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  1. lpsunburst

    Adventures In A Yorkshire Landscape

    Bill Nelson and BeBop Deluxe never got the recognition they should have gotten. I was fortunate enough to see them a couple of times in their prime, once opening for Thin Lizzy on the Jailbreak tour at the Riviera in Chicago and once opening for Queen at the old Chicago Stadium. Bill continues...
  2. lpsunburst

    Mike Dawes Boogie Shred

    Absolutely killer playing from the current opening act/band member for Justin Hayward on his current solo tour. Enjoy! 9-hJU-68pFQ
  3. lpsunburst

    Stroud and Freed

    I happended to get passes for a Sheryl Crow corporate gig on Saturday night and thought it would be nice to go see Peter Stroud if nothing else, when the band came on stage I was shocked to see Audley Freed with them, I had no idea he was playing with her. Peter played his 65 amps and Audley was...
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