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  1. Tone Meister

    What do you think of this wiring job?

    The parts are ok, but the soldering job at the eyelets looks amateurish to me. I'd spend 10 minutes and touch every one of those up first thing.
  2. Tone Meister

    "Set your Strat Pickups low.....

    Each approach certainly has its benefits. IMPE, it very much depends on the pickups and the response the player is seeking. Going strictly by ear, I have my Lollar Dirty Blackface set a tad lower than the Surfer II set in my 73 Strat. I will measure the heights initially, and precisely so...
  3. Tone Meister

    Fender hey now?

    That's a solid observation.
  4. Tone Meister

    Fender hey now?

    It's all but certain to be 3-4 ounces too heavy for the average TGP buyer.
  5. Tone Meister

    High End Guitar That Fell Flat For You?

    2 x PRS Custom 24 ten tops. The playability, engineering, and tones were spectacular. But who ever designed and/or approved that ill-fated 5 position pickup selector switch and placed it in the worst possible location has some explaining to do, IMHO. Playing an S2 now and it's layout is a big...
  6. Tone Meister

    In praise of the lowly Celestion Eight 15 speaker

    Plain vanilla if that's your thing. No character at all. Spend a little extra and get the Eminence 820H. You'll thank me later.
  7. Tone Meister

    Best option for a nut file set?

    Correct, cleverly cloaked rape. I have to be in dire straits before I will order anything from them.
  8. Tone Meister

    Any MacGyver's here?

    It definitely happens, and some of the worst offenders are the Monster cables whose tip are actually screwed on.
  9. Tone Meister

    Looking for a Bill Lawrence pickup expert

    Why not email Becky and have her suggest which pickup to change and which one to select?
  10. Tone Meister

    Any MacGyver's here?

    Ugh, yeah I meant to add that caveat. Glad you got it sorted though.
  11. Tone Meister

    Any MacGyver's here?

    For future reference, a small piece of rare earth magnet glued to a small dowel will usually extract broken jack tips.
  12. Tone Meister

    Best option for a nut file set?

    Good call. Philadelphia Luthiers ships free for orders over $50 so you know what you'll pay as opposed to StewMac's Retail³ pricing plus getting raped for shipping on top of that.
  13. Tone Meister

    Issue with buyer on Reverb

    In my own experience, I wouldn't expect this to go well for you. This is the latest trend with online gear "buyers" and Reverb enables them. F U C K Reverb
  14. Tone Meister

    shipping sold guitars

    A Strat in a HSC with $1500 insurance from NC to NJ via FedEx this week using my account cost me $73, which I thought was robbery.
  15. Tone Meister

    Strat bridge pickup to pair with CS69s

    Yep, or for slightly less output the Surfer II bridge would also be stellar.
  16. Tone Meister

    Speaker wire gauge

    New and improved to modern specs
  17. Tone Meister

    With Dano gone, who's number one?

    ... without first comparing them to Michael Tuttle guitars.
  18. Tone Meister

    How low can I get my Deluxe Reverb?

    Very correct
  19. Tone Meister

    "Reverb" Sellers Beware!

    Seems as I recall taxation without representation from the unredacted history books.
  20. Tone Meister

    "Reverb" Sellers Beware!

    Agreed x 10,000
  21. Tone Meister

    "Reverb" Sellers Beware!

    Yep, for myriad reasons.
  22. Tone Meister

    Sold WTTF: Mannmade 2040 tremolo

    Looking for a complete Mannmade 2040 bridge assembly that is in excellent condition. In particular, the mounting screws and knife edges must not be damaged. I'd really prefer to trade for one, and I have a metric ****-ton of high end pedals, NOS tubes, guitar and amp parts for trade. But, if...
  23. Tone Meister

    Stock MIM Strat. Thinking of doing some mods...

    Seymour Duncan Antiquity Surfer II set will end your search. If your pots are cheap import change those also and shut the hood. If your trem is the cheap standard, replace with a Hipshot, or for premium quality get the Mannmade.
  24. Tone Meister

    Sold WTTF: AX8 and EV1 (Runt 50 head / Custom Shop Strat for trade)

    LOCATED AND PROCURED Looking for a lightly used AX8 system, and ideally it will include an EV-1 expression/volume pedal. Open to other Fractal units or maybe even a Kemper Stage, but prefer a smaller footprint. Let me know what you have. I have for trade a very clean Friedman Runt 50 head...
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