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  1. Great Shot Pilot

    Sold Apple MacBook Pro 13’ Retina (Early 2015, 3.1GHZ i7, 16 GB RAM) - $399 shipped

    Here’s a really nice MacBook Pro that was recently refurbed by Pacific Macs. The 2015 MacBook Pros have a following online, as they are considered by some to be the apex of MacBook Pro design from a connectivity and keyboard standpoint. This is a well spec’d model with the 3.1 GHZ i7 processor...
  2. Great Shot Pilot

    Sold Source Audio True Spring ($159), Skreddy Little Miss Sunshine ($119), Diamond Boost/EQ ($89)

    Some pedals priced to move: Source Audio True Spring - easily the best spring pedal I’ve tried. Includes SA external foot switch, box, etc. $159 shipped. Skreddy Little Miss Sunshine - thickest, warmest phaser out there. $119 shipped. Pedal only. Diamond Boost/EQ - Very nice tone shaping...
  3. Great Shot Pilot

    PSA: TC Flashback 2 X4 - $149

    Seems like a nice value - just ordered one...
  4. Great Shot Pilot

    Sold Free The Tone Ambi-Space Reverb - $269

    Here’s a Free the Tone Ambi-Space Reverb in very good shape. A few scratches on the back from where some Velcro took off a bit of paint, but otherwise looks great. Really terrific Hall and Room modes on this one. $269 shipped. Trades: Delay (El Cap, Eventide Ultra Tap, Timeline, Timefactor...
  5. Great Shot Pilot

    Sold Diamond Memory Lane Jr. V2

    I’ve got a mint Diamond Memory Lane Jr. V2 for sale or trade. $239 shipped. Trades: Digital or tape voiced delay Phaser Vibrato Fuzz Diamond Comp
  6. Great Shot Pilot

    Sold MXR Phase 95 - $66 shipped

    Lovely sounding Phase 95 here; I just don’t gel with mini pedals. $66 shipped. Trade for full size phaser, fuzz, digital or tape delay, or maybe a chorus/vibrato. Will add cash as needed.
  7. Great Shot Pilot

    Sold Benson Preamp (Shell Pink) - sold!; Diamond Phase - sold

    Here’s a Benson Preamp in a cool Shell Pink finish - includes box. In terrific shape - sold. Also, I have a Diamond Phase for $199 as well. Also in great shape, but no box.Sounds amazing. Trades: Dispatch Master, Super Spring Theory, Ibanez DE7, Smallsound Bigsound Mini, Fairfield Barbershop...
  8. Great Shot Pilot

    Sold Strymon Iridium w/York IR’s $($339), Empress Reverb (Sold)

    Details here: https://reverb.com/item/46593705-strymon-iridium-york-ir-s-included https://reverb.com/item/46593610-empress-reverb-great-shape $339 Iridium $335 Reverb Prices shipped/PP’d. Trades: Dispatch Master Meteore DE7 Fuzz Factory Blackhole SS/BS Mini Barbershop RV-6 Super Spring...
  9. Great Shot Pilot

    Sold Diamond Memory Lane Jr. V1 - $229

    Here’s a Memory Lane Jr. V1 in very nice shape. It’s serial #199, so a pretty early example. As the epic thread in the effects forum makes clear, it appears that Diamond is out of business, and so these are getting harder to find. $229 shipped. Trades would be a stereo delay, or possibly a looper.
  10. Great Shot Pilot

    Sold Chase Bliss Mood -$339

    CB Mood in great shape with box and instructions. $339 shipped. Looking for high end delay or reverb trade-wise.
  11. Great Shot Pilot

    Sold Diamond Vibrato - $269

    For trade is a Surf Green Diamond Vibrato in great shape with box. Only selling because I came across a purple one, which I slightly prefer aesthetically. For those who haven’t followed along with the thread in the effects forum, it appears Diamond is on hiatus/defunct/out of business at this...
  12. Great Shot Pilot

    Sold Line 6 Helix LT - Like New! $759 shipped

    Here’s a Helix LT in great shape - barely used w/plastic still on screen. Includes box, power cable, USB stick, etc. $759 shipped. Would trade for a Stomp + cash, an Iridium plus cash, or maybe an MX5 plus cash.
  13. Great Shot Pilot

