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  1. Prince

    Sold EHX Nano DMM + Xvive XW3 Memory Analog Delays

    I purchased both of these 2-3 months ago, brand new, solely to compare to my Tonal Recall RKM & Discovery. Needless to say the 3x more expensive pedals won out, but these are both phenomenal takes on the DMM. Both pedals are listed as Exceptional rather than Mint because I added Velcro. The Nano...
  2. Prince

    Pedalboard Power Wiring Question

    I'm setting up a new board for my FAS FM9, which will also have 4-5 other analog pedals. I'll need to provide power to both the FM9 and the power supply (TBD). I would prefer to run one power cable to the board and then use some sort of junction box/Y-splitter to send power to both devices via...
  3. Prince

    Klon Klones + FAS FM3/FM9/AF3 = Heterodyne Issues?

    Do any of y'all have experience with running a Klon Klone, in front of the FAS FM3/FM9/Axe FX 3? If so, were there any heterodyne issues as have been previously reported with digital effects such as the Strymon Timeline? I'm looking to pick up a J Rockett Archer (Ikon) and/or the Wampler...
  4. Prince

    Shielding a Strat with an Aluminum Pickguard

    I'm working on a Partscaster. The body is Inca Silver, with anodized aluminum knobs & pickguard. I'm trying to figure out how I should go about shielding/grounding the pickguard. I have conducive adhesion copper sheets that I planned to line the cavities with. My worry is if I place the...
  5. Prince

    Mesa Boogie Suspends New Orders Through 2021

    I'm not sure if this has been discussed in detail on TGP, as I've only found little mention of it here and elsewhere. It appears that due to supply chain issues, availability of parts, the changing the transformers vendor from Magnetic Components to Schumacker, and possibly the Gibson...
  6. Prince

    Studio Monitors: 5" + Sub vs. 6.5"/7"

    I currently have Yamaha HS5's. They are great, but the lack of bass has me GAS'in for an upgrade. I'm trying to decide if I should keep the HS5's and get a subwoofer, or upgrade to a monitor pair with 6.5"/7" drivers. My hesitancy with 8" speakers is that they'll be too large for my desk...
  7. Prince

    What is Your Favorite Compressor Type?

    I like polls.
  8. Prince

    My Cat Just Puked on my Pedalboard

    At least she matched the decor. I don't know what's worse; my pedals resale value, or that I'll have to take her out back and Old Yeller her for having Catronavirus.
  9. Prince

    Single Coil Staggered Pole Piece's Heights

    DISCLAIMER: This is not about pickup heights (distance from top of pole pieces to bottom of strings), but is about the heights of staggered pole pieces. My objectives are: 1) to find out how various pickup builders stagger their pole pieces. Are the staggers symmetrical? Asymmetrical...
  10. Prince

    Tru-Oil + Decals + Clear Coating Schedule?

    Q: If one is applying a Nitrocellulose clear coat, on top of a headstock finished with Tru-Oil, in order to "bury the decal", how long should one wait between: a) Tru-Oil curing and applying the Nitro? b) final sanding/polishing the nitro? & c) reassembling the headstock hardware? I recently...
  11. Prince

    Mammoth Electronics - "That's All Folks"

    Well this is a partial/potential bummer. I have bought a lot of parts through Mammoth over the years and have never had any issues. I wonder who they are being acquired by?
  12. Prince

    Analogman King of Tone - What Color Should I Get?

    After a mere 947 days wait, my name finally came up on the Analog Man King of Tone waitlist! This will be my second KoT. My current KoT will not be flipped, but will be transposed to my smaller/travel board. My current KoT is: High Gain Red Side, External Toggle, Standard Purple. My new KoT...
  13. Prince

    Sold Fender Custom 69 Loaded Stratocaster Pickguard Mint+Aged White ($168)

    Purchase Price = $155 Shipping = $13 Total Sales Price = $168 (Shipped, Paypal'd or Venmo'd) Full photo album on Imgur From a 2008 Fender Classic Player '60s Stratocaster: -Fender Custom Shop Custom '69 Stratocaster pickups -Fender Mint pickguard -Aged White knobs, pickup covers, & switch...
  14. Prince

    Strat Control Knobs: How Do You Like Them Wired?

