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  1. cjp54

    Add a 9vdc input to an old MXR blue box?

    I haven’t even looked at what comes with my new Voodoo labs power supply. I may have what I need??? Didn’t know I might even had one. I’ll look!!
  2. cjp54

    Add a 9vdc input to an old MXR blue box?

    @nic thats exactly what I’m looking for. Thank you for your time.
  3. cjp54

    Add a 9vdc input to an old MXR blue box?

    I was just going to make one. Do you know of any pre made clip adapters?
  4. cjp54

    Add a 9vdc input to an old MXR blue box?

    Does someone have a schematic on how to add a 9vdc input to old analog foot pedal?
  5. cjp54

    The best guitar cables

    See post 78 https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/guitar-cables-recommended.1918768/page-4#post-25961700
  6. cjp54

    What amps are on your horizon to purchase?

    Would love to get a Mezzabarba Trinity! Will most likely be building a Trainwreck Express clone.
  7. cjp54

    PSA Fret File.

    This looks like the one that sells for twice the price at Stewmac...
  8. cjp54

    Vintage amp service in SF Bay Area?

    Skip Simmons did an excellent job on my 1960 Les Paul amp.
  9. cjp54

    Sick 1955 Bandmaster

    If you can’t find someone you trust locally. He’s not in TN but he’s great with old amps. You don’t have to send the cab and speakers. He took care of my 1960 Les Paul amp. http://www.skipsimmonsamps.com/
  10. cjp54

    POLL: To drill or not to drill... that is the question. (1959 Gibson L-50)

    I’m not opposed to drilling for this situation but maybe try double sided tape?? Not sure if it will muffle the sound but might be worth a try. However, it might do something to the finish.
  11. cjp54

    Komet Amp Thread

    Come on guys...more photos, please! Here's my K-19 with my Masterbuilt on the right and my personal build on the left. This amp is incredibly loud for only 19 watts. Pushing a G12H30 55hz Celestion Like said before, clean to mean with just the volume know.
  12. cjp54

    Big list of Marshall “18 watt” style amps?

    Komet K19 I have the K19 and the PT15 IR Both great amps.
  13. cjp54

    They are still out there: Gibson Les Paul Standard 1960 Original Owner w/ tags

    Beautiful guitar. But I still can’t believe that they can’t get the right color for the reissue case lining! Look at that stunning pink lining!!!
  14. cjp54

    Roasted maple neck quality

    I’ve purchased necks from Warmoth and Musikraft recently. You can custom order what you want which is nice from either. Warmoth seems to be a bit quicker right now. The two necks from Warmoth needed a bit more fret work than the Musikraft but that’s not a very good sample size to be meaningful...
  15. cjp54

    Cheap guitar with great wood

    How about a Precision Guitar Kit? https://precisionguitarkits.com/product-category/guitars/carved-top
  16. cjp54

    Recommend for me a router!

    A bit more than your budget but will do everything you need and more. You really need a plunge base. This is the Bosch I’ve previously purchased. You’ll need a router table eventually also.
  17. cjp54

    Dual Rectifier players: Vintage vs. Modern?

    Tremoverb Vintage Tube Rectifier Spongy
  18. cjp54

    Hairball Audio FET 500

    Has anyone built one of these 1176 comp clone? If so, what’s you’re opinion of the sound?
  19. cjp54

    Finish advice requested.

    I agree with highnumbers about the chemical stripper. I would actually try some rubbing compound first. It’s controllable and less aggressive than wet sanding. Go to an automotive paint supply store and ask for an aggressive compound.
  20. cjp54

    '73 Strat neck replacement...3 hole vs 4 hole

    Back in the day I just drilled two more holes in the 3 hole neck plate to make it a 5 hole attachment. My cousin still has that guitar. It was a pain drilling through that plate if I remember correctly.
  21. cjp54

    Korina V - why not? NGD

    Is it one of the limited editions? 1/81? Very nice either way!!!
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