    Sold Digitech Trio Plus - $174 shipped

    Here’s a Digitech Trio Plus with box at a great price. Note that I don’t have the original PSU, and so I powered it using two outlets of my board’s power supply. It needs 800 ma, so be sure to plan accordingly! Thanks for looking!
  14. Great Shot Pilot

    Sold Danelectro 59X12 12-string

    https://reverb.com/item/40356816-danelectro-59x12-barely-used $450 shipped for TGP’ers. Kinda open on trades - would consider a small tube combo, a Strymon Timeline plus a bit of cash, a decent low dollar to serve as my backup/beater, maybe a Squier JM Or Jaguar? Feel free to make an offer.
  15. Great Shot Pilot

    Sold Vox Pathfinder 15R

    The amp, the myth, the legend. These really are wonderful little combos. https://reverb.com/item/40356161-vox-pathfinder-15r-great-shape $199 shipped for the fine folks at TGP.
  16. Great Shot Pilot

    Sold 2014 Fender Limited Edition American Standard Channel Bound Tele -$925 - Price Drop!

    https://reverb.com/item/40263575-fender-le-american-standard-channel-bound-telecaster-dakota-red $925 shipped.
  17. Great Shot Pilot

    Sold MIC 2010 Squier Classic Vibe 50

    Details here: https://reverb.com/item/40260432-squier-classic-vibe-50-s-precision-bass-w-upgraded-pickup-mic-discontinued $469 shipped.
  18. Great Shot Pilot

    Sold 2019 Gibson Les Paul Junior - PRICE DROP! $1149 shipped

    Here’s a terrific 2019 Gibson Les Paul Junior in sunburst finish. It plays wonderfully, and is in very good condition with some light wear/swirling/scratching on the back - but nothing super-noticeable except on closer inspection. The only ding/scuff of real note is pictured. No fretwear of...
  19. Great Shot Pilot

    Sold Fender '68 Custom Princeton Reverb - $729 Shipped!

    (re-post due to a buyer change of heart) For sale is a Fender '68 Custom Princeton Reverb in very nice shape. Original speaker has been switched out for a WGS G10C, which was a big improvement in my view. It's also had the "jumper" mod, as the bass tends to be a bit much on these stock. More...
  20. Great Shot Pilot

    Sold Fender '68 Custom Princeton Reverb - $729 shipped PRICE DROP

    For sale is a Fender '68 Custom Princeton Reverb in very nice shape. Original speaker has been switched out for a WGS G10C, which was a big improvement in my view. It's also had the "jumper" mod, as the bass tends to be a bit much on these stock. More details here...
  21. Great Shot Pilot

    Sold Tech 21 Blonde V2 -$109 shipped

    Here’s a V2 Tech 21 Blonde in great shape with tin, instructions, etc. As these are discontinued, there are a few folks on Reverb trying to sell these for silly prices, so get one at a fair price here. Thanks for looking!
  22. Great Shot Pilot

    Sold Subdecay Super Spring Theory -$119 shipped

    Here’s a a Subdecay Super Spring Theory in very good shape, and in a limited edition Aqua finish. This is my favorite spring reverb pedal ever (preferred it to the Flint, Topanga, etc) and I’m only selling because I’ve finally pulled the trigger on a Princeton Reverb amp and won’t need it any...
  23. Great Shot Pilot

    Sold Pickdropper BC109 Mini Fuzz Face

    Here’s a very cool Si Fuzz Face built by Pickdropper; outstanding build quality, and looks and sounds terrific. Check out this thread for details on his work: https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/the-ongoing-work-log-of-pickdropper.1952477/page-5#post-28214315 Trade-wise, I’m...
  24. Great Shot Pilot

    Sold Strymon Ola ($189) -Price drop!

    Here’s a mint Strymon Ola with box, PSU, and paperwork. $189 shipped. Trades: (Add/take cash as needed) Strymon Dig Diamond Vibrato Diamond Phase Caroline Kilobyte/Megabyte Caroline Kilobyte/Megabyte Caroline Meteore Caroline Somersault Empress Tape Delay Skreddy Echo Dr. Scientist Cosmichorus...
  25. Great Shot Pilot

    Sold Sarno Earth Drive - Mint!

    Here’s a pristine Sarno Earth Drive with original bag. Dead mint! Skip the wait from Sarno and save a few bucks at $169 shipped. Trade-wise, I’m really just looking for a Timmy - straight up for a V2 or V3 or plus cash from you on an MXR. Maybe an EQD Westwood, or something similar? Thanks for...
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