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  1. cottonmike

    POLL: Your Favorite Southern Rock Band?

    Lot's a different ways to tray climb down this tree!!
  2. cottonmike

    POLL: Your Favorite Southern Rock Band?

    My gosh, we must appreciate all of the alternate elements that get brought into the fold with the advent of the Outlaws career flourushing-simultanious to Skynyrds Comet(??) don't we? I have always been somewhat facinated by what may have going on through the formative developement of the...
  3. cottonmike

    Those Great Live Albums of the '70's- How "Live" were they?

    It's been heard said that Allen took 43 stabs at perfecting his FB baby. Also, it's been said that between 1 and 43, the differences throughout were undetectable to the standard Florida pecker-wood's ear. Ed said that there was a really good set of ears in that outfit, too.
  4. cottonmike

    Stories about well known musicians getting fired/rejected...

    "Lynyrd Skynyrd, feat. Leslie West".
  5. cottonmike

    Srv Is A Bad Bad Man.

    Outlaws opening for SRV in 1983? The Outlaws were out in support of Soldier of Fortune at the time? That is a very interesting pairing. How did each stack up against each other that night? In the moment, the Outlaws, with Henry Paul, Hughie, and Chris Andersen were extremely tight. Thanks for...
  6. cottonmike

    Tan Pants Promote Thoughtful Playing.

    A couple of pleats are an accurate indicator of a decade, and/or, a music generation.
  7. cottonmike

    Who have you seen walk onstage and immediately own the place (not just because they were famous)?

    Hughie Thomasson. (Glommed onto your entry because I know you from back in the day).
  8. cottonmike

    Who have you seen walk onstage and immediately own the place (not just because they were famous)?

    I like that root word, "Janky". It's been in the rotation for 30+ years. I kinda thought it was mine, actually. Glad to share.
  9. cottonmike

    which female vocalists do you like?

    Dale Krantz-Rossington. RIP heyFLAjude.
  10. cottonmike

    which female vocalists do you like?

    Came across these two a few weeks ago.
  11. cottonmike

    Down and Dirty Johnny Winter

    Not understanding completely. Was he: properly dosed, under dosed, over dosed, or just not dosed at all? Those benches are no place to lay your face, even if the janitorial services had just passed through. As a grateful recovering opiate addict, something about his addressing this state of...
  12. cottonmike

    Beato 20 greatest rock guitar solos

    Enjoyed the list. Anybody think Rick looks like Anthony Bourdain's kid brother? RIP.
  13. cottonmike

    “Hard to Handle:The Life and Death of the Black Crowes” by Steve Gorman

    R.I.P. Neal Casal. I guess we'll find out what happened in 10 years when somebody writes another book.
  14. cottonmike

    Post irrefutable facts about guitar types.

    Telecaster a swingin' hammer. Keef say.
  15. cottonmike

    Geddy Lee Auctioning off 6 Vintage Guitars (inc. '59 Les)

    Is "original condition" the same as "minty"? Looks like a plain-no flame.
  16. cottonmike

    Lynyrd Skynyrd 8/24/77 Selland Arena

    1976 Les Paul Special Reissue. Gentle correction.
  17. cottonmike

    I can't afford concert tickets anymore.

    So much so, that I saw Tom Petty in the America West Arena (PHX) in '99 or so, and was completely bored. No punch, no sizzle. Echoey and distant sounding. They played the songs perfectly. Just couldn't feel the power. Snoozer. My ex wife thought she liked it, though.
  18. cottonmike

    Lynyrd Skynyrd 8/24/77 Selland Arena

    Noticed that too. I think the marching powder was strong in this one.
  19. cottonmike

    Clean electric guitar songs that are soulful

    How bout Billy Jones's Black Beauty.
  20. cottonmike

    Why do relatively few guitarist punch through the noise?

    Hughie Thomasson punched above his weight class.
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