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  1. willyboy

    Why aren't Charvel USA DK24's not available in dealers?

    The supply chain undoubtedly has an impact on availability. IMO they're very expensive, competing with other more popular instruments in the same price range, very limited in colors and configuration/models. And, after playing one alongside a number of MIM models including my own, I wouldn't...
  2. willyboy

    Are coated strings any better today than they were 10 years ago? Any other alternatives?

    I've been using the Elixirs for more than 10yrs. Dull and weird feeling is not how I'd describe them, they just sound and feel like new strings throughout their lifespan. I've recently switched to the new D'Addario XT's just to try something new and I really like them as well. A worthwhile...
  3. willyboy

    Bill Ward > John Bonham

    Both drummers have their own distinctive voices on their respective instrument. I equally appreciate both. That said, Bonham is by far IMO the more influential drummer, and IMO there are very few rock drummers that have ever had that kind of swing and groove as Bonzo
  4. willyboy

    Harmony experts needed! (minor chord progression)

    You're very welcome! Yes Ebmaj7 (Eb G Bb D) and C-7 (C Eb G Bb) are very close to each other since they share three common notes and as a result are substitutes for one another. In the piano part you can pretty clearly hear the C in the bass of her voicing. Beautiful chord progression in this...
  5. willyboy

    Harmony experts needed! (minor chord progression)

    Gmin, Amin7b5, Cmin7, D7
  6. willyboy

    The FR push in arm mod.

    A lot of people consider the push in style an upgrade. I used the push in arm for a couple years and found that the plastic sleeve inside the collar that surrounds the arm deformed down towards the bottom and made the arm sloppier feeling than the normal threaded collar style. So I happily...
  7. willyboy

    Slide suggestions?

    I've been through a pile of different slides over the years. By far the most comfortable and well designed IMO are the Rock Slides. Highly recommended. I have a nickel, aged brass, glass and the Joey Landreth sig and they are all fantastic. https://www.therockslide.com/
  8. willyboy

    Mesa boogie road king combo

    As a longtime owner of a Roadking Combo I also agree, there is nothing resembling the feel and tone of that particular sound. I personally struggled finding good in between sounds in that vein for 5 yrs before giving up and moving on. IMO the piles of extra stuff in that circuit to make it the...
  9. willyboy

    Any members of the Hamer Fan Club Forum here?

    When i signed up it took a couple days maybe but it was also not a busy time like the few days before Xmas. It's a small site give them time
  10. willyboy

    Best discontinued superstrats?

    In my collection it's definitely an old Hamer USA Centaura from 1990. Just a fantastic 24 fret HSS Floyd shredder in every way - excellent build quality, sound and playability. Considering you can still find these in good condition for little more than a Mexican made Charvel I'd still consider...
  11. willyboy

    quality Boom Mic Stand

    long time K&M user. Great stands. That said those TAMA stands look really fantastic as well
  12. willyboy

    Operation: Mindcrime - revisiting a milestone

    Still one of my favorite albums. Top to bottom every song is stellar, cool segues and great performances all around. Tate at the height of his abilities IMO
  13. willyboy

    Charvel San Dimas fret height?

    Both my DK24 and Charvel Promod are 6100 jumbo.
  14. willyboy

    Should I buy a NOS Hamer?

    I'll echo what others are saying, USA Hamers were and still are very high quality instruments. Last year I found and purchased a 1990 Hamer Centaur in fantastic condition. It's a great instrument, no issues of build quality, fit, finish, etc. Solid instrument and if the price is right can be a...
  15. willyboy

    I love the Floyd Rose because...

    I love the Floyd bridge in particular the original german made version. I've been using them since about 1986 and my vintage bridges still function as well as a new one. I love them because they work and I have no issues with them at all.
  16. willyboy

    What is a good scale to use to play the blues…

    Learn vocabulary. Transcribing is the most important step in learning the language of any music. Mimic and be creative and make those ideas transform into your own variations of them. Beyond that you can inform your playing by looking into using arpeggios and the Mixolydian scale as they relate...
  17. willyboy

    Tremmory Tremolo Stabilizer, Tried One?

    The Tremol-no allows your bridge to function in all these ways. So far IMO the best system for this
  18. willyboy

    Amount of Time Do You Practice, When You Practice

    Practice means different things to different people. To me it's the preparation for performing and progressing as a musician on my instrument which involves many things, technique, working on chords, scales, arpeggios, concepts for improvising and the act of improvising, etc. It's daily in my...
  19. willyboy

    Strat players that float their bridge.......

    1) guitar stays in tune 2) action preferably 4-5/64" on bass side, 3-4/64" on treble side 3) on my guitars without recess I like a step to min3rd pull on the G string. I don't like the bridge plate to be too far beyond parallel to the guitar body. On recessed guitars obviously the upward pull...
  20. willyboy

    who likes 6100 frets

    I love 6100's and have it on all my guitars. And i much prefer stainless over traditional wire. I'd love it if they start making stainless 6000.
  21. willyboy

    Stanley Jordan

    Very talented musician. I had never really looked as his bio before. Very interesting that he did a BA at Princeton studying under Milton Babbitt
  22. willyboy

    A Suhr Disappointment (Update)

    Patience is a virtue. We should all keep in mind in recent crazy times this is even more so
  23. willyboy

    My improved tablature system (especially melodic playing).

    We all make mistakes as educators so I wouldn't condemn anyone else for doing so as I've made numerous ones in my 20 years but I do always make the corrections once found and often times it's someone else who has pointed the errors out. But, that Berklee article goes against every convention...
  24. willyboy

    Charvel owners please chime in

    I have a DK24 with the Gotoh 510 and HSS pickup configuration. First thing is I've read lots of feedback on these as well and any tuning issues are mostly due to the string trees and filing the nut properly - easy fixes, just don't use the string trees and have the nut tweaked and lubricated...
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