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    is a Artec DBT-1 just a Zvex superdudper? check it out. let me know!
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    Guitarland - Tim Pierce

    Hey. I just got this CD today. Its on another world, great songs, tone, parts the whole thing. I dont normally like the guitar solo albums that are put out (steve vai) but this is different. Love it. massve Tim Pierce fan. if you havent checked it out go now ... AJ
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    Robbie McIntosh

    Hey Im really digging robbie's playing. please share
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    Chord Book

    Hey Would you buy a chord book based on jazzy four note chords and how to use them in chord licks??? simple yes or no is fine.
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    Cool David Torn interview.

    Part 1 you can link to the other 4 parts and more extra stuff on DT's playing. great stuff.
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    Groove. (and modern reading in 4/4)

    Hey I dug out my modern reading in 4/4 today and was wondering if you guy had any tips for improving my gernal sense of rhythm and time using the book. I really want to get my chops together. cheers
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    AKAI Headrush

    Hey Give me the low down on this pedal. I hoping to get one cheap after christmas AJ (PM if you want to get rid of one)
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    Questions for teachers

    Hey there Its not a musical questions "per se", I wondered how many teacher have a agreement with their students? Is it worth getting one of these done (i have found a few online and one from the UK music union). Im trying to get more "pro" in my teaching practicing. cheers
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    2 things you wished you knew when starting

    2 things you wish you knew when starting out, (both playing and professionally if its your job.)
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    Improving your harmony

    Hey I have just reread (and saved to my HD) tomo's Triads thread. some great advice. im going to edit it to make more sense and read like a book for my own personal study as some of the view stated were great. Tomo talked about practicing harmony and i wanted to know how to expand my...
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    getting the Click sync'ed with track

    Hey I have been getting tracks sent to me recently as Mp3 to work on, and i can never get the BPM of the track to sync up with the Click that i add (say if i do like a accoustic intro over a pad sound for the intro and Verse one). Is there a simple way i can do this ( at the moment i tap the...
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    tips for getting a 6 screw strat trem in tune

    Howdy fokes So I have a Mex strat (2006). I have just left it alone. just moved the tone pot over like EJ. I was just wondering how to get better tuning as i like to use the wammy bar (just slightly), any tips ?? cheers p.s. should i be looking at locking tuners if so what?
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    is E-session the way forward?

    dicuss then .....
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    some clips of me playing, feedback need. (this also links to me at gigs: such as enjoy and please give me feedback on this. how can i make it better/playing tips. etc you know please help a brother out!! Cheers
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    Gig Rig Qu

    hey fellow TGPers, I'm a working pro in London and i am just about to move up gear wise. At the moment im using a pedal board. Which is great but I want more control. I want to able to do that rack (one click changes alot) thing with a small rack and a few pedals out front. so I could...
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    Cover: Dont look back in anger

    hey check it out, and let me know what you think: it was done on monday in a small london club. Vox, Guitar (me), Bass and drumer.
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    subs for VIm7 ??

    anyone got any subs for a VIm7, lets say its a Em7. what can i use instead. I'll post the ones i use for the V chord when a few people reply! Aj
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    how would you get a theatre gig?

    hey, how would i go about getting a theatre job in london's west end? any points Aj
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    Other Chords!

    hey I just did sometime in the studio, it was great but i felt i could add more to the song if knew some cooler voicing. so either link me to sites with more open (i quess thats the right word) spread voicings of normal simple chords. cheers
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    educate me on Fast fret

    simple one, what is fast fret, how useful is it?? If theres something better let me know. Basically im a pro and sometimes i need to restring but dont have the time, so i need somelike which can help me out on those dates! cheers buddies! AJ
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    is there a Step to Step guide on setups?

    very simple is there a Step to Step guide on setups? online/book any tip and tricks welcome. let me know. thanks in advance AJ
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    Jazz Stuff again

    hey guys. I have been working alot on my jazz chops and feel like im doing nothing to them! So what am i doing wrong. -I have transcribed a few of wes M solos, a few cool pat Martino licks. (i will get around to charlie parker soon). -I have worked through Jack Zuker Half note study (which...
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    dynamics in music.

    so tell me more about dynamics. How can i use them to build the song?? thanks
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    strat: why do you take off the backplate??

    Strat users: strat: why do you take off the backplate?? is it a image thing, a sustain thing?? I have left mine on. but wonder why so much take it off. AJ
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    r 'n' b sliding 4ths and 5ths

    hey gang i was on a tube the other day and i wondered who was the first person to use them, as in the earlist recording of them. you know they are a classic thing now but started us off. AJ