    I'm about to rewire 2 of my Strats. Previously I had them wired as option #4 but am thinking of going with option #5. I'm also thinking of option #2, keeping the middle wide open. What are y'alls thoughts/preferences?
  15. Prince

    Strat Neck = High Relief + Truss Rod Won't Tighten Further

    I have a 2008 Fender Classic Player 60's Stratocaster. It has the Vintage Style Butt Adjust truss rod. I haven't played it since the spring as I recently got a Charvel Pro-Mod San Dimas Style 1 HH HT. When I picked it up today, I noticed that the relief was super high. Measuring at the 7th...
  16. Prince

    HSS Strats: How do you arrange your pickups? (Poll)

    What I am curious about is: 1) How do y'all balance the output of your single coil & humbucker pickups in your HSS guitars? a) Do you go for an even output between SC's and the HB? (thus sacrificing #2 position quack tone)? b) Do you use a HB that is ~1x more powerful than the SC's (for more...
  17. Prince

    Suhr Humbuckers Polarity?

    What is the correct humbucker coils polarity for the Suhr SSV neck and SSV+ bridge pickups? If anyone has some Suhr pups (preferably a SSV neck) and a magnet or compass, could you please check their polarity for me? The pups are oriented like this: SSV Neck: Screw (outside) = North Slug...
  18. Prince

    Tru-Oil Experts: Am I Ready to Polish?

    I noticed that there are still a lot of witness marks. -Is this normal? Will they "go away" once I polish it? Am I ready for polishing/buffing? -Do I need to do another wet-sand? -Or do I need to backtrack, add a few more coats and let it cure again (for longer)? I got this guitar about a month...
  19. Prince

    Help Wanted: 5 Way Super Switch Wiring

    I recently acquired a 2018 Charvel Pro-Mod San Dimas Style 1 HH HT Ash (that is a horribly long name!) that I am essentially treating as a Partscaster. The seller replaced all of the gold for black hardware, including a Hipshot hardtrail bridge & Fender locking tuners. I'm currently in the...
  20. Prince

    Grinning Elk Guitar Show - "Atlanta" - 6/8/19-6/9/19

    I Just caught wind of this guitar show*, hosted by Grinning Elk, coming to Duluth's** Infinite Energy Forum on 6/8/19-6/9/19. Should we coordinate a TGP meetup? I have never actually been to a guitar show before. Can attendees bring gear to trade/sell, or is that for vendors only? *No...
  21. Prince

    Direct Mount Humbucker Height Screw Broke off in Body

    I just purchased a used 2018 Charvel Pro-Mod San Dimas Style 1 HH HT off of Reverb. The Seller had upgraded to Fender locking tuners, a Hipshot bridge, and other all black hardware. It came with the factory SD '59 & JB humbuckers in it. Yesterday I tried to adjust the height of the JB's bass...
  22. Prince

    How would you wire this HH Partscaster? (Coil-Split vs Series/Parallel)

    I know, this has been talked about ad nauseam before. Yes, I have used the search function and complied ample data from old threads, but I am curious to hear what y'all think now. I am building my first Partscaster and it is likely going to be a Warmoth Strat style body+neck, hardtail bridge...
  23. Prince

    Sell Guitars or Sell Guitars Parts?

    I'm wondering, should I: a) sell both guitars (fully functional)? b) sell both guitar's parts? or c) sell one guitar (fully functional) and the other guitars parts? I have two decent guitars, both of which are (mostly) disassembled at the moment. I'm not feeling too motivated to...
  24. Prince

    What Pedalboard(s) are you Rocking?

    I'm just curious what everyone is using these days. Me: Main Board = Pedaltrain Novo 24 Home #2 Board = Pedaltrain Mini Lovepedal Board = Blackbird Feather Helix LT Board = Brady Cases Flat Board (custom)
  25. Prince

    What Studio Monitors & Headphones are you rocking with your Modeler?

    Monitors: Yamaha HS5 Headphones: Audio-Technica ATH-M50X Both are pretty legit, especially for the price point. I'm going to leave my cans over at my gf's place and get something nicer for home. I'm thinking of upgrading my studio monitors to something with 6.5-7in drivers. New cans budget...
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