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  1. sandcastle

    I'm on bass this time

  2. sandcastle


    Bart the cat usually comes in when I'm noodling. My only fan!
  3. sandcastle


    Blue Moon. Seattle. I'm on the LP. Post your flashback.
  4. sandcastle


    Not really being able to jam with folks these days, I'm exploring other creative outlets. Just finished an ACID techno mix, and rather liked how it turned out, so I made animation for it. Not for everyone, but fun to do.
  5. sandcastle

    Come With Me (music video)

    I snuck out of the house last week and shot a video with Lee, who wrote and performed this song. Just a quick, informal shoot at a nearby park spiced up with some stock footage. This is the second and final edit.
  6. sandcastle

    one from the vault

    I'm on bass. Also produced the video. I miss playing with others.
  7. sandcastle

    a noodle

  8. sandcastle

    Psychic Barber (new animated music video)

    I spent the last week making this animated music video for a song I co-wrote with Zak. He went on to record it in his new band, I thought they did a great job, so I was inspired. Please enjoy! I'm trying to stay productive.
  9. sandcastle

    I'll show you my pedalboard if you show me yours

    A work in progress. Next up a controller for the DD7, then fix the wiring. Then it's done FOREVER!
  10. sandcastle

    I video taped another band last night

    This time it was Vertigo Zoo (U2 tribute band). They were pretty good! Here's their take on Bullet The Blue Sky:
  11. sandcastle

    Mission Engineering 529i (board power)

    I've been using the new 529i for a couple weeks now, and may I say, it works. I run it with almost all the plugs used, and it holds up. Well built, lasts a long time. If you are looking to liberate yourself from the wall wart (for you pedal board anyway), I can recommend this for small to medium...
  12. sandcastle

    PULSE: remastered for 4K.

    Yes! (pardon/delete if double post, did not see one) I had written something like this off, I'm excited to see this coming from the Floyd.
  13. sandcastle

    playing at Studio Seven

    I'm on the Les Paul.
  14. sandcastle

    a video I shot...

    ...for another band. The Whags at South Center Roller Rink, Halloween party. They were dressed as Gandalf and the Hobbits from Star Wars:
  15. sandcastle

    I taped another band

    The Whags at South Central Skating Rink!
  16. sandcastle

    Red Herring - Crazy Train (cover)

    I shot another video. I'm using a field recorder, and sometime get lucky and get the board, but I need improved audio.
  17. sandcastle

    Red Herring video (Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers)

    I shot a new video recently for the cover band Red Herring. Get it? Anyway I dig early ZZ Top:
  18. sandcastle

    I shot two bands this weekend. I mean video!

    Still editing, here is one of them:
  19. sandcastle

    which female vocalists do you like?

    I could listen to these to sing pretty much anything:
  20. sandcastle

    New video I made for a band

    (I think I should have posted this in Member Video and should be moved, sorry.) Nothing fancy, but came out OK. I originally shot it in full 360 degrees, and edited out this part of the scene to focus on the band. I used a Tascam DR-05 field recorder to get the audio.
  21. sandcastle

    quick clips

  22. sandcastle

    I shot a 360 video for Into The Cold

    I'm exploring the 360 (and 180 stereo) video format. I shot this band last week and made them this video for practice. I'll be doing more, I am working out the workflow for a project like this. Still some refinement to go, but looking decent. Does anyone else shoot 360?
  23. sandcastle


    Equal time to the Strat and the LP. :cool:
  24. sandcastle

    warts and all jam noise

    That is all.
  25. sandcastle

    New Blackstar Day

    Traded my Marshall DSL20c I had for like a week for this exquisite Blackstar ht 20 m2. Sounds great, looks great, runs in 20 watt or 2 watt mode. Love it! Looking forward to this weekend's jam. :) About: https://www.blackstaramps.com/uk/ranges/ht-20r-mkii
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