructor Options

    Yeah, a good teacher will definitely be able to help with these things. A video here - we might be able to notice the issue, but we might not always be able to suggest a successful fix on the first try because that often takes some time working with someone - you kind of first have to diagnose...
  25. stevel

    Acoustic Fingerstyle Solo Rock/Pop Arrangements?

    Hi all, I posted this in another forum and it's probably just as easy to read that thread: https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/interesting-fingerstyle-arrangements-of-pop-tunes-or-similar.2320564/ But I figured I'd post here for a little more visibility and since I'm a regular...